Chris Hero interview highlights – thoughts on Kevin Owens championship reign, Enzo & Cass, touring with ICP

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Chris Hero returned to talk Kevin Owens Championship Reign, Finn Balor return, Enzo and Cass, Gathering Of The Juggalos experiences, JT DUNN, and touring with ICP
On Kevin Owens winning the WWE Universal Championship – I was happy for him and the journey that he’s been on. But also I was happy for wrestling. I was happy because it’s different and it’s a new direction. I think everybody’s sick of the same old. Sometime you’ve just got to go in a different direction and they did. 

On Finn Balor – He’ll be back and he’ll be back better than ever. When you’re out with an injury you sit and think what am I going to do when I come back? He’s going to be on fire when he comes back. 

On Enzo and Big Cass – It’s so cool to see how well they’re doing and how well they’re received. The way they (the fans) respond to them is really cool. 

On the Gathering of the Juggalos – I had done the Gathering in 2010, but it was such a quick thing. I made the most of it but I was kind of in and out. I wanted to experience it man. My schedule last year was I flew in on a Wednesday, Thursday I watched as many shows as possible, but then I had PWG on Friday. So I flew to L.A. from Columbus, I wrestled for PWG, and then I got back on a plane and I flew back to the Gathering to wrestle. I got to watch ICP perform. I set off lanterns. I got on stage at the end of the ICP show, which is the craziest part. 

On Juggalos – Some people give Juggalos a bad name because they expect one certain thing. There’s shitty people in every walk of life, but for the most part Juggalos are people that back in the day had no kliq to belong to, so they started their own. I was into ICP. I got Riddle Box, I got Milenko, I got Jeckel Brothers. People had this idea in their head of what Juggalos are, and you’d go there and there’s so much love. There’s a couple of bad apples, but where aren’t there? 

On the growth of the Kevin Gill Show – This show has grown so much. I remember when you first started it. You got some good guests right off the bat, which was awesome. And then just to see how far it’s come, it’s wild.E

On JT Dunn – He liked my matches so he started emulating things that I’d done and he kind of looks like a smaller version of me, so people made the connection. He’s grown up so much, he’s matured a lot. He’s making a name for himself. 

On the Strangle-Mania Live tour – 2 Tuff Tony got injured and then a couple of guys had some ‘chemical issues’ and left the tour for personal reasons. And then myself and Hy-Zaya got put on. I’d known Mad Man Pondo for about a year and a half maybe. Pondo met me, we were on a couple of shows together. He liked some of the stuff I did so they replaced some people and I got the call.

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