Tyson Kidd posts side-by-side image of his scar a year later, Marc Mero heart surgery update, HIAC match announced on Raw

Roman Reigns (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


-Tyson Kidd posted a side-by-side image of his scar from his neck surgery a year later. He wrote: “One year ago today, I had c1-c2 spinal fusion. I’m grateful for a ‘second chance at life.'” And: “I can’t feel my head or move my head the way I used to, but EVERY day I’m focused on my recovery.” Kid (real name T.J. Wilson) was injured in a match with Samoa Joe that was about as serious as injuries get in pro wrestling.

-On Raw last night, WWE set up a big Hell in a Cell match for the Oct. 30 Raw-branded PPV. U.S. champion Roman Reigns and Rusev will resume their feud inside the HIAC structure. Last week on Raw, Reigns and Rusev battled to a double count-out in a U.S. Title re-match from the Clash of Champions PPV. Reigns captured the title from Rusev at the Clash, setting the stage for the next phase of their feud.

-Marc Mero (also known as Jonny B. Badd in WCW and the ex-husband of Brock Lesnar’s current wife Rena) is recovering from heart surgery this summer. “I had heart surgery just three months ago and they, about a four and a half hour surgery they replaced my heart valve and they fixed in it my aorta and about a four and a half hour surgery they stopped my heart for 40 minutes to complete the surgery and I feel like a kid again,” he said in an interview with Chris Yandek of CYInterview.com. “It’s amazing. I’m back in the gym. I’m back to most of the same weights I was doing before working out.” Check out the full interview in which Mero also talks about speaking out after Chris Benoit’s death, his professional boxing career that never was, a message to the wrestling fans, and much more. LINK

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