COLLECTIBLES COLUMN: Blackjack, Barry, and Bray: A Guide to Collecting the Windham Dynasty

By Michael Moore, PWTorch Collectibles Specialist


With his WWE World Title victory at Elimination Chamber, Bray Wyatt joined a very exclusive club: along with the Rock and Randy Orton, he became the latest third generation wrestler to capture a major world title.

Interest in Wyatt’s collectibles has fluctuated with his portrayal on WWE TV. His first autographs from 2014 Topps WWE were white hot, as was his first Mattel WWE Elite action figure. Interest has waned in his collectibles, however, as Bray has mostly been portrayed the last couple of years as a guy who talks (… and talks … and talks …) but doesn’t really do much to back it up. In addition, he’s had numerous action figures and trading cards hitting the market, with supply likely exceeding demand.

But things could change if this title run becomes the start of a new chapter for Wyatt. If he receives a sustained push and decently long title run – especially as a babyface – interest could definitely jump in his collectibles.

Wyatt has more action figures and trading cards than all of his family members, which isn’t really a surprise. Bray emerged during a time when large companies like Topps and Mattel were cranking out licensed WWE merchandise, while his father, uncle and grandfather wrestled in a much different time.

Surprisingly, there’s almost nothing out there of the respected Blackjack Mulligan. He’s never been featured in a trading card set, and despite his place in the WWE Hall of Fame, has never been featured in an action figure set from Jakks or Mattel. The closest thing to a Blackjack Mulligan figure is a Jakks two-pack of the New Blackjacks (Windham and Bradshaw) from 1997.

Here’s a quick guide to collecting the Windham-Rotunda family.

Barry Windham

Bray Wyatt’s uncle was a darling of the Apter mags in the 1980s, and one of the most respected workers of his era among ardent wrestling fans. Windham has appeared in several trading card sets over the years, dating back to 1985. His two earliest cards are from 1985 Topps WWF (pictured with Wyatt’s dad, Mike Rotundo) and 1985 Wrestling All Stars from the 1985 Wrestling Scrapbook publication. Windham has appeared in numerous WCW and WWE sets since then, most notably in 2012, when Topps included Barry’s autograph in its WWE Classic Hall of Famers series. Windham’s autograph also appears in 2016 Leaf Wrestling Signature Series.

Windham’s first action figure was in the 1990 Galoob WCW series. The basic U.S. figure has Windham in plain black trunks and can usually be found for about $15-$25 packaged or under $10 loose. The UK exclusive figure (with blue tights) is much scarcer and tough to price. Jakks included Windham in the aforementioned New Blackjacks two-pack, before making two better figures as part of its Classic WWE Superstars line. A U.S. Express-era Windham, in powder blue drunks and red and white cowboy boots, was included in the 11th series of Jakks’ Classic WWE Superstars, and a Four Horsemen-era Windham was sold in a two-pack with Ric Flair. Finally, Mattel included an Elite-style Windham figure in its Four Horsemen WWE Hall of Fame gift set, exclusive to Target. All of these figures are relatively affordable and easy to find.

Mike Rotunda

In the WWF he was Mike Rotundo and later IRS. In WCW he was Mike Rotunda, Captain Mike, Michael Wallstreet, Mr. Wallstreet and eventually VK Wallstreet. The majority of all of Rotunda’s merchandise has him in his familiar IRS suit and tie.

Like Windham, Rotunda’s first card is from the 1985 Topps WWF set (as Mike Rotundo).  He also appeared in his Varsity Club gear in the 1988 NWA Wonderama set, and then as Mr. Wallstreet in the 1990 WCW set from Impel. He has appeared in almost all of his personalities in recent WWE sets from Topps. His autograph is actually relatively tough to find; Topps last produced a certified autograph of IRS in its 2012 WWE Heritage set.

Rotunda’s only action figures have him in his IRS persona. Hasbro, Jakks and Mattel have all made fairly similar figures of IRS, which are pretty easy to find.

Bo Dallas

Bray’s baby brother has plenty of T-shirts, trading cards and action figures from the last few years. Almost all of them are very cheap and easy to find. Dallas has an autographed relic card in 2015 Topps WWE Undisputed that can usually be found for under $10. Bo’s best action figure is a Mattel WWE Elite Series 36 that has him in white wrestling gear and a removable black “Bo-lieve” T-shirt.

Bray Wyatt

Before he became the leader of his own cult-like family, Wyatt had a forgettable run on WWE television as Husky Harris, a member of the Nexus. His earliest appearance as Husky Harris can be found in the 2010 Topps WWE Platinum set, which features several different colored parallels. Some sellers have dubbed this Wyatt’s “rookie card” on eBay, but collectors don’t appear to be biting. Harris is also featured in the extremely popular but tough to find 2011 Florida Championship Wrestling trading card set.

As Wyatt, he debuted in 2014 Topps WWE and 2014 Topps WWE Chrome. Since then, Wyatt has been featured in every WWE trading card set, including plenty of autographs, relic cards and more. One of his coolest autographs is from the newly released 2017 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania product, which has a picture of Bray against a colorful background and is signed on-card. These cards can usually be found in the $15-$25 range, depending on the color variation and serial numbering.

Wyatt also has plenty of action figures. In 2014, no figure was hotter than Wyatt’s first Elite toy, which was figured in Mattel WWE Elite Series 28. It has bray in a black shirt and white pants, with a removable hat and Hawaiian shirt. That figure can still be found for around the original $20 price. But if you want Bray’s rocking chair, you’ll have to buy one loose for $15, or purchase an Erick Rowan Mattel WWE Elite Series 29 figure for around $30-$35.


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