SMACKDOWN PRIMER: What to expect tonight based on what happened last week with John Cena, Miz vs. Ambrose, Nikki Bella, Ellsworth, Corbin, Ziggler, Bliss

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch Specialist

The Miz (Photo credit Scott Lunn - @ScottLunn © PWTorch)


JANUARY 3, 2017
By Joey Galizia (@RamJam89), PWTorch Specialist


He just did. RECOGNIZE. John Cena is back, and has immediately inserted himself into the World Title scene because ALL CENA EVERYTHING. I don’t think anyone is complaining. Big match John has certainly been living up to his reputation and another feud with The Phenomenal A.J. Styles IS what’s best for business. Tonight this match gets made official for the Royal Rumble with a Smackdown Live contract signing (I’m sure everything will be fine) A.J. doesn’t seem to be complaining either. I mean, his favorite thing in the world to do is #beatUPjohnCENA. While most of the credit for SD conquering Raw in the ratings will go to Ol’ Johnny Boy, I’m going to be an optimist and say it’s just because of better programming. BOOM SHOTS FIRED. (Although not really everyone prefers SD. Seriously, get it together red brand.)


Dean Ambrose is so great, but so is The Miz, but so is Dean, but Miz though. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO US? Ambrose and Miz have been at each others throats all month and things came to a boiling point when The Awesome One brought special attention to Dean and Renee Young’s relationship. The Fringe Lunatic got his revenge by dressing up like a security guard and bringing an army of fists to the Miz’s stupid face. Now they settle their differences in the squared circle. The first IC title defense of the year and it’s already shaping up to be a fantastic affair.


While this always seemed like the route they would go, it’s really a shame that the newly formed Wyatts had to break-up. At a point where everything seemed to be clicking Randy Orton and Luke Harper would lose the tag belts for the family (using the free-bird rule thanks Michael Hayes) after a fatal four-way elimination match. The culprits who stole it from them: American Alpha. Jordan and Gable are certainly deserving of the gold, and the match they put on was as exciting as it was surprising. Will the Wyatts be looking for a rematch? Or will those sore-losing Usos try and super-kick their way back into the scene? And what of Harper and Orton? Or Bray and Orton? So many questions, so anxious for the answers. With four weeks until the Rumble they got plenty of time to stretch these stories out.


Last week Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler failed to win the WWE Championship in an exceptionally fantastic main event against A.J. Styles. These two have collided since Baron’s call up from NXT and seem to always be a thorn in the others side. Tonight they go at it again, but after The Lone Wolf dominated both Dolph and A.J. at the same time, does Ziggler really stand a chance? My money says he does, but in my opinion Corbin is on another level right now, and if booked right he can be the Strowman of the blue brand. Also in a year (2016) filled with amazing moments (in wrestling mainly, in politics KILL ME)…the End of Days/Zig-Zag combination should be remembered as one of the top spots of the year.


On Dec. 20 Becky Lynch pulled the old M. Night Shyamalan twist on us when she defeated Alexa Bliss under the disguise of La Luchadora. Last week, during their title rematch from TLC, Luchadora appeared and attacked Becky leading to a Bliss victory. With the history in the women’s division already being deceptive (LOOKING AT YOU NATTY) who could possibly be under the mask? Smart money says it’s probably Mickie James, but there’s no guarantee on anything anymore. Now that her rematch is out of the way who will challenge next for the title? And how is Alexa’s arm doing after Lynch decided to throw away respectable competition and start dedicating broken bones to her master? (Pentagon and Becky feud imminent)


Nikki Bella is still looking to give Natalya a piece of her mind after getting attacked at Survivor Series. Considering the things Natty said, I’m sure Nikki is looking to give some BELLHAMMERS too.

James Ellsworth still has no chin, still has no reason to be around, but he is and Carmella likes him now so good for him.

I feel like I’m repeating myself, but poor Heath Slather. After nearly avoiding an injury he ate a superkick and was the first team eliminated in last weeks tag title affair. The Rhyno is probably not happy about that.

First SD show of the year and 205 right afterwards! You watching?  Also excited to see how my name gets spelled this time!

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