SMACKDOWN PRIMER: What to expect tonight based on what happened last week including Cena vs. Orton, Mickie James, Shane, Naomi, Tag Turmoil

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch Specialist

Naomi WWE contract set to expire soon
Naomi (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


FEBRUARY 6, 2017
By Joey Galizia (@RamJam89)


Never before have we seen Jonathon Big Match Cena versus Randall I hear voices Orton face-off in the squared circle. Wait a minute, that can’t be right. Let me rephrase… NEVER… have we seen these two fight on Smackdown Live. That still sounds wrong. LISTEN… there’s no dodging the obvious: This is a feud that has been pushed so far to its very limits that the idea of it happening again could possibly be a turn-off for some people. With that said, I’m one of the few who will always buy into Jorts vs. The Viper. You cannot have one without the other. They are the perfect balance. The light and dark side of the force, and while they haven’t always produced the greatest segments, there are a number of fantastic in-ring matches these two have had. This was addressed last week by Orton, who fresh off his Royal Rumble victory is operating at the highest of powers behind Bray Wyatt. Not only that, but the Apex Predator pinned Ol’ Johnny Boy Clean as a Whistle during the tag-match against former brother Luke Harper. The entirety of this Wyatt angle has been the best story SD has been telling, so here’s to hoping that it ends the correct way, and that the long-time chemistry between these long-time rivals shows up Walter White style.


Meanwhile, with only six days until SD’s next PPV, we need some hype for the main event. Cena will be defending his crown against the likes of The Miz, Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin, Bray Wyatt, and new bestie (SARCASM) A.J. Styles. Sounds like the perfect formula for the most watched talk-show in the history of EVER… Miz TV. I bet my unborn child that this ends with a brawl.


The last time we left our Alpha heros they were picking a fight with the entire tag division for the blue brand. With the Wyatts self-destructing there doesn’t really seem to be a suitable set of opponents for Chad Gable & Jason Jordan. Never say never, though, for this seems like the perfect time for those evil Samoan Usos to start a superkick party and reclaim their throne. Meanwhile, tonight’s show will feature all the tag-teams facing off 8 vs. 8. Let’s spice this up a bit. #teamVAUDEVILLAIN


Naomi has stepped her game up these past weeks, securing a title match against Little Miss Bliss at EC after she pinned the latter twice! While the odds of Alexa retaining her belt are certainly in her favor, I’m looking forward to a new program in the championship scene. How far will the witch go to defeat her new foe? (DAMN I GOT RHYMES.) There’s also the question of Mickie James and Becky Lynch: Will Seattle be a safe place for the Lass-Kicker to extract vengeance? Knowing how devious James is, I’d grow a third eye on my back.


-Nikki and Natty are reaching Yankee and Red Sox levels of hatred for each other. (Or Blackhawks-Blues level of hatred for you GREAT WHITE NORTHERNERS OUT THERE.) Still the best women’s feud in the company right now IMO.

-James Ellsworth has moved from officially useless to officially creepy. #saveCARMELLA

-With all the talk of general manager Shane McMahon getting into a Mania match, I expect Shano to start laying the groundwork with whomever he is feuding with TONIGHT.

Elimination Chamber is on Sunday! I’m looking forward to it… are you?

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