PODCAST RECAP – Steve Austin Show – On expressing oneself without swearing, casserole, hunting, using his wife’s toothbrush, high tech toothbrush



Top Newsworthy Items

– Austin discusses how he spent his birthday and hunting with Ted Fowler

– Austin discusses filming The Stranger where he had to wear a wig and a fake beard

Subjects covered (w/time stamps)

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2:10 – Introduction
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20:45 – Hunting with Austin’s dad
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43:45 – Evening hunt/Rattlesnakes/Ear protection
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1:05:45 – Toothbrush
1:25:25 – Conclusion/Plugs
1:31:25 – Show ends

Show Highlights

Introduction: Austin said he’s sat with Ted Fowler and they’d already been talking for 2 hours, but when he looked at his recording device, it said “card full” so they had to start recording again. He then realised that he’d unplugged Ted’s mic and not plugged it back in correctly, so for the last 16 minutes of recording, they had only picked up one side of the conversation.

Austin said that yesterday was his birthday and today is Kristen’s birthday. He welcomes Ted Fowler onto the podcast. They discuss the frustrations of recording the podcast and Fowler jokes that he thought Austin not plugging his microphone back in properly was his subtle way of cutting him out.

Austin says he likes the family-friendly podcast, because it’s a challenge to express yourself without swearing and he respects Jerry Seinfeld for being able to make people laugh without cussing. Teddy says he’s not a big fan of him, but he appreciates that he’s a good comedian.

They discuss a tasty casserole that Kristen made. Teddy ate the majority of it and jokes that Austin might need to be on camera soon so he’s looking out for his best interests. Austin says that he and Kristen will be celebrating their anniversary later this week. They’ve been together for 12 years and Austin asked Kristen if she remembers when he had hair. Austin and Kristen start laughing about The Stranger, a low budget film that he starred in where he had to wear a dodgy wig and a long fake beard for a flash back scene and they show Ted a picture. Austin says that a lot of people ask why he doesn’t more movies and he jokes that after the humiliation he suffered during the filming of The Stranger, he doesn’t want to go through it again

Hunting with Austin’s dad: Austin said he called in a mechanic to fix his dad’s bronco and they’re currently working on Austin’s tractor and one of his bronco’s. Kristen asks if he can fix the toaster. When Austin asks Kristen what’s wrong with the toaster, she says that it doesn’t toast.

Austin’s dad and one of his friends are visiting for a hunt, and because his dad’s bronco is broken down, Austin loaned him one of his. After Austin’s dad had been missing for a while and nobody was able to make contact with him, Teddy said he received a phone call off Austin’s dad’s friend, Brian, asking where he was, so at this point Austin and Ted were worried about what might have happened to Austin’s dad. Eventually Ted found him out at a deer stand and it turned out that he’d locked his keys inside the Bronco and left his phone back at the house.

Austin tells a story about how he took Hershey out hunting and noticed the tyre on his Bronco was going down. After the hunt he tried to make it back with the air that was left in the tyre, but it had gone totally flat and he had to call Ted out to assist him. Teddy ran through the process of getting the keys out of the locked Bronco with a couple of wire coat hangers.

Evening hunt/Rattlesnakes/Ear protection: Austin talked about his evening hunt. He said he went into the dear stand to wait for the buck he was looking for and there were a lot of yellow jacket wasps on the floor. He assumed that they were all dead but as he was laying on the floor one of them stung him on the leg, so he moved down the road to another stand. He said he was planning to have a relaxed birthday but it hadn’t turned out the way he had hoped.

Ted said that the dear he was waiting for on his hunt didn’t show up but he saw a lot of good dear. He saw a hog and quietly sneaked up on it but when he went to shoot it, nothing happened because he forgot to load a shell into his gun. Then the hog heard the noise of him opening his bolt and ran away.

Fowler tells a story about how he heard a snake rattling in the grass while he was hunting and adjusted the scopes on his gun to short range and shot it. Austin says he’s glad he wasn’t out the with Hershey because she like to go in the grass and she might have gotten bitten, then tells a similar story about shooting a rattlesnake. Fowler jokes that his sneaking skills are so good that he almost sneaked up on a rattlesnake. Austin says he wanted to shoot the rattlesnake but he didn’t want to fire his gun without ear protection, so Kristen said she’d stand behind him and put her fingers in his ears, but Austin pointed out that she wouldn’t have any ear protection. He shot off a few rounds and it blew his ears up. Fowler recalls a time that Austin plugged his ears up with some tissue paper and Austin says that he had some smoker friends who used the filter tips from their cigarettes as ear protection.

Toothbrush: This was where Austin realised that his memory card was full and the interview got cut off and they pick up. Austin jokes that that’s why this show will never win an award. Austin starts talking about the electric toothbrush Kristen bought him for his birthday and says that this is the third time he’s talked about it. Austin says the toothbrush has a blue tooth light on it and asks Ted what you could connect a toothbrush to via blue tooth. He says that the toothbrush has five modes but he just needs one mode: brush. Austins says that Kristen god mad at him for using her toothbrush and jokes that they’ve been together and kissing for 12 years so it shouldn’t matter. They discuss how ridiculous it is that a tooth brush can be so complicated. Fowler explains to Austin what all the different brush head attachments are for. Austin asks Ted what his plans are for Christmas. Teddy says that he’s just going to hunt and have a drink. Austin jokes that he’s ready for a drink now after how this podcast went.

Score and Final Thoughts

Score (6.0): This was a super laid back episode and the majority of it was Austin talking about how he spent his birthday and discussing hunting on the ranch with Fowler. There was some entertaining back and forth between Austin and Fowler so if you enjoy their stories and general chemistry or have an interest in hunting, then this podcast is worth a listen.

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