2/7 205 LIVE REVIEW: Best show yet with Dar vs. Cedric vs. Ali vs. Gallagher vs. T.J.P.

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch Specialist


FEBRUARY 6, 2017

Announcers: Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves, Austin Aries

Joey G here. Missed you all last week. Let’s do this thing.

Package video hyping the main event which is a Fatal Five-way between Cedric Alexander, Jack Gallagher, T.J. Perkins, Tony Nese, and Noam Dar determing who will face Neville at Fastlane for the Cruiserweight Title. (LIKE IT MATTERS)

“This is War” and we’re ready to go. Let’s hope the crowd still has some juice after John Cena vs. Randy Orton 47228947.

Austin Aries tells us that Tony Nese was injured in the Raw scuffle between the competitors and won’t be wrestling in the main event. Corey mentions that the last spot will be taken by the winner of the next match between Mustafa Ali and Ariya Daivari.

Both guys come out. Handshake.

(1) Ariya Daivari vs. Mustafa Ali

Tie-up. Ali immediately pushes Ariya into the corner. AA gives the edge to Daivari because he believes that he will do whatever it takes to seize this opportunity. Hip toss is countered by Ali into a Frankensteiner. Spinning-heel kick gets Mustafa a 2 count.

On the outside Daivari counters a suicide dive and hits Mustafa with a neckbreaker. Ref counts (10 Chants) but Ali beats it. Snapmare and forearm gets Daivari a pinfall but only for two. Ariya takes control with a headlock to wear Mustafa down.

Back on their feet and a Ariya hits a reverse DDT (Shades of Christian) then a series of forearms on Ali’s back. The two exchange forearms before Daivari NAILS Mustafa with a spinebuster but then misses a second rope frog-splash. “No water in the pool, Mauro.” (You’re better than that Corey… JK, that was great)

On the apron Mustafa hits his through-the-ropes neckbreaker for another nearfall. Ali is clearly frustrated but Mauro says he needs to not let his emotions overcome him. Daivari gets a VERY close two-count on a hammer-lock lariat combo. Back drop and Mustafa lands on his feet and catches Ariya in a gorgeous tornado DDT. Inverted 450 splash and Mustafa gets the pin.

WINNER: Mustafa Ali at 5:05.

That means that Ali joins the Fatal Five-way main event. (CHICAGO REPRESENT.)

Corey reminds us of last weeks debut of Tozawa, but says that another contender will be joining the cruiserweights soon…which means…you guessed it… HIGHLIGHT PACKAGE.

Gran Metalik video promo with clips of the CWC. Graves calls him one of the most dangerous Luchadors ever (Pentagon Jr. is breaking someone’s arm because of that statement) before we go to a commercial for Elimination Chamber (This Sunday on the WWE Network in case you didn’t know that)

Jackie Robinson ad for Black History Month (All hail 42.)

Back from break and the Golden Linx Lince Dorado is out. Mauro calls him the Sultan of the Shooting Star Press. (I mean, I guess it’s pretty good.)

His opponent is The Brian Kendrick in purple leather jacket. He has a microphone and says that he is the gatekeeper of the 205 Live show. That means that anytime they send in the clowns he is there to snuff out their dreams. (These are actual things coming out of his mouth) He does believe there is on exception: Akira Tozawa. He tells Akira that he hopes he’s watching, because he has an opportunity to become Brian’s protégé.

Anyway a match is happening YAYYYYYYYY WRESTLING.

(2) Lince Dorado vs. Brian Kendrick

Handspring by Lince. (No reason for that, but whatever works.) He takes Kendrick down with a cork-screw and Brian immediately flees the ring. On the outside Dorado hits an Asai Moonsault.

Back in the ring Kendrick hits a spin-kick and nets a one-count on a jackknife cover. He wails on Lince with forearms, an irish-whip into the corner and a WICKED back-drop. Brian charges but is met with an uppercut and some knife-edge chops. Tilt-a-world back-breaker gets Dorado back into the match. He nails a front boot, frankensteiner, and spinebuster in succession.

On the top rope he hits a crossbody, but Brian reverses the momentum and gets a two count. Aries is upset that no trunks were grabbed for momentum in the exchange. Dorado with a hand-spring stunner and another CLOSE two count. (Seriously, these nearfalls have been VERY close.)

Lince goes up for his shooting star, but Brian jumps up and tries to tear his mask off. Lince knocks him down. He goes for the Shooting Star but Kendrick gets the knees up! A two count! Immediately Brian transitions into the Bully Choke for the submission victory.

WINNER: The Brian Kendrick via submission at 6:09.

In a recap of the match Graves says Dorado has “hops” that would make Shawn Kemp jealous. (SUPERSONICS REFERENCE GRAVES SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY BE IN THE HOF.)

Aries is in the ring with Brian for a post-match interview. They both praise each other. (AWESOME.) Aries asks what made Kendrick flip-flop his opinion on Akira Tozawa. Brian says that most of the division is trash, but Tozawa is special. He and Akira have formed a bond in the last week. Kendrick invites Akira out but Tajiri’s music hits instead!

TAJIRI IS IN THE RING. GREEN MIST TO BRIAN’S FACE! BIG POP. ECW CHANTS. (Also kudos to AA for pulling an amazing disappearing act.)

They show the Green Mist in slow-motion. (Is anyone else turned on?) No but seriously that was fun.

Commercial break and NXT will have a GLORIOUS celebration of Bobby Roode’s recent NXT Title win tomorrow night. #teamROODE

Neville is backstage with Dasha. The King says tonight is someone’s opportunity to stand across the ring from him, but that’s all it is, because no matter what everyone is out of their depth. He calls out TJ for already crushing his dreams, he calls out Jack for being an embarrassment to England. He says that Mustafa reminds him of himself but that he has a long way to go. He then throws shade at Noam and Cedric for fighting over a girl. No matter what, the winner will soon be bending their knee to the KING.

Back to the announce team and Aries is upset that all of his one-on-on interviews always get interrupted. Corey says that he’s a fantastic interviewer and AA thanks him.

Jack comes out first which means it’s main event time! Noam Dar is second. Cedric Alexander is third. (Mauro reminds us that he secured the pinfall in the 6-man tag match on Raw last night while Aries says that Cedric is too fat to be in the cruiserweight division) Mustafa Ali is fourth. (He’s still selling from his previous bout. GOOD BOY) That means Mr. 8-Bit TJP is last. I apologize in advance because all the action will be difficult to cover. (JK I’m not sorry JOEY G HEEL TURN)

(3) Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Jack Gallagher vs. T.J. Perkins

Match starts and the lights awkwardly fade. (Somebody messed that up in the back) Noam starts talking trash and the other 4 nail him with fists and Cedric clotheslines him to the outside. Mauro says the last man standing will have a title shot at Fastlane and AA immediately yells at him and says this is not a last man standing match. Big drop-kick by Mustafa.

Ring gets cleared and TJP and Ali are left. Jack hits a running uppercut to Dar on the outside. TJ goes for a german but Cedric catches him with a sunset-flip cover for a 2 count. Dropkick by Alexander and it’s just he and Dar in the ring. They trade forearms. Cedric goes for the spring-board enziguri but Dar meets him with a penalty kick.

Jack rolls up Noam for a two. Gallagher counters a running attack and then back-body drops Ali onto the other 4 on the outside. Gallagher grabs William the 3rd (Umbrella), opens it and climbs to the top. Mauro mentions that there is a lot of rain in the Pacific Northwest. (MAURO GOT JOKES) Jack Marry Poppins dives onto everyone! Corey says that it is the best thing he’s ever seen! (I agree)

Back in the ring and Jack and Dar exchance hammerlocks before Noam destroys Gallaghers shin with a vicious kick. He plays to the crowd but Cedric sneaks up behind him and takes him out with a LUMBAR CHECK. Noam is eliminated!!!!

Cedric and Ali in the ring. Mustafa blocks Cedric’s finisher and hits a STANDING SPANISH FLY but only for a two count! (CEDRIC’S ON FIRE! )

TJP tries to roll up Alexander but gets hit with Cedric’s handspring enziguri. He then kicks Jack on the outside. TJ goes for a superplex on Cedric but he blocks it. As he goes to the top Noam Dar pushes Alexander’s feet and Cedric falls hard. Refs then throw out Dar since he is already eliminated.

Detonation kick by TJP and Cedric is eliminated. Graves makes a Gary Payton reference. (That’s 2 Supersonics reference making Corey the GOAT) We’re down to three!


Jack and Mustafa go at it: He sets up Gallagher for the inverted 450 but Jack moves! TJ sneaks up and takes out Ali with a cross-armbreaker submission and Mustafa taps!

Jack Gallagher and TJ Perkins are left! (Should be noted that fans are booing TJP and cheering for Jack)

TJ charges Gallagher but Jack catches him with a headbutt to the sternum. TJ responds with a drop-kick to Jack’s knee. Mauro reminds us of TJ’s phenomenal performance in the CWC. Jack gets caught in the kneebar submission in the middle of the ring! JACK ROLLS THROUGH AND GRABS THE ROPES!

TJ looks frustrated and lays into Jack with some crescent kicks. Jack’s leg isn’t holding up but he responds with another big head-butt. To the corner. Heandstand spot but Jack’s leg gives out. DETONATION KICK. HEADBUTT BY JACK. CLOSE 2 COUNT. (My goodness this is fantastic)

This is awesome chants are ringing in and they are totally deserving. Perkins goes for another Detonation Kick but Jack elbows his way out and hits another vicious head-butt. TJ is in the corner. RUNNING DROPKICK BY JACK. HE WINS IT!

WINNER: “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher at 13:05.

Fans are applauding. Corey is applauding. Jack doesn’t have time to celebrate for long. NEVILLE’S THEME HITS. The king walks out slowly and gives Jack a very dangerous looks with eyes like LASERS. He holds the title up. That’s the show.

JG FINAL ANALYSIS: Easily one of the best 205 shows since the debut episode. The entire hour was centered around the main event which was possibly the best multi-man cruiserweight match since the inclusion of the division. Kendrick furthered his program with Akira Tozawa and the return of Tajiri keeps a lot of doors open for mid-card feuds. Fantastic in-ring work aside, the levels of storytelling and character progression in the Fatal-Five Way made every guy look better afterwards: Mustafa looks solid for having had two matches, Noam added layers to his sore loser creeper personae, Cedric looked like a bona-fide superstar who only lost because of Dar’s sneak attack, and T.J. Perkins took some serious steps towards fleshing himself out as a heelish in-ring general. Gallagher, on the other hand, will finally be competing for the title and his overwhelmingly charming charisma will be a nice balance to King Neville’s murderous antics. One of the few times that I wasn’t listening to the aces commentary team because I was so blown away by what was happening in the ring. Keep it up, Purple Brand.

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