11/29 WWE Talking Smack Recap: Mike Mizanin (not Miz) fills in for Bryan as cohost with Renee, guests A.J .Styles and Becky Lynch


NOVEMBER 29, 2016

Hosts: Renee Young & Mike Mizanin (filling in for Daniel Bryan)


The Miz welcomes us all to Talking Smack referring to himself as Mike Mizanin filling in for Daniel Bryan tonight. Mike compliments Renee Young then immediately engages her in an argument about Daniel Bryan not being a good general manager and being “Mike” not The Miz.

Renee and “Mike” switch gears to the open of Smackdown where Renee stood mid ring to preside over the contract signing between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship. Renee was a little offended Alexa made fun of her fashion sense. “I’m pretty fashionable,” she said.

Renee asked Mike who he thought was the best female Superstar on the Smackdown roster. Mike quickly replied Maryse. Renee argues she doesn’t count because she’s not in the ring. Mike obnoxiously went on about Maryse until Renee moved on to bringing next guest.


Mike welcomed in Dolph Ziggler building him up in a condescending tone. Dolph appears on camera in an NWO t-shirt, speaking of fashionable. Dolph acknowledges how Maryse helped Miz win all of his matches against him. Mike asks Dolph if he’s saying he was “beaten three times by a girl?” Dolph replies he pays a lot of women to beat him, but it has nothing to do with this. Mike comments on the moment feeling awkward after that comment.

Mike argues that he doesn’t think “The Miz” needs Maryse’s help to beat Dolph. Renee then asked Dolph if he thinks he is a better Intercontinental Champion than the Miz. Dolph said he was a great fighting champion. Mike cuts Dolph off and said The Miz is a great fighting champion with many successful defenses against all comers and Dolph defended once and lost.

Dolph said once and for all, Mike, The Miz, or maybe the whole Real World shows up we’re going to beat the hell out of each other. Dolph began to get heated. He said, “When I climb that ladder and grab that Intercontinental Title this Sunday at TLC, The Miz will go away” and “Watch real wrestlers do what they do best.” Dolph leaves the set.

Moving on Renee asks Mike if he is surprised Randy and Bray are still together. Mike said Bray has a way with words but Bray should be weary trusting a man with a nickname of The Viper. Renee said she thought they would have split up by now. Then touched briefly on the Wyatts facing Slater & Rhyno.


Becky Lynch was on next saying she was “really, really, really freaking angry” as she was still nursing a bruised spine with an ice pack. She said she has fought through worse. Mike asked if Becky had ever faced anyone like Alexa Bliss before. Really? Becky said she has fought the very best to get to where she’s at. She said Alexa is a little dynamite but dynamite needs straight fire to light it.

Mike continues to talk over Becky asking more questions. Becky asks if Mike has ever seen a Honey Badger walk into a pack of Lions? She said it will get mauled but it will come out on top. Renee agreed, stating she seen a show on Honey Badgers once while checking her phone.

Mike calls her out on playing with her phone during the show. Renee said it was General Manager Daniel Bryan with an announcement that he has officially made a Table Match for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Title at TLC Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss. Becky said since Alexa likes to use Disney quotes all the time that she will make Alexa WWE’s resident Bleeding Beauty.

As Becky left the interview desk, Renee was comparing Raw to Smackdown. Mike when on a rant about how Daniel Bryan is a bad General Manager because guys like Apollo Crews and Curt Hawkins sit in the back while guys like James Elsworth get a top spot. Renee asked the locker rooms opinion of James Elsworth as WWE World Champion AJ Styles enters the set.


A.J. says nobody likes Ellsworth, everybody despises him, especially him. He said Elsworth has three wins over him because of Dean Ambrose. Mike put over how good A.J. was in the ring. Renee asks when The Miz ever faced A.J. Both A.J. and Mike ridicule Renee for not watching the show or knowing her history as they faced earlier this year.

Mike said he’s worried because Dean is crazy and can be dangerous in a TLC match. A.J. said he has been in these type of matches before and knows what to do. A.J. said knocking Dean down isn’t hard; it’s keeping him down that’s the hard part.

Renee asked if A.J. feels bad for attacking Elsworth. Mike cuts in and answers, “Why would anyone feel bad?” A.J. agreed, saying Ellsworth is a joke and makes him look like a joke when Ellsworth beats him thanks to Dean.

Mike asked what A.J. has in store for Dean this Sunday at TLC. A.J. said Dean is going to go through a lot of pain, we will see if he can take it. A.J. said he will find a way to win. Mic drop as A.J. walks away. Renee wishes him best of luck and did one final run down of this Sunday’s TLC card with Mike to close out the show.

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