EXCLUSIVE: Will Goldberg get hurt against Lesnar? Steve Austin addresses whether that concerns him at all (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


Goldberg is among the strongest wrestlers of his generation, and he still looks jacked. Steve Austin, who visited him at his home recently, said he’s in great shape and regularly works out with weights and cardio. That said, he turns 50 years old next month and hasn’t wrestled in 14 years or competed in a combat sport professionally ever. Is there a chance that he gets hurt against a beast like Brock Lesnar, who is known to be pretty stiff in the ring when he wants to be? Austin told me on last week’s PWTorch Livecast (click here to listen to the full 80 minute interview) he isn’t concerned.

““Well, he kind of likes to lay his stuff in,” Austin admitted. “Sometimes some of those knees look a little bit snug. Brock is not of the mindset to try to hurt anybody. Could he? Certainly he could. To your point, he’s a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. We saw what he did to Mark Hunt. So Brock’s a badass and everybody knows that. Just the fear of ‘this guy’s so physical, I think he’s going to hurt me,’ I think that can bother a few guys. I certainly don’t think it bothers Goldberg or the Cenas of the world. Cena’s a road warrior.”

Austin said Goldberg isn’t the type to fear a situation like this or feel vulnerable. “I don’t think Bill’s worried about getting injured,” Austin said. “Just like I saw him on ESPN the other day, when he does something, he goes in 100 percent. I think Brock is safe guy The hard-way with Randy Orton was well done, but it was also planned. Whether you agree with it or not, whatever. Because Brock is so big and strong, he can safely throw your ass wherever you want to get thrown.”

Keller’s Analysis: My understanding with Lesnar is that because he is so physically strong and in control of his body because he is a superior athlete, he can make it look like he’s manhandling you, but he’s actually in total control and placing you exactly where you need to land to be safe. Now, that’s not to say that Lesnar won’t issue a receipt or send a message with a stiff blow in the midst of a match, but Lesnar doesn’t have any animosity toward Goldberg that anyone has expressed concern about, so I expect this to be a very safe, but stiff fight. It’s really up to Goldberg to “bring it” because Lesnar is going to expect Goldberg in good enough shape to keep up with him. If Goldberg comes in looking good, but gasses quickly or expresses too many “edits” to potential match plans before they go out, I could see Lesnar perhaps deciding to show him up a bit out of frustration. But if any accident happens in the ring that hurts Goldberg, it’ll be attributable to Goldberg being rusty and not because Lesnar contributed to it.

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