ROH TV HITS & MISSES 1/28: The Young Bucks, Cole, Scurll, Robinson, Jay Briscoe, Lethal

By Mike Snoonian, PWTorch Specialist

Adam Cole (art credit Matt Charlton & Sam Gardiner © PWTorch)



The Young Bucks: During the opening match with Coast to Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali) vs. The Tempura Boyz vs. Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara, The Young Bucks come out and call out the Hardy’s while on commentary. Although they do not say anything specific about fighting The Hardy’s or when they’ll see them, it appears they are teasing something with the Hardy’s. From day one, I have loved the Hardy’s and Young Bucks’ potential angle. Whether anything does happen between the two teams is to be seen but the mere speculation of two top tag teams in two different promotions eventually meeting up is intriguing.

Adam Cole: The Adam Cole promo that followed the Young Bucks superkicking The Tempura Boyz was solid. Cole called out everyone that is a potential challenger to his ROH World Title including Dalton Castle, Bobby Fish, and whoever wins the Decade of Excellence tournament.

Marty Scurll vs. Juice Robinson (ROH Television Title Match): This was a great match and the crowd was really into this the entire time. You could tell that Scurll and Robinson were feeding off the crowd throughout. Lots of back and forth between these two before Scurll eventually lands his chickenwing submission on Juice Robinson. Give ROH credit, they are building up Scurll and getting some wins under his belt asserting him as a credible champion. After the match, Scurll declares there is an open challenge on his ROH TV Title. He wants to know where the competition is here in ROH. When he calls for competition, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Lio Rush, Johnathan Gresham. Jay White, and Donovan Dijak hit the stage before we go to a break. When we come back from break, Sabin declares that iron sharpens iron and the six of them (Sabin, Shelley, Rush, Gresham, White, and Dijak) are not afraid to battle each other for a shot to see who faces Scurll. Solid job by ROH here with this one. I look forward to seeing who gets the win in the 6-way match and who gets a shot at Scurll’s ROH TV Title.

Jay Briscoe vs Jay Lethal: I talked about the promo that was aired last week of these two in the previous Hits and Misses and how good that promo was. That promo set the stage for this match. The two guys feel each other out a lot during the beginning of the match. As the match is getting started, Adam Cole comes out on the stage to watch. Cole ends up joining Kazarian and Kelly on commentary. Cole claims he is just scouting to see who will win. What I believe fans will like about this match is the unpredictable nature of who might win. I know as I watched it, I had no clue who would win having avoided spoilers. The match ends when Briscoe avoids Lethal Injection and Briscoe gets the win with a clothesline as Briscoe now advances to the finals in the Decade of Excellence tournament. Briscoe will face Christopher Daniels in the finals of the tournament.


Coast to Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali) vs. The Tempura Boyz vs. Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara: Before anyone says, why is this in the misses category, just hear me out. There are lots of dives, flips and excitement in this one that was pure chaos throughout the match. The match itself is entertaining and served the purpose of kicking off the hour of ROH TV with a bang. Therefore, the match did its job of being entertaining. However, the match was secondary to the Young Bucks coming out on commentary and eventually promising The Tempura Boyz a shot at their ROH Titles before superkicking The Tempura Boyz. It is a good opening match but the six guys in the match played second fiddle to the bigger story of the hour which was the Young Bucks continuing to talk about the Hardy’s and Adam Cole calling out every competitor coming after his ROH World Title which is mentioned earlier in the article.

Final Thoughts

Once again, I must give ROH credit on progressing storylines and angles. It is yet to be seen what is happening with the Hardy Boys and The Young Bucks but we did get another tease of something possibly happening soon. We had a very good match with Scurll and Robinson. After Scurll won, he called for some competition which was answered by six challengers who will fight it out next week for a shot at Scurll’s title. Lastly, Jay Lethal and Jay Briscoe fought in the semifinals of the Decade of Excellence tournament. Briscoe defeated Lethal moving forward in the tournament where he will face Christopher Daniels. Hats off to ROH for another solid hour of ROH TV this week.

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