12/28 NXT TV Review: Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe, Asuka vs. Nia Jax, Lorcan vs. Almas, and more from Japan

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 28, 2016
Report by Justin James, PWTorch contributor

[Q1] This episode is coming from Japan, and will feature that match. Oney Lorcan to start tonight. His opponent is Andrade Almas, who has re-donned his mask and switched up his ring gear a bit. This is a potentially excellent match of contrasting styles. Almas takes the mask off during his entrance.


Lorcan offers a handshake, but Almas arrogantly kicks his hand aside. Slow start here. Mat wrestling starts to pick up the speed a bit. Lorcan tries to dump Almas over the ropes, but Almas lands in the ropes and lounges. Lorcan offers another handshake which Almas turns down. Back to the mat. Almas teases an attack in the corner then lands an insulting slap. Backslide gets one for Lorcan. Running attack drops almas for a two count. They both vlovk suplex attempts, then some sort of slipping neckbreaker earns Lorcan a nearfall. Almas wants a one-arm powerbomb but Lorcan elbows out. They trade slaps and strikes almost eight minutes in. Inverted exploder suplex ends the exchange. Lorcan fires up and hits running back elbows in the corner, then Almas dodges one and hits double knees, covers for two even though he had a foot on the ropes. Lorcan drives Almas into the corner to avoid a DDT. But Almas gets a boot up to block a charge, then heads to the top. Lorcan revives and crotches Almas, then nails a sick inverted exploder suplex off the top for the win.

Winner: Oney Lorcan in 10:12.

(James’s Reax: Slower paced match but technically well done. Almas is completely devalued as a threat, but it was a good win for Lorcan to put him on the map.)

Asuka is billed to face Nia Jax.



Morgan and Kay lock up. Fireman carry takedown on Morgan, who then trips Kay, jackknife into a cover for one. Running sunset flip from Morgan, then she keeps rolling Kay around the ring, covering and continuing the roll. she stops the roll, covers and it gets two. aliyah tags in. Royce tags in, but Aliyah has arm drags for her. Aliyah with a backflip off the ropes into an armd rag off the top, but then she gets cornered. Aliyah manages to break a hold and roll into a cover for two, but she can’t get enough of a break for a tag. Royce weathers strikes to keep aliyah away from Morgan, then Kay tags in and a double suplex gets two. suplex from Kay for two. Headbutt from Kay, then she clears Morgan off the apron and sends Aliyah back into the corner for Royce to continue the attack. Aliyah escapes a double suplex, tags Morgan and Morgan goes nuts. Bulldog to Kay, kip up, STO into a cover but Royce comes in. aliyah takes Royce out of the picture for a moment. Kay tags in but Morgan doesn’t see it. Kay drives Morgan’s face into Royve’s knee which ends it.

Winners: Billie Kay and Peyton Royce.

(James’s Reax: Lots of competent action, but the match started to drag rather badly.)


3. NXT tag Team Champions #DIY (JOHNNY GARGANO & TOMMASO CIAMPA) vs. TAJIRI & AKIRA TOZAWA – NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Pre-bell handshakes all around set the tone. Gargano and Tozawa start the match, tons of support for Tozawa, but #DIY has their fans too. Lots of technical talent immediately on display. Things get real fast, and a senton gives Tozawa a one count. Even more speed after the kickout. Double tags. Unproductive lockup. Tajiri sprays green mist which Ciampa avoids. Ciampa and Tajiri go technical as well. Things suddenly pick up. Tozawa tags in and comes off the top to injure Ciampa’s arm. Ciampa blocks a suplex then tags in Gargano. Ciampa back in and they land double kicks in the corner, Ciampa suplexes and covers for two. Schoolboy for two on Ciampa, then a big blow to Ciampa, slow cover for one. Tajiri tags in, double arm drag, senton, cover series of covers that don’t quite win.

[ Break ]

Tozawa is attacking Ciampa who dares him to hit him again. Ciampa with a chop, then asks for a receipt. Huge right from Tozawa ends up. Backbreakers from Ciampa turns it around and gets two. Kneebar and Gargano tags in. Backbreakers from Gargano also gets two. Gargano gets knees up in the corner, tries a crossbody but Tozawa retailiates with a leaping gutbuster to send Gargano into the corner for a tag.

[Q4] Now Tajiri is in. Tajiri takes out both champs. Tozawa back in, clear #DIY off the apron, then lands a pair of suicide dives. Ciampa blocks a suplex, Tozawa blocks one, then hits his own for two. Spear through the ropes by Gargano gets a nearfall. Tajiri in now. Tarantula through the ropes on Gargano for the full five count. Kick from Gargano on the mat for two. Super fast-paced action here, Ciampa in and lands a pair of German suplexes, Tozawa blocks a third, kicks outs. German suplexes from Tozawa to Ciampa and Gargano. Delayed German suplex into a bridging cover but Gargano saves the match. Things are totally chatic in the ring. Ciampa with a powerbomb into a backbreaker but Tajiri saves it. Great move. Stereo #DIY kicks to Tozawa finally end it.

Winners: #DIY in 17:58.

(James’s Reax: Really great match here. #DIY are super exciting and always give their opponents enough offense to make it feel competitive without looking like chumps.)

Post-match, #DIY bow to Tajiri and Tozawa.

Asuka has changed up her robe a bit, this one is more red and blue, with fur trim, compared to her previous gold and white robe.

4. NXT Women’s Champion ASUKA vs. NIA JAX – NXT Women’s Championship Match

Jax domiantes the middle of the ring to limit Asuka’s choices. Asuka uses her speed to get some shots in. Jax slowly backs Asuka into a corner.

[Q5] Jax keeps Asuka in the corner, then throws her across the ring. Jax suddenly grabs an arm but Jax flings her off. Asuka with an octopuss mid-ring, but Jax pulls herself out. Asuka with a guillotine, but Jax transtions into a suplex, and Asuka slips out. Jax tosses Asuka onto the ground with a spinebuster. Asuka tries kicks from the ground but Jax shrugs them off and drives Asuka into the turnbuckle.

[ Break ]

Asuka fights off the mat and out of the corner, but a heatbutt cuts her off. Another rally from Asuka is cut off, and a cover gets two for Jax. Jax starts to slow thigns down. Jax wants a Samoan Drop, Asuka fights out but Jax lands on her and covers for two. Sidewalk slam, cover another two count for Jax. Asuka with a series of backfists, but takes a headbutt. Asuka suddenly wraps herself around Jax, drags her to the mat, and locks in a kneebar. Jax is able to stand up and get out. They trade kicks and punches. Jax wraps Asuka in the ropes then sends her to the floor. Asuka holds the ropes open to send Jax through, but Jax lands on her feet. Asuka delivers an attack as Jax tries to return, and a hip attack sends Jax to the outside. Jax catches Asuka on her way through the ropes and slams her into the apron. Jax comes into the ring, forgetting that she can’t win the title like that. Asuka takes a leg drop on her way back in, and Jax seems happy to take a count out win. Jax eventually goes outside, but Asuka has a kick for her. One armed slam puts Asuka into the apron.

Jax whiffs a legdrop and Asuka fires up with kicks. Jax catches one, but Asuka is able to go back to kicks. Hip attack gets a two count. Asuka escapes a powerbomb attempt, but runs into Jax and falls down. Asuka kicks Jax away from a cover, then jumps up and rolls Jax into the armbar. Jax stands up with Asuka on her, but Asuka slips away. Asuka wants the Asuka lock but Jax stands up and puts her in the corner. Asuka climbs the ropes, jumps on Jax for a sleeper, but Jax transitions to a powerbomb, covers for two.

Asuka with more backfists, Jax wants a Soman Drop, Asuka with a backflip and an amazing exploder suplex. Big kick from Asuka finally ends it.

Winner: Asuka in 15:58.

(James’s Reax: Nearly 14 or 15 minutes of Nia Jax’s offense got really stale. It’s the formula to follow with her, but her matches can be a lot shorter and still sell her opponent as being tough as nails for toughing it out.)


5. SHINSUKE NAKAMURA vs. NXT Champion SAMOA JOE – NXT Championship Match

Slow start to the match. Vibration kicks from Nakamura. Referee gets caught between the two letting Joe put a thumb in the eye.

[ Break ]

Jow is dropping strikes all over Nakamura. Enziguri knocks Nakamura down again.

[Q7] Nakamura turns things around. Joe’s neck is a bit too thick for a guillotine to slip on. Joe gets a kneebar on Nakamura in the middle of the ring. Nakamura finally gets his hand to the ropes but the damage is done. Kicks rock Joe. Joe gets planted on the top rope and Nakamura delivers the knee to the middle, cover for two. Joe with a sequence ending in a senton for two.

[ Break ]

Jow with a crossface. Nakamura finally gets to the ropes. Nakamura blocks a suplex, then jumps over one, rolls through and tries an armbar. Joe blocks the armbar. Nakamura is trying to transition, but Joe pushes into a cover for one. Nakamura wants to transition into a triangle, but Joe has a foot on the rope. Nakamura manages a German suplex, then he warms up Kinshasa, but Joe beats him tot he punch with a powerslam for a nearfall. Joe looks for a Msucle Buster, Nakamura escapes, Joe ducks a Kinshasa and locks in the coquina Clutch mid-ring. Joe transitions to a German Suplex, then another, then a third suplex, cover for two-and-a-half. Enziguri knocks Nakamura off the turnbuckle to the outside. Joe looks to slam Nakamura into the ring steps, but Nakamura fights away, and lands a knee to the back of Joe’s head to knock him into the steps. They trade shots back in the ring. Axe kick drops Jow down, then a sliding knee keeps Joe down. Nakamura gets Joe over his shoulders but Joe’s weight is too much and Nakamura falls down with Joe falling outside.

[Q8] Knee strike to the back of Joe’s head puts him on the mat again. Kinchasa finally lands, and delivers the championship to Nakamura.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura in 20:28.

(James’s Reax: I really did not enjoy seeing this match again, never mind the pairing of Nakamura and Joe. They deliver technically decent, yet dull matches that are difficult to feel really excited about.)

FINAL REAX: This was way too long for an NXT episode with no promos and no emotionally important matchups. Good wrestling action throughout, but it was ultimately a house show.

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