DEHNEL’S LUCHA UNDERGROUND REVIEW 1/4: Mundo vs. The Mack, Rabbit Tribe vs. Drago & Pindar & Vibrora, Sexy Star vs. Mariposa

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor


JANUARY 4, 2017

The show opened with a recaps of The Battle of the Bulls Tournament, Paul London, Sexy Star-Mariposa, Kobra Moon-Drago.

Backstage: Mil Muertes asked Catrina how Puma was still alive. Catrina told him that it was VAMPIRO. She said that if he wanted to get to Puma he has to go through Vampiro.

Crane walked up behind Catrina and touted how he beat Mil. He said he beat the man she loves. Catrina said she doesn’t love him then walked away.

Announcers: Striker welcomed the audience to the show. Striker hyped the Lucha Underground title match tonight between Mack and Mundo then threw to the ring.

In ring: Santos introduced Mariposa who was already in the ring. Next out was Sexy Star.


Star pounded on Mariposa to start. Star hit a hurricarana which flung Mariposa to the outside. Star then dove through the ropes onto Mariposa. They brawled on the outside. Mariposa grabbed Star and repeatedly swung her head into the announce table before bringing the action back to the ring. Mariposa went for the butterfly effect but Star countered by running into the corner and hitting Mariposa with a boot. Star gained momentum and hit a few moves on Mariposa before going for a pinfall. They stood toe to toe with each other which resulted in a Samoan drop from Mariposa. Mariposa punt on an Indian death lock submission. Star crawled her way to the bottom rope to break the hold.

Mariposa climbed to the bottom rope and attempted a moonsault. Star moved out of the way. The fought each other on the top turn buckle. Mariposa went for a superplex but Star tossed her off. Star leaped off the top and hit a double stomp for the win.

WINNER: Sexy Star at 6:51.

Post match: Marty Martinez entered the ring to console Mariposa. He then grabbed her shoulder and slammed her to the mat. A ‘‘Holy S***“ chant broke out then a cut to break.


Backstage: Mascarita Sagrada was working out when The Rabbit Tribe walked up to him and told him he was the white rabbit. Their spiritual leader and guide. London requested that he be at ringside with them. Sagrada told them they were crazy. London laughed and told his partner how great the Sagrada is.


In ring: Santos introduced The Rabbit Tribe to the ring. Next out was Kobra Moon, Pindar, Drago and Vibora.



Pindar started the match with Mala Suerte. Suerte hit a hurricarana then tagged London and Saltador. Saltador tried to beat on Pindar but Pindar hit a slam the tagged Drago. They double teamed Saltador. Saltador got to the corner and tagged Suerte. Vibora tagged in and scarred everyone out of the ring. He caught Suerte and Saltador with slams. Vibora dragged Lon across the ring then tagged in Pindar. Pindar beat London on the ropes which allowed Moon to take cheap shots. Pindar continued to stomp London in the corner. Moon choked London with a chain while the ref was distracted. Pindar went to the top rope. London caught him with his legs and flipped him over. London tagged Suerte and Saltador who took out Drago. Suerte teased leaping coast to coast then just ran and kicked Drago. Drago tagged Pindar who hit a power bomb on Suerte. London kicked Vibora and Saltador then Vibora caught him and hit a tombstone piledriver. Drago then tagged in and hit a neck breaker on Saltador for the win.

WINNER: Drago & Vibora & Pindar at 7:03.

Post match: Moon put the chain back on Drago’s neck. Fenix and AeroStar ran to the ring and attacked Vibora and Pindar. They tried to save Drago, but he pushed them away. Drago was confused then embraced his partners.

Backstage: Sexy Star walked to the locker room. She gave words of encouragement to The Mack. He said he doesn’t need her at ringside tonight so that he can prove himself.


Backstage: Dario walked over to Mack backstage. Dario said that tonight’s match is not a title match anymore. Dario said that tonight is a warm up. The winner will pick the stipulation for the title match. Mack asked Dario if he was a betting man. Dario said he occasionally is. Mack told Dario to always bet on him.

In ring: Santos introduced Johnny Mundo the ring. Next out was The Mack.

3 – Lucha Underground Champion JOHNNY MUNDO vs. THE MACK – Non title match

Mundo striked then tired to grapple Mack. Mack hit a big kick and attempted a pin. Mundo hit a poke to the eye then corner Mack and hit several strikes. Mack lifted Mundo off of him and onto the apron. They fought each other on the outside. Mundo crawled under the ring then attacked Mack from behind. Mundo rolled him back into the ring and hit a springboard kick. Mundo taunted the crowd and Mack tried a school boy. Mundo kicked out then Mack hit some significant strikes. Mack hit a people’s elbow in the middle of the ring. Mundo fought back and fell into a boot from Mundo. Mack then hit a Samoan drop followed by a standing moonsault. Mack lifted up Johnny and hit a forearm. He attempted a pin, but Mundo lifted his leg onto the bottom rope. Mack had Mundo on the ropes then Mundo tossed Mack into the ref. Mack caught Mundo and hit a sit down powerbomb. The ref came in late which allowed Mundo to kick out. Evans and Black came to ringside for the distraction. Mundo hit a low blow then rolled up Mack for the win at 8:41.

WINNER: Mundo at 8:41.

Post match: The Worldwide Underground continued to beat on Mack. Johnny grabbed the mic and told Mack that he sucks. He called him fat and taunted him for not even lasting 10 minutes. He said he is going to take him to slam town all night long.

Mundo continued to stomp on Mack and called him a fat piece of trash. Mil Muertes and Catrina emerged from the top of the temple. Mil walked over to the announce table and beat down Vampiro. Puma walked to the rng and watched Vampiro take a flatliner. Vampiro told Puma to stay away. Puma checked on Vampiro after Mil left the ring.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A well done episode of Lucha Underground. A ton of heat was put on the heels prompting the crowd to have no choice, but boo them… They’ve done a nice job building to The Mack vs. Mundo title match. Because it has been strung out for so long, it feels very important as opposed to just being thrown out there the night it’s announced.

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