Saturday Night Live compares Hillary Clinton’s debate reaction to a premature celebration in pro wrestling match

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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On tonight’s season premier of Saturday Night Live on NBC during the popular Weekend Update segment, they told a joke that Hillary Clinton’s reaction to beating Donald Trump in last Monday’s Presidential Debate is akin to a premature celebration in a pro wrestling match.

Said the anchor: “Right now, Hillary needs to stop celebrating that she won the first debate. It’s like she’s in a wrestling ring strutting around like the match is over and she doesn’t notice that right behind her Chris Christie is handing Trump a folding chair.”

Keller’s Analysis: I think they meant to say it’s “like she’s in a sports entertainment ring.” Come on NBC, didn’t you get the WWE Guidelines on Proper Terminology? It’s not pro wrestling anymore. Get with it. In fact, if they were really in tune with WWE’s booking these days, they’d say that she relinquished a submission hold on Trump because Chris Christie came to ringside with a chair, since WWE seems to be in love with that finish these days. Yes, they’re the comedy writers, not me, but I’m just saying if they want to be more current and less funny, that’s what they should have said.

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