Billy Corgan signs settlement papers with Anthem for the money he loaned to Dixie Carter (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


Billy Corgan announced this morning on Twitter that he has signed his settlement with Anthem and TNA Impact, effectively officially closing the door on his involvement and entanglement with the beleaguered wrestling company.

“Just signed my settlement with TNA/ANTHEM,” he wrote on Twitter. “And to fill in the blanks I’ll do a few interviews next week to spell out what is/isn’t in it.”

He thanked the pro wrestling media that handled the story “with balance.” He added that “the true story on TNA involves a lot of men and women I respect and appreciate (both roster and crew), and they deserve the best.”

Keller’s Analysis: I think everyone was ready for this to end. Whatever TNA’s future is, it wasn’t going to be helped by having Billy Corgan publicly calling them out for not living up to their obligations. He said he’ll be doing interviews, so he apparently didn’t sign any kind of non-disclosure agreement in order to receive what Anthem publicly said they’d be paying him, so more of his side of this affair should come forth soon. Wrestlers in TNA have told me they learned a lot from how public this sordid mess became because they were able to sort through truth and lies told by everyone involved, as Dixie Carter’s camp and Corgan’s camp each had their side the story of what had been happening between them over the last year.

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2 Comments on Billy Corgan signs settlement papers with Anthem for the money he loaned to Dixie Carter (w/Keller’s Analysis)

  1. Too bad. I am going to miss his creative ideas. He’s going to leave TNA fans wondering what a Billy Corgan owned TNA would have looked like.

  2. What I didn’t like is how Billy took everything to social media. Just was not necessary. He poured gasoline and lit the match when it wasn’t needed.

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