Linda McMahon reportedly a potential candidate for President Trump’s cabinet, McMahon Tweets congrats

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Linda McMahon at the Donald Trump rally on election night 2016


The UK Daily Star reports today that Linda McMahon, who supported Donald Trump’s run for president, may join his cabinet in the Commerce Department. McMahon had run unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate twice, and has been involved in Republican fundraising since. Trump’s finance reports indicate the McMahon family provided $7 million to his campaign.

Linda McMahon posted congratulations to Trump on Twitter the night of the election. “What a night!” she wrote. “Thrilled to congratulate my friend, President-elect Donald Trump on a hard-fought campaign and victory.” She posted a selfie of herself at the Trump victory rally.

She also commented that with Trump, once you’re his friend, “he is loyal to the end.” She had expressed concern with some of the allegations against him by women who said they victims of sexual assault and also how he responded to them.

[Thanks to PWTorch correspondent Dean Bullen.]

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  1. With all the anti Trump stuff right now is it even a good idea for her to be involved with Trump? WWE does not need those crazy protesters disrupting one of their shows.

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