DEHNEL’S LUCHA UNDERGROUND REVIEW 11/16: “Aztec Warfare III” for the Lucha Underground Championship with Rey Mysterio, Mundo, Jack Evans, Dragon, Sexy Star

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor


Lucha Underground Report
November 9, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 3 Episode #11 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

 “Aztec Warfare III”

Backstage: Mundo stood in front of Dario. Mundo said he will win the title tonight and be the first person to hold two titles at once. Taya stood next to Mundo holding a video camera. Mundo said that if he loses tonight he wants to cash in his title match next week. Mundo showed his number 12 entry paper. Dario grabbed the paper and tore off the 1. He said Mundo will enter at number 2.

Announcers: Striker welcomed the audience to the show. He explained the rules of Aztec Warfare. It’s the same rules as the Royal Rumble except the only way to be eliminated is by pinfall or submission.

In ring: Santos introduced Matanza as the first entrant. Dario mumbled to Santos saying that number 2 is no longer Sexy Star, it is Johnny Mundo.

(1) Aztec Warfare for the Lucha Underground Championship

Mundo and Matanza locked up early. They brawled back and forth, but Mundo couldn’t get any sufficient offense. Next out was Son of Havoc who stomped on Mundo then kicked Matanza. Havoc beat on Matanza until Jeremiah Crane came out. They all beat on Matanza and knocked him to the outside. Next out was Pentagon Dark at number 5. He gave a super kick to Matanza before going to break at 4:24.


Pentagon entered the ring and gave everyone a super kick. Matanza attacked Pentagon from behind. Next out was PJ Black. Black kicked Havoc in the corner then tried to eliminate Crane. Mundo and Black beat on Havoc and Crane. Next out was Mariposa. Mariposa took down Mundo and Black. Crane attacked Mariposa from behind and hit a pile driver. Matanza grabbed Crane from behind and hit a german suplex for the elimination at 7:38. Matanza grabbed Mariposa and hit a choke slam to eliminate her at 8:10. Mysterio was next out and we go to break at 8:40


Black and Mundo attacked Mysterio but he took them out. Mysterio stood toe to toe with Pentagon. They exchanged kicks. Next out was Dr. Wagner, Jr. Wagner and Pentagon beat on Mysterio. Mundo and Black went to hide under the ring. Next out was Marty Martinez. Matanza cleared out the ring. Marty fought with Matanza and knocked him to the outside then dove onto him. Next out was Jack Evans. Evans teamed with the rest of worldwide underground to beat down everyone. Evans hit a standing moonsault on Havoc for the elimination at 12:55. Next out was Sexy Star which carried to the next break at 13:20.


Worldwide underground beat on Sexy Star. Evans dove onto Marty. Pentagon stopped Black with a kick. Mundo hit a dive. Next out was Ricky Mandel. Mandel ran into Pentagon who hit a package piledriver. Pentagon went for to break Mandel’s arm when Pentagon was jumped by 4 women including Black Lotus. Worldwide Underground capitalized and pinned him at 14:55.  mandel 15:04. Next out was Mascarita who ran into Matanza and eliminated him at 15:40. Next out was Famous B. He walked into the ring from ringside. B gave Rey his card. Rey grabbed B and hit 619 for the elimination at 16:57. Rey attacked Marty and eliminated him at 17:46. Next out was Mack who hit Marty with a stunner then leaped onto everyone. Next out was Joey Ryan. He Hand cuffed himself to the railing by the stairs. Next out was Mil Muertes. Mil ripped Ryan from the railing and eliminated him at the same time Matanza eliminated Wagner at 20:46. Next out was Kobra Moon. Mack hit a stunner on Evan for pin at 21:56. Mack also took out Black for the elimination at 22:10. Last out was Drago who fought Kobra Moon. Drago pinned Moon at 23:42. Matanza attacked Drago from behind for the elimination at 23:56. Rey and Matanza fought each other in the ring. The remaining competitors all fought each other back and forth. They worked on Matanza to weaken him down. Rey hit the 619 and tried a second but was caught. Rey reversed a move on Matanza to eliminate him at 26:10.


Matanza beat on Mysterio on the outside. Matanza freaked out on the outside and knocked over Dario. Mundo capitalized on the beat down and pinned Rey at 27:26. Star tried to attack Mundo but the Worldwide Underground came out to help Mundo take out Star. Angelico came out to the temple and leaped from the top onto Worldwide Underground for a ‘Holy Sh*t’ chant. Star crawled over to Mundo to eliminate him a 29:48. Mack and Mil fought center ring. Mil hit a Flatliner on Mack for the pin at 31:02. Mil threw Star around the ring. He grabbed a table from under the ring. Star reversed Mil and hit a DDT on a chair then hit him over the head multiple times. Star moved out of the way of the table so Mil rammed right into it. Muertes hit a right hand to the face. Mil grabbed another table and set it up. Mil set Star on the turnbuckle but Star fought back and pushed Mil through the table then stomped him for the win at 35:39.

WINNER: Sexy Star at 35:39 to become the new Lucha Underground Champion.

Post-match: Star started to tear up while people chanted ‘You deserve it’.

Order of Entry

(1) Matanza Cueto

(2) Johnny Mundo

(3) Son of Havoc

(4) Jeremiah Crane

(5) Pentagon Dark

(6) PJ Black

(7) Mariposa

(8) Rey Mysterio

(9) Dr. Wagner, Jr.

(10) Marty Martinez

(11) Jack Evans

(12) Sexy Star

(13) Ricky Mandel

(14) Mascarita Sagrada

(15) Famous B

(16) The Mack

(17) Joey Ryan

(18) Mil Muertes

(19) Kobra Moon

(20) Drago

Order of Elimination:

(1) Jeremiah Crane

(2) Mariposa

(3) Son of Havoc

(4) Pentagon Dark

(5) Ricky Mandel

(6) Mascarita Sagrada

(7) Famous B

(8) Marty Martinez

(9) Joey Ryan

(10) Dr. Wagner, Jr.

(11) Jack Evans

(12) P.J. Black

(13) Kobra Moon

(14) Drago

(15) Matanza Cueto

(16) Rey Mysterio

(17) Johnny Mundo

(18) The Mack

(19) Mil Muertes

FINAL THOUGHTS: It had been a long time coming for Sexy Star to win the big one. She had been built well this season as the underdog who triumphs. I hope that LU can build up a list of possible contenders not like what they did Matanza. She could have big matches with Mil Muertes, Johnny Mundo and Pentagon Dark. I’d like to see them ride Star as champion until Ultima Lucha Tres and have big match with Pentagon, but that would be almost 30 episodes into the future. A lot will likely happen between now and then.

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