8/24 WWE NXT Results – James’s Report on NXT Takeover fall-out, TM61 vs. Authors of Pain, Dillinger vs. Blake

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WWE NXT Results
August 24, 2016
Taped 8/20 in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Aired on WWE Network
Report by Justin James, PWTorch NXT reviewer

[Q1] Naturally, there is a pre-credits package on Takeover: Brooklyn. It looks like NXT is going to be the Takeover dark matches, with Tye Dillinger coming out to a positive reaction, facing Wesley Blake in a battle of “folks who need momentum.”


Lock-up puts Blake in the ropes, then he turns it round and the ref calls for a break. Blake gets angry at a “let’s go zero!” Blake bows after an arm drag. A thumb to the eye cuts off Dillinger’s momentum.

[ Break ]

Blake still has control after landing a clothesline out of the break. Sudden roll-up from Dillinger gets two. Blake back on offense. Backstabber almost gets the win for Blake. Dillinger finally makes a full comeback. He delivers ten stomps in the corner and a big flapjack. Side Russian leg sweep followed by a stomp, then the “Tyebreaker” (fireman’s carry into a backbreaker) for the win.

WINNER: Tye Dillinger in 9:12. Good match to give Dillinger some momentum out of the storyline resets that came with Brooklyn.

[Q2] Recap of Roode-Almas at Takeover. Backstage interview with Roode. He sounds hoarse. It’s no surprise how the match ended. Almas is bad, but not glorious like he is. That match was step one in his quest to make NXT glorious. He has a dinner date with some rich people and needs to be going.

Backstage interview with Austin Aries. He is angry that once again he gets interrupted. Baron Corbin, Jose, and now Hideo Itami have all stolen his moments. He vows to end Itami’s career.

Package on Asuka-Bayley. Bayley is shown reading her letter to herself. She gives hugs all around. Izzy sees her out of Brooklyn. What is she going to do with Bayley on Raw?

Backstage interview with Bayley, who talks about disappointment. Ember Moon shows up to put Bayley over, as she’s there to emulate Bayley. Bayley puts Ember Moon over. Ember Moon actually apologizes for interrupting, a first in professional wrestling history.

Mick Foley introduces Bayley on Raw in the most telegraphed Raw surprise debut in years.

[Q3] Recap of Ciampa/Gargano vs. The Revival. I like how The Revival end matches with non-finishers after working a body part. Such a unique touch in this game.

Backstage with The Revival. Dash Wilder gets angry that no one believes them. Scott Dawson silently agrees. Dawson reminds us that they talk heavy and hit hard. They are the best on the planet, then calls out the entire main roster tag team division in the process. There is one team in NXT they haven’t beaten, The Authors of Pain.

Video package on Nakamura-Joe. What an entrance Nakamura made. Joe had his jaw dislocated in the match. Is Joe headed to the main roster, or will he hang out on NXT? I’d be happy to see him stay on NXT since the men’s division is so depleted at the moment.

Replay of the “Sanity” vignette from Takeover.

The main event is TM61 against The Authors of Pain. The Authors of Pain now wear masks and jackets to the ring. Can we get these guys names please to make it easier for me?

Before the bell, The Authors of Pain start a brawl with TM61. They actually manage to toss The Authors of Pain outside, then huge jumps over the ropes take them down. That puts TM61 over hard. Paul Ellering calms his team down. Match time.


Miller can’t fight Tattoos off. He does manage a tag to Thorn and they double-team Tattoos. Running leg lariat, but a distraction from the apron turns the match. Tattoos distracts the ref as No Tattoos tries to break Thorn’s shoulder on the ring post. Philips suddenly tells us that “Tattoos” is “Akum” and “No Tattoos” is “Razaar” (rhymes with “bazaar”).

[ Break ]

Thorn is taking heavy offense in the corner. Razaar wants a powerbomb, but Thorn escapes. Enziguri stuns Razaar, then Miller tags in and manages to knock Razaar down. Cross-body gains two for Miller. Thorn in, and he clears Akum then double-teams Razaar. Akum breaks up the double team so Razaar can nail a spinebuster. Miller breaks up the tag. Authors of Pain hit their double powerbomb routine. They follow with a side Russian legsweep/clothesline double team finisher.

WINNERS: The Authors of Pain in 6:55. TM61 looked great for surviving the pre-mach beating, lasting nearly 7 minutes, and getting in plenty of offense against The Authors of Pain.

Final Reax: Are we looking at a heel versus heel Tag Team Title match in the near future? Maybe.

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