8/31 WWE NXT TV Results – James’s Report on Nakamura-Joe fall-out from “Takeover,” Overall Reax to roster reset


WWE NXT TV Results
August 31, 2016

Taped at Full Sail University
Aired on WWE Network
Report by Justin James, PWTorch NXT contributor

[Q1] Earlier today, a trainer tells William Regal that Samoa Joe is out of action due to his dislocated jaw and other injuries from Brooklyn. Joe stomps off.


Last week, Dillinger took out Wesley Blake in Brooklyn. Can he do the same to Buddy Murphy? Early back-and-forth. Dillinger plays a straight-up face here. Inverted atomic drop stops Murphy from running the ropes and Dillinger taunts Murphy with the 10’s.

They trade back elbows. Murphy sends Dillinger out of the ring, sends him back in the ring, then lands double knees off the top for a nearfall. The crowd generously gives him a two.

[ Break ]

Murphy clobbers Dillinger with a right out of the break. Dillinger on offense. Dillinger drops the knee pads, but Murphy cuts him off. Dillinger weathers it, and the Tye Breaker ends it.

WINNER: Tye Dillinger in 6:50. Fairly dull match with little energy other than FSU’s fun with Dillinger’s gimmick. Dillinger has a couple of wins under his belt to give him some needed credibility.

Charly Caruso interviews Tommaso Ciampa about Johnny Gargano’s leg injury. Ciampa starts to say he is okay, then The Revival show up. And they kick the stuffing out of him, then take him into the arena and beat him up more.

[Q2] Scott Dawson grabs a mic and talks about how Ciampa and Gargano got a reality check. Ciampa makes his way back to the ring, but he takes the Shatter Machine.

Steve Cutler is out for a match. He says in an inset promo that he ready to make his mark. He is facing Kenneth Crawford, who Corey Graves and Tom Phillips talk up as a good guy.


Early back and forth. Unproductive cover from Cutler. Crawford builds some momentum, showing off a lot of dexterity. Running shooting star for two. Stomp turns it around. But, Cutler finishes Crawford with a fisherman Michinoku Driver.

Winner: Steve Cutler in 3:36. Cutler gets his first win in a decent match.

Hideo Itami brags about kicking Austin Aries in the head. He vows to put him asleep again.

Look back at Shinsuke Nakamura’s victory over Sami Zayn. He will be here later tonight. … Sanity vignette. … TM61 video package.

[Q3] No Way Jose has the crowd on their feet. He will be facing Angelo Dawkins.


Back and forth early on. Jose lands a series of body blows to build a head of steam. He loads up the baseball punch and delivers. Full nelson slam ends it.

WINNER: No Way Jose in 2:44. Quick match to give Jose momentum.

Andrade “Cien” Almas is asked about how he feels about his first loss to Bobby Roode at Takeover: Brooklyn. Austinterruptsinterupts and asks why everyone wants to steal his spotlight, then he whines about Hideo Itami.

Video of Nakamura vs. Balor from July.

Slightly new presentation for Liv Morgan.


Aliyah with a quick cover for barely one. Aliyah is trying to be a bit more aggressive. On cue, Aliyah ties Morgan up in the ropes and bludgeons her. She covers, but Morgan is too close to the ropes.Aliyh with a kind of head scissors and armbar hold. Cover for two. Big kick to the head takes Aliyah out.

Aliyah with kind of a head scissors into an armbar hold. Cover for two. But, Morgan comes back with a big kick to the head, taking Aliyah out.

WINNER: Liv Morgan in 3:35. Morgan gets her first win that I can recall. She is likely being set up as a mid-level face. Okay match.

[Q4] Jose with a backstage interview. He talks himself up, but Bobby Roode is lurking in the background.

Look back at Nakamura’s win over Samoa Joe in Brooklyn.

NXT Women’s champion Asuka is billed for an interview next week with Tom Philips.

Nakamura Promo

Huge reception for Shinsuke Nakamura returning to Full Sail as NXT champion. Nakamura just soaks in it. He says he accomplished everything he dreamed of. He wanted to face the best competition in the world, and that meant he had to be at NXT. He faced Sami Zayn, he faced Finn Balor, and he faced Samoa Joe. body hurts, his fingers are shaking… but through the pain he became the NXT champion. He has great respect for Samoa Joe, but the Joe Era is over. It is the Era of Strong Style. Exit Nakamura.

Nakamura said his body hurts, his fingers are shaking… but through the pain, he became the NXT champion. He has great respect for Samoa Joe, but the Joe Era is over. It is the Era of Strong Style. Exit Nakamura.

Final Reax: Good episode for a post-Takeover reset of storylines. Nakamura is getting stronger and stronger with his promos. Dillinger can be a breakout star, at least at FSU, though I doubt his current gimmick has main roster potential (see: The Vaudevillains). Liv Morgan has potential, but she needs more experience to unlock it. All of the current champions are extremely strong, and Nakamura is the only one with obvious challengers (Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode).

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