DEHNEL’S LUCHA UNDERGROUND REVIEW 12/28: Crane vs. Muertes, Angelico & Son of Havoc vs. Black & Evans, Texano vs. Cage

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 28, 2016
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

-The show opened with a recaps of Worldwide Underground-Angelico, Texano-Cage, Jeremiah Crane-Catrina, and Prince Puma-Mil Muertes.

-Vampiro told Prince Puma to rise as they stood in a temple. Vampiro told Puma that his journey starts tonight, but he has to pledge himself. Puma agreed and referred to Vampiro as his master.

Announcers: Vampiro welcomed the audience to the show. He hyped match four of Cage vs. Texano later tonight. Striker threw to Santos in the ring.

In ring: Santos introduced Jeremiah Crane who was already in the ring. His opponent tonight is Mil Muertes


Crane attacked Muertes to start the match. Mil fended off Crane quickly. He clubbed Crane in the corner with a fury of clotheslines. Crane dodged a corner attack but fell right into a scoop slam from Mil. Catrina licked her hand then touched Crane’s face. The ref got distracted by Catrina which allowed for Puma to attack Muertes with a kendo stick. That led to Crane getting a pin victory on Muertes.

WINNER: Jeremiah Crane at 1:55. This is a wait and see storyline because its intriguing, but it could go in a lot directions good and bad. That being said, I’m not buying the booking the Muertes would just be caught with a pin after a sneak attack from Puma. We’ve been lead to believe Muertes is a god and he has withstood great beatings. If this was a long grueling match where Mil was exhausted, I could believe that Crane could sneak a pin after a distraction.

Post match: Puma continued to beat down Muertes then kneeled in the ring as a tribute to Vampiro who stood by the announce table.


Backstage: A man met with Sexy Star backstage. He complimented Sexy Star on being the first women’s champion. He said he doesn’t blame her for losing to Johnny because he is the best. Star tried to exit the conversation but the man gave her a gift he said was left for her. She opened it to find a spider.

Texano was working out when he got interrupted by Famous B and Brenda. B told Texano he has all the tools, but he’s not connecting with the audience and he’s not famous. B told him that he would walk out with Texano for his match with Cage. Texano threatened him to leave. B told him to think about it.

Announcers: Vampiro said that the business between him and Puma will stay private. Striker plugged a match between Mack and Johnny Mundo for next week. Striker said that his buddies Jack Evans and PJ Black have a match tonight.

In ring: Santos introduced Black and Evans to the ring.


Evans started the match with Angelico. They locked up then traded arm locks. Evans shook hands with Angelico then trapped his arm. Both men tagged their partners. Black took advantage of Havoc then tagged Evans back in. Havoc fought back and made the tag to Angelico. Angelico hit a combination of strikes on Black. Evans attacked Angelico then Havoc hit a cross body on Evans and Black. Evans and Black fought back and took down Angelico. Evans hit a hard kick on Havoc. Evans climbed the turnbuckle and hit a corkscrew for the win.

WINNER: Jack Evans and PJ Black at 5:47.

Dario’s Office: Dario stared into a box with a blue glow. Sexy Star marched in Dario’s office demanding a match with Mariposa. Dario said she will get her match next week.


In ring: Santos introduced the fourth match in a best of 5 series.

3 – TEXANO vs. CAGE – Match #4 in a “Best of 5” series. Cage leads 2-1.

Both men charged at each other. Texano took down Cage and beat him into the corner. Texano tried to pin Cage. Cage lift Texano onto the turnbuckle but Texano escaped and Cage fell onto an exposed turnbuckle which bloodied Cage. Texano then hit a sit down power bomb for the victory.

WINNER: Texano at 2:14 to even the series.

Post match: Dario came out from his office. He complimented them on their series so far. Dario said that match 5 is going to happen right now.


-Dario said that in this match anything goes. (I thought every main event was anything goes.)

4 – TEXANO vs. CAGE – No DQ Match #5 in a “Best of 5” series. Series tied at 2-2.

Texano beat down on a groggy Cage. Cage fought back and hit a DDT. Cage lifted himself onto the turnbuckle. Texano continued to attack and hit a hurricarana from the top rope. Cage powered through a power bomb attempt and kicked Texano. Cage dodged an attack from Texano leading to Texano falling to the outside. Cage ran across the ring then dove to the outside. Cage continued the attack on the outside and hit Texano with a keg. Cage dragged Texano up the stairs of the temple and into the crowd. Cage hit a suplex on the bleachers in the crowd. Texano escaped another attack and hit a spine buster on the bleachers. Cage rolled himself to the ring. Texano picked him up and threw him into the ring post. Texano and Cage made their way to the back of the temple and back into the crowd. Cage fought back and tossed Texano’s head into some chairs. Cage stood on the barricade then Texano knocked him off then dove onto him. Texano cleared some fans out of the way then threw Texano into a sea of chairs. Texano grabbed a chair and hit Cage over the head. Texano retrieved his bull rope and whipped Cage across the back. Texano tried to pin Cage in the ring. Texano spine bustered Cage onto a steel chair. Cage moved out of the way of a sprinboard attack. Cage hit Texano with a chair which left both men on mat. They got to their feet and traded blows. Texano got Cage into a crossface. Cage rolled Texano over for a pin attempted. Texano setup Cage for a power bomb. Cage escaped and hit a discus clothesline. Cage grabbed the bull rope and beat Texano across the back. Cage picked up Texano and hit a pile driver for the win.

WINNER: Cage at 13:39 to win the best of 5 series for the unique opportunity.

Post match: Dario congratulated Cage on his victory. Dario said he would prefer not to tell him about the unique opportunity in front of the believers and invited him into his office.

Next week: Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack

Dario’s office: Cage asked Dario what he won. Dario opened the box he was looking at before. Dario pulled out a gauntlet glove. Cage refused the glove. Dario asked him to atleast try it on. Cage put on the glov which pulsed with electricity then grabbed Dario by the throat and lifting him up. Cage said on second though he wanted to keep the glove.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Dario’s announcement of the “anything goes” stipulation would have meant a lot more if not for every main event match basically being anything goes when Striker says that Dario requested violence and the refs to ignore rules.

Good basic story telling of showing you the box in an early segment then tying it back into the end. I also liked Dario not giving the fans what they wanted. This led to them booing him which is great because he is a heel. He is consitantly cheered because he gives the fans what they want, but this allowed for Dario to show he doesn’t care about the fans and they aren‘t worthy of knowing Cage’s reward. Just good basic things to put heat on heels. It also helped not revealing it to the live audience so it would remain a secret until the show premieres.

I am interested to see where the Sexy Star-spider story line goes. I’m happy to see her become a bigger part of the show.

We also got several plugs for the main event next week including a graphic at the end of the show. Really easy stuff that helps the overall presentation.

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