RADICAN’S 2/4 OTT “Martina’s Gaff Party 2: Dublin” review – Riddle and Dunne in action, Haskins-Andrews MOTYC, surprise debut


FEB. 4, 2017

The show began with Martina looking for the lads and her party, but she couldn’t find them anywhere in her own home. She finally ended up outside the venue and declared she had found the right place. It was announced that Matt Riddle vs. Pete Dunne wouldn’t be happening tonight due to circumstances beyond OTT’s control, but they would be both competing against mystery opponents.

Justin Shape came out to the ring to a mixed reaction. He said was a very important person and he didn’t have to answer any of the questions the audience had. He thanked the audience for being a fan. He also thanked the fans for their love. He said he had affiliations all over the OTT locker room. He then called out someone that he said he has respect for. Shape introduced his new best friends. He brought out William J. Humperdink. Humperdink came down to the ring with Logan Price. Humperdink is the son of the owner of OTT according to the commentators. All three men hugged as the fans booed. He said in December, he signed Ricochet vs. Ospreay, which he called the biggest match in OTT history. He said they were going to make this place better together. He said their decisions would be for the greater good. He said that’s why the fans wouldn’t get Riddle vs. Dunne. He said they had a meeting to make the show better. Humperdink said his old man wasn’t up for the job, which was why he was reinstated. Humperdink took credit again for signing Ospreay vs. Ricochet. The fans chanted boring at him. He said this place can no longer be a place for certain talents. The fans booed. He said they weren’t there to make things worse, they were there to make OTT great again. Martina’s music played to interrupt.

Martina came down to the ring smoking a cigarette and drinking and a beer. A big session moth chant went around the building. Martina told Humperdink to get out of her gaff party. Humperdink said they had a present for her party. They showed her the big screen to see her present. Jinny Couture was shown getting out of a car. The fans flipped her off as she walked around the ring. Couture acted like she felt sick as she continued to talk around the ring.

(1) Jinny Couture vs. Martina. They went at it as soon as the ref allowed the match to begin after Couture tried to stall before the opening bell. They went back and forth until Couture blocked a kick and drove Martina face first into the mat for a 2 count. The fans chanted Session Moth as Couture went on the attack. Martina mounted a comeback and hit a suplex for a 2 count. Couture suddenly grabbed Martina’s legs and applied a mounted submission where she was dragging Martina’s arms behind her back using her legs for leverage. Couture then turned it into a pinning combination for a near fall. Martina got up and mounted a comeback. She hit a big German and the fans fired up. Martina got a session tarantula. She drank a beer while she was upside down with Jinny tied up in the ropes. She then blew beer in Couture’s eyes. Martina hit a codebreaker a short time later. She went up top, but Couture cut her off and she got hung up in the turnbuckles. Couture slapped her and hit an x-factor out of the corner for the win.

After the match, Couture got on the mic and ran down Martina as she continued to put the boots to her. She told the fans she couldn’t understand their chants because of their stupid accents. Couture said in two years she had not only taken over the U.K, but she had taken over Europe. Couture said she was going to make Martina’s life hell.

Winner: Jinny Couture

Star rating: (**1/2) – This was a fun match. The crowd was into Martina’s act, but Couture was just too much for her in the end.

(2) Eddie Kingston vs. Justin Shape (w/William J. Humperdink). A big f—k him up Kingston chant began before the bell rang. Kingston was trying to talk to the ref and Shape jumped him from behind. Kingston eventually fired back and nailed Shape with some huge chops on the floor. Shape managed to fire back and he tossed Kingston into the ringpost to regain the upper hand as the fans booed. The action ended up back inside the ring with Shape in control. Humperdink choked Kingston on the ropes while Shape distracted the ref. Kingston fired up and told Shape to bring it. Shape hit a big forearm and Kingston spit at him. Shape managed to overwhelm Kingston with several forearms and a knee drop to the head. Kingston rolled to the floor and took his vest off and pulled down the straps on his singlet. Kingston began selling his eye a short time later. Kingston finally cut Shape off with a big STO. Kingston continued to complain to the ref about his eye. Kingston did the Kobashi chops on Shape in the corner and his chest got ref and began to bleed. Kingston hit a big chop and a belly-to-belly suplex, which fired up the crowd. Kingston hit a big suplex for a 2 count and continued to check his eye. Kingston hit a big diving forearm to the back of Shape’s head for a near fall. Shape fired back and got a cobra clutch. He then transitioned the hold and drove Kingston’s head into his knee for a near fall. That was a great combination move!

Kingston fired back and hit a big chop. They began trading chops in the center of the ring. Kingston grabbed Shape’s hand and hit a series of chops. Shape fired back with some big forearms to the jaw. He then lifted Kingston up for a twisting neck breaker for a 2 count. Kingston fired back and hit a big uranagi and a lariat. He then lifted Shape up and hit a backdrop driver. Kingston set up for a lariat, but Logan Brice ran down to the ring and hit a low blow for the DQ.
Winner: Eddie Kingston via DQ

Star rating: (***1/4) – This was a really good hard-hitting match up until the DQ, which damped things a bit, but the action was satisfying enough that I give this match a slight thumbs up.

After the match, Logan slapped Kingston across the face and put the boots to him with Shape. The Gym Nasties ran down to the ring to make the save. Sammy D dived right into the ring to help Kingston, but B. Cool hung on the outside and wouldn’t help make the save. Kingston finally recovered and cleared the ring. Sammy D. got on the mic and said he understood it was a hard month, but they could go to higher heights. He put over Kingston and the fans chanted Kingston’s name. Kingston bowed to the crowd. Sammy offered to show Kingston a nasty time. He counted the number of beers they would have as the fans did the what chant. Kingston said he was ready to get something to drink and the fans applauded. What B. Cool did was too obvious for Sammy and Eddie just to ignore it.

Tyler Bate came on the small screen in the back of the building after the match. Angel Cruz congratulated for being the WWE England Champion. He was dressed in a silver suit and has silver hair. Cruz was all excited about the prospect of tagging with Bate, but Bate blew him off and got on his phone and acted like he had to take the call. The video fired up the crowd.

(3) Mark Haskins vs. Mark Andrews. Both men shook hands before the match began. Haskins tried to hold Haskins’s shoulders down for a three count while they had their hands locked. Andrews lifted his shoulders up several times to avoid a three count. He eventually flipped Haskins off of him and they paused before going at it again. They had a great back and forth exchange. Andrews flipped over and was supposed to land on his feet, but they got caught in the ropes, so he just shot himself onto Haskins for a 2 count. Haskins went for a dive a short time later, but Andrews got out of the way. Haskins then put on the breaks and hit a quick dive through the ropes that caught Andrews by surprise and the fans went nuts and chanted OTT. Andrews blocked a kick, but Andrews simply maneuvered through and kicked Andrews using his other leg. That was slick! Haskins hit a slingshot meteora a short time later, but Andrews managed to kick out. Andrews finally mounted a comeback and hit a bulldog. He followed up with a standing moonsault. Haskins rolled to the floor and Andrews slid through the ropes when he saw Haskins roll back into the ring. Haskins went for a dive, but hung himself in the ropes when he saw Andrews get out of the way. Andrews kicked Haskins back to the floor and hit a big flip dive over the top to the floor and the fans went crazy. Holy s—t! Andrews flipped himself into the ring and went right into a standing moonsault on Haskins for a 2 count. He went up top, but Haskins popped up to his feet. They went back and forth. Haskins held onto the ropes to avoid a dropkick. He then rolled right over Andrews and lifted him into a DVD all in one motion for a near fall.

They went back and forth and Haskins lifted Andrews up, but he countered it and hit a stunner that left both men down with the fans going mental! HOLY S—T! Both men got to their knees and began trading bombs. They got to their feet and continued to trade. Haskins kicked Andrews right into the ropes into a power slam for a 2 count. As soon as Andrews kicked out. He went right into the crossface. Andrews struggled to the ropes, so Haskins went to a rings of Saturn variation. Andrews then got to the ropes with his foot to break the submission. OH MY GOD! They went at it again and traded counters. They continued to trade counters. Haskins countered a stunner, so Andrews flipped right over into sliced bread for a near fall. HOLY F—ING S—T! Andrews went for a SSP off the top, but missed. He landed on his feet and hit a standing SSP for a near fall. OH MY GOD! Andrews hit several kicks to Haskins’s head, but he fired up and yelled at Andrews. Askins lifted Andrews up and dumped him right to the mat. He then rolled over and got a bridging arm bar, but Andrews rolled him up fro a 2 count. They went back and forth again. Haskins went for a sharp shooter once again and got it! He bridged all the way over on the submission and it was good for the win! What a match!

Winner: Mark Haskins
Star rating: (****3/4) – I can’t believe this was Haskins’s first match back from an injury. This match was an absolutely incredible display of state-of-the-art cruiserweight wrestling. Haskins and Andrews built the match on a series of counter sequences and overall incredible action. The sequences actually built on each other throughout the match. For example, Andrews countered Haskins and hit a stunner at one point, but later in the match, Haskins countered another stunner only for Andrews to all in one motion flip himself over Haskins and hit a standing sliced bread. This was amazing. GO WATCH THIS MATCH NOW!

The Body Bros are out next for a promo. They call out Martina and want to apologize to her for interrupting her party last year. They say they have a gift for her and it turns out to be a big pile of fat burners. Martina goes after all three of them on her own, but the lights go out and when they come back on it’s Drew Galloway! He obliterates all three guys and cuts a passionate promo about how this is the first time he’s been back in Ireland to wrestle in 10 years. He talks about being on the independent scene in Ireland with Wade Barrett and Sheamus. He marvels at how the scene has grown so much. The fans go nuts for Galloway’s announcement that he will be in action for OTT in early April. Galloway closes the promo and heads to the back to party with Martina. That was an awesome segment. I wasn’t a fan of the fat shaming, but Galloway’s return was incredible.

Matt Riddle was out next to make his OTT debut to a deafening ovation. The lights went out and when they came on his mystery opponent was the unannounced Marty Scurll! The fans went nuts and Scurll was billed as the ROH World TV Champion.

(4) ROH World TV Champion Marty Scurll vs. Matt Riddle in a Non-Title match. They have some exchanges on the mat during the early going and Scurll got on track after slamming Riddle shoulder first into the mat. The crowd sang a song for Scurll as he went on the attack on the outside. Scurll set Riddle’s elbow up inside the ring a short time later and stomped down on it and the crowd went nuts. The crowd tried to rally behind Riddle a short time later with a bro chant to the tune of a song. Riddle tried to fire back, but Scurll hit a knee lift. Riddle slid around Scurll coming off the ropes and hit a big German and both men were down. Riddle went on the attack and hit a T-bone suplex. Riddle dead lifted Scurll out of the small package position and hit a small package driver for a near fall. Scurll hit a fake out basement superkick a short time later, but Riddle fired back with a knee lift. Scurll then countered a suplex and hit one of his own and both men were down on the mat. Scurll set up for the chicken wing, but Riddle nailed him with a head kick. They went back and forth and Scurll caught Riddle with a big clothesline for a 2 count.

Scurll then grabbed Riddle’s fingers and snapped them apart and the fans chanted you sick f—k. Scurll tried to do it again, but Riddle slid behind him. Scurll then countered and got the chicken wing. Riddle managed to roll into the ropes to break the hold. The fans sang king of the chicken wing at Scurll. Scurll measured Riddle and hit a superkick, but he no-sold it. Scurll hit another big superkick and Riddle fired up from his knees again. Scurll hit a running superkick and then jumped over the ropes and hit a superkick from the apron to the floor. Riddle fired back when they got into the ring with a series of body kicks as the fans chanted bro with each kick. Riddle blocked one and snapped his toes apart! The fans chanted you sick f—k again. Scurll then went for a Gotch and hit it, but Riddle kicked out at 1! The fans chanted Bro and Riddle went on the attack. He went for bro to sleep and connected. Riddle followed up with a jumping tombstone for a near fall! Holy s—t! Riddle went back on the attack and set up for the bromission, but Scurll fought out of it. Scurll then lifted Riddle onto his shoulders and drove him face-first into the mat. Scurll followed up with a powerbomb for a 2 count. Scurll then got the chicken wing again and Riddle had to tap out!

Winner: Marty Scurll

Star rating: (****) – This was another great match. The crowd was red hot for the back and forth action. They didn’t have a storyline to fall back on, so they relied on doing some good mat work, but they also mixed in some great counter sequences. This was really good, but I think these two have an even better match in them.

Riddle applauded Scurll after the match. Scurll got on the mic and said OTT would now be known at BroTT. The fans applauded and chanted BroTT. Scurll said he had been wrestling 12 years all around the world and he considers himself one of the best in the world. Scurll said somehow Riddle had gotten this good in 2 years. The fans applauded. Scurll said there’s no doubt in his mind that he’s one of the best in the world. Scurll said if Riddle wanted to come back to OTT, he would give him a rematch. He then asked for Riddle’s music to be played and the fans applauded. Scurll left the ring as the fans applauded Riddle.

Jordan Devlin was out next to boos. This is his return to the promotion. Mike Bailey was out next

(5) Jordan Devlin vs. Mike Bailey. Devlin spent the early part of the match trying to avoid kicks from Bailey. He finally blocked a kick and took Bailey down to the mat. They went back and forth and Bailey hit his signature back and forth kick sequence and Devlin rolled to the floor. Bailey then faked a dive and the fans applauded. Devlin slid around Bailey as he went off the ropes a short time later and hit a chop block. Devlin fired back and hit a sliding clothesline to get the upper hand. The fans chanted Demon Princess at Devlin. Bailey fired back and hit a kick to the head, but Devil hit a slingshot ace crusher a short time later. He then worked a modified ankle lock. Bailey missed two spinning kicks, but just kept going for it and he hit one on the third attempt. This is Bailey’s OTT debut. Both men were slow to get up after that big exchange. They went back and forth until Bailey hit a big spinning kick in the corner. He sold his leg and went to the turnbuckles. Bailey went for a SSP, but hurt himself landing on his feet. Bailey then hit a standing sliced bread for a near fall! Devlin blocked a kick and hit a dragon screw to get the momentum back. Bailey fired up and signaled for the crane kick. Devlin bounded off the ropes and Bailey hit the crane kick. Bailey missed a running corkscrew press and Devlin hit a suplex for a near fall!

Both men were slow to get up after that exchange. The crowd fired up and both men began trading forearms in the middle of the ring. Bailey finally hit a moonsault fall-away slam, but Devlin countered him and hit a brainbuster and both men were down. Bailey hit a springboard moonsault to the outside a short time later and the fans went nuts and chanted OTT. They battled up top and then ended up going at it again in the middle of the ring. Devlin finally hit a flying knee for a 2 count. Devlin signaled for the finish. Bailey blocked the package piledriver. Devlin went for it again, but Bailey got out of hit and hit a standing moonsault double knee strike. Bailey then hit a huge kick to the back of Devlin’s head for a near fall. Devlin ducked several kicks from Bailey, but he eventually caught him with a kick to the head. Bailey went for the shooting star knees off the top, but Devlin got out of the way and hit the package piledriver for the win.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was another really good match. The crowd was a bit flat at first, but then they really got into Bailey. Bailey sold his leg well for a stretch, but he got away from it a bit and it took the match down a notch in my eyes. Other than that complaint, this was really good and the announcers did a good job of hammering home that Devlin won clean.

The lights went out and a video played for the crowd. OTT said their biggest show ever would take place. ScrapperMania III would take place. With Ryan Smile & Will Ospreay & Ricochet known as the Uptown Funkers. Bullet Club’s music played and the fans went nuts as it was announced The Young Bucks would be there. It was then announced that Kenny Omega would be appearing with them and the fans lost their minds. This show will take place at Dublin National Stadium. These two teams will face each other at ScrapperMania III. WOW!

(6) Paul Tracy & Charlie Sterling vs. Angel Cruz & WWE U.K. Champion Tyler Bate. Bate ended up coming out to be Cruz’s partner after blowing him off in a backstage promo earlier in the show. Bate, the current WWE U.K. Champion, was over huge here. A lot of the match was based around Cruz taking a beating and Bate making the save. In the end, Bate pinned Tracy with a Tiger Driver. Sterling tried to attack Bate post-match, but was sent packing as well.

Winners: Angel Cruz & Tyler Bate
Star rating: (**) – This was fine for what it was. Bate was so over and didn’t do a lot in this match, but the crowd was pleased just to chant for him as he waited for a hot tag from Cruz.

(7) OTT No Limits Champion Pete Dunne vs. Ryan Smile. The announcers did a good job of establishing the importance of both men to OTT. Dunne has won the fans over despite being a heel and hasn’t been beaten in nearly three years. Both men faced each other on the first OTT card as well. The match began with both men hugging and Dunne suddenly hit a pedigree for a near fall and the crowd went nuts. Dunne then hit a series of German suplexes on Smile. Smile eventually mounted a comeback and they had a hard-hitting back and forth contest from that point on. They did a great spot during the second half of the match where Smile kept going for dives, but Dunne would drag security guards in the way. Smiley finally caught Dunne with a huge superkick on the apron and wiped out Dunne and a pile of men with a huge flip dive that had the crowd going nuts once again. The match felt bigger and bigger as it went on given the place of both men in the promotion and Smiley looking to final win the NWL Championship after failing several times in the past. Smiley went for a frog splash late, but Dunne dragged the ref in the way. Dunne hit a low blow and a big modified face buster. The ref slowly crawled over, but Smiley kicked out. You could see Smiley’s eyes open during the count, so they should have used a different angle for that near fall. Dunne was biting Smiley’s finger a short time later, but the ref recovered just enough to stagger between them and knocked Smiley’s hand away from Dunne’s mouth. Smiley returned the favor and hit a Canadian destroyer. He hit a double frog splash, but Dunne kicked out at the last second! He then hit another frog splash to Dunne’s back that was good for the win.

Winner: Ryan Smile to become the OTT No Limits Champion

Star rating: (****) – This was a great way to end the show and an amazing decision considering that OTT had to change the announced Dunne vs. Riddle match. The match really felt important thanks to the announcers filling in the history of OTT and how Dunne and Smile fit into it. They had some great exchanges down the stretch and I didn’t have a problem with the ref bump late.

After the match, Dunne and Smiley hugged. Dunne took what could be interpreted as a farewell bow as the crowd chanted his name. Smiley then closed the show with a great promo about what winning the title meant to him and thanked the fans for making OTT what it is today.

Overall thoughts: (9.0) – This was an awesome show from start to finish. Although the Riddle vs. Dunne match was pulled off the card, OTT made the best of it and delivered an amazing show to kick off 2017. The Andrews-Haskins match was amazing and is worth the price of the VOD alone.

When you add in the amazing Riddle vs. Scurll and Dunne vs. Smile main event, you have an amazing card. There were surprises throughout the night, as Dunne and Riddle’s opponents were mysteries. Drew Galloway showing up to make his OTT debut and delivering a blistering promo was great as well. This was an amazing show with a red hot crowd. Go find out about OTT now!

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