TOP FIVE LIST: The Top Entrance Themes in Pro Wrestling – Did anything get left off that absolutely belongs on the list?

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch Specialist

Bobby Roode "Glorious" - July 30, 2016 - NXT: Houston ©


These are difficult times. Our new Secretary of Education has been confirmed and the world as we know it will only get dumber. It is in these trying times that we need to challenge ourselves, and I believe that there is nothing more challenging than deciphering the art of the Entrance Theme.

What makes a great theme? Is it one that fits a character perfectly, one that strikes fear into an opponent, or is it one that is catchy and fun? Maybe all three combined? That is the conversation of today’s top 5 list, and these (IN MY OPINION) are the current gems of the WWE.


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HONORABLE MENTIONS: “Rest in Peace” (Undertaker), “Fight” (Kevin Owens), “The Future” (Asuka), “Catch Your Breath” (Finn Balor), “Worlds Apart” (Sami Zayn), “Phenomenal” (AJ Styles), “Sky’s the limit” (Sash Banks)


LOOK AT ALL THOSE FIREFLIES MAGGLE. If you’ve never been to a live event that Bray Wyatt has appeared at, you are missing out. The sight of thousands of people switching their phones to flashlight mode is as cult-like an experience one could ever have ANYWHERE let alone a wrestling show. Things being with a LOUD spliced stampede of multiple soundbites that catch us off guard even when we know he’s coming. The Cape Fear -esque character of Bray is then brilliantly displayed through a slow melody and fascinatingly addictive tempo that pours over an audience who sit in a trans-like silence. As Bray slowly approaches the ring with lantern in hand the WWE universe is treated to the horrifying lyrical mantra of the self-proclaimed God amongst men: “Catching flies…in his mouth…tasting freedom…while he dares.” Honestly watch any Bray Wyatt entrance ever…you will not hear a peep. That is an effect only a fantastic performer like the Eater of Worlds could have, and this astounding southern-gothic tune only adds to the fun.


If Bray is the devil, than Samoa Joe is the one who sends you to him. Joe has always had the reputation of being a mean mother-f$%ker and he needed a theme that was about as “hard” and serious as he is. On the first attempt C$O gave Joe an NXT debut that was much more of a Caribbean feel and DEAR GOD HARD PASS ON THAT. That was way off …LIKE WAY WAY WAYYYYY OFF. However, their second go was much more in tune (that means two things) for capturing the exact sound that Samoa needed: A couple of lion roars, a deep DEEP bass and some synthesizer ecstasy bay bay. As a fan of hip-hop, it’s hard not to imagine a strong set of bars being thrown over this theme (See Wale’s Razor Ramon freestyle as an example) because the heavy drums and repetitive beat have such swagger to it that the Submission Machine has even started to walk in tempo with his tune. The effect is simple: When Joe’s music hits it’s business time. “And cousin…business is a boomin.”


If you are unhappy with this choice then you need remember that this is only my opinion and also YOU ARE A HEARTLESS WENCH. If we are talking about a theme that perfectly encapsulates the character of a wrestler this would be Exhibit A. There is goodness out there despite the world being trapped in a horrendous political climate (discussion for another time) and Bayley is the reason for it. She’s as colorful a personality as her attire, and “Turn it up” is 100% as fun to listen to during a session at the gym (like I actually work out) as it is when she prepares to enter the ring. Now I’ve never really enjoyed pop music that uses the same generic dance beat in order to “put over” a song as the new summer DJ hit, but I will certainly dance my ass off if I hear one that is accompanied with a catchy riff or passage that gives said song pulsating life. It’s the type of entrance theme that puts a smile on my face just thinking about it. Bayley deserves just as much praise for the smile, but kudos to the masterminds behind this hit. Here it is on repeat for an hour….YOU CAN THANK ME LATER.


Now if we are talking about the importance of a great entrance theme then hop onto the WWE Network, type in NXT Takeover Dallas, and watch the excitement as nearly 10,000 fans LOSE THEIR SHIT to the debuting Shinsuke Nakamura. Long story short, Nakamura had become well-known as one of the most charismatic entertainers and in-ring performers EVER, and his initial premiere was chatted about consistently: Will they get it right? Will Shinsuke be presented as a big deal? I don’t need to answer that question… he was. HE REALLY WAS. A beautiful violin intro partnered with a gorgeous visual of strobes and flashing red beacon lights help build “Rising Sun” to a high climax before the drop comes and melts our little bleeding hearts. It also opens the doors for plenty of opportunities for layers to be added to strengthen the entrance…like OH I DON’T KNOW…A LIVE VIOLINIST. To say that the geniuses of WWE music got it right is a disservice…they knocked this one out of the park.


HAHAHAHAHAH DID YOU EXPECT ANYTHING ELSE? Need I really describe the absolute greatness that the GLORIOUS piano melody or the GLORIOUS guitar riffs create to cement this as one of the most GLORIOUS entrances not only currently, but possibly of all time? Need I bring up the GLORIOUSLY entertaining lyrics that C$O has written which begins with the word GLORIOUS? Need we remember that at NXT Takeover Brooklyn Bobby Roode ascended from the heavens and slowly was lowered into the heart and souls of the GLORIOUS fans of wrestling WHO SANG THE ENTIRE THEME EVEN AFTER IT WAS FINISHED PLAYING? There will never be enough words to really describe all of the feelings I’m feeling now. Admittedly, the Bobby Roode character is a huge corporate and womanizing prick, and I would love nothing more then to see Asuka, Sasha, Charlotte, Becky, Nia, Paige, and even ALICIAAA FOOOOOOXXXXXXX take turns kicking him in the nutsack, but man I love the guy. He is everything that wrestling needs right now, and by golly if this isn’t just the best theme of NXT, but the top thing of anything ever. I’m sorry, I’m drunk with the GLORIOUSNESS of “GLORIOUS DOMINATION.”

What do you think are the best WWE themes? Agree or disagree? Feel free to add to the discussion or you can write me on twitter @Ramjam89.

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  1. I’ve always felt Mark Henry’s theme was a dead on, perfect fit for his heel character. Him walking down in bad-ass Mark Henry mode, ‘Somebody’s gonna get their ass kicked’, I marked out (pun intended) every time.

    He should’ve been the Monster champ for a long damn time.

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