3/15 NXT TV REVIEW: Robert Roode defends against Kassius Ohno, plus Authors of Pain, Nikki Cross, William Regal

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor


MARCH 15, 2017

[Q1] Pre-credit package on the short built to Kassius Ohno facing Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship. With Shinsuke Nakamura getting his title match at Takeover: Orlando, I will be happy with any match outcome here, whether it results in Roode – Nakamura, Ohno – Nakamura, or a Triple Threat match.

The Ealy Brothers come out for a match. Last week they got jumped by the Authors of Pain. Inset promo fromt he twins challenging The Authors of Pain.

(1) THE EALY BROTHERS (GABRIEL & URIEL EALY) vs. NXT Tag Team Champions THE AUTHORS OF PAIN (AKAM & REZAR w/Paul Ellering) – Non-Title Tag Team Match

Gabriel immediately brings the fight to Rezar and brings him to the corner and tags in Uriel. Clothesline from Rexar puts Uriel to the mat, then a headbutt to Gabriel’s chest stuns him. Tag to Akam, Super Collider. The Last Chapter, end match.

WINNERS: The Authors of Pain in 1:23.

Post-match, Paul Ellering says that The Revival are the next names in his book of destruction. Ellering says that he created the algorithm for tag team greatness, and AOP are his pick for greatness. #DIY’s music interrupts. Ellering has to hold AOP back from getting physical with #DIY. Ciampa mocks Ellering’s promo style and says he doesn’t know what an “algorithm” is, neither goes Gargano. Gargano says that wha t#DIY and the audience know, is that #DIY can beat AOP. Ciampa says that The Revival saved AOP and they would be champions. They want to see AOP destroy The Revival, but they deserve a fair rematch. On cue, The Revival’s music comes in. Dawson reminds AOP of when they got nailed with a Shatter Machine. Wilder says they never should have lost the titles. They talk themselves up. Dawson doesn’t care who Ellering has managed, they are the greatest tag team of all time.

William Regal makes a rare appearance. He teases the Triple Threat match. The audience wants it. He books it for Takeover: Orlando. Then he puts a spin on it to make it a Tag Team Triple Threat Elimination Match.

[ J.J.’s Reax: That’s going to be a lot of moving parts in one ring. ]

Vignette with lots of machinery for the “Heavy Machinery” team.

[Q2] Video package on Asuka. She’s lounging in a sun dress outside. Then clips of her in matches, and portions of her promos. “There is no ‘women’s revolution’ there is only Asuka.” It should be called “Asuka’s title” and “Asuka’s division.”

Macey Estrella is out to make her debut. She’s dressed in a skimpy version of 1930’s Hollywood style. Very unique look. Apparently she used to be an MP in the Marine Corp. She’s facing Nikki Cross. Sanity accompanies Cross to the ring.


Cross immediately takes Estrella to the corner, and the ref needs to break her off. Cross throws Estrella to the mat by her hair. Big right from Estrella, but Cross retailiates with a cross body. Spinning neckbreaker from Cross. And again. And then two more. The ref checks on Estrella as Nigel McGuinness calls for security. Cross with another neckbreaker, and a cover.

WINNER: Nikki Cross in 2:30. Too bad we didn’t get to see more from Estrella, but Cross needs wins and credibility in the ring.

Tye Dillinger and No Way Jose suddenly rush the ring to extract revenge for last week. Sanity’s numbers easily overwhelm them. Young stands over them and blames Dillinger and Jose for their current woes.

Another vignette for our new mystery wrestler from last week. Religious undertones. No name or debut date.

[Q3] Follow up on last week, when Ember Moon beat Billie Kay and Kay appeared to be hurt. “Earlier this week” at the performance center. But in the background, Andrade Almas bulies Ho Ho Lun, but Oney Lorcan intervenes. Backstage with Lorcan. He says that he hates bullies. He says he doesn’t know Lun well, but he doesn’t deserve being bullied. Lorcan challenges Almas. The announces then say that they are booked for next week, as well as Sanity in the ring against No Way Jose, Roderick Strong, and Tye Dilligner.

Quick backstage with Kassius Ohno on his way to the ring to square off with Bobby Roode. He seems confident. A short interview with Bobby Roode, who just tears down Ohno. Shinsuke Nakamura is shown backstage watching on a monitor. He’s dressed to wrestle and doesn’t have his shirt on. Foreshadowing of a run in? Just an accident of the taping schedule? Or does Nakamura just hate wearing shirts?

(3) BOBBY ROODE vs. KASSIUS OHNO – NXT Championship Match

Strangely there’s a dueling chant for Roode and… Nakamura. Quick cover from Ohno for two, then another for two. Backslide for two. Roode ducks into the corner and Nakamura looks perplexed. Roode rolls outside. Roode hits Ohno then seems to regret it. Shouldr block from Ohno, Roode leapfrogs too early letting Phno go to strikes. Ohno continues to dominate heading to break.

[ Break ]

Roode is on the attack after the break. Roode starts to wear Ohno down. Clubbing blow from the second rope gets Roode a pair of two counts. Wild blow from Ohno gets him some room to recover, but he runs into a back elbow, then takes an elbow drop and a knee drop for two.

[Q4] Ohno finally buys himself enough time to recover from Roode’s attack, but then gets sent out of the ring again.

[ Break ]

Roode continues to wear Phno down. Roode wants the Glorious DDT, but Ohno counters with a suplex. The ref starts a double count. Big blows from Ohno. Low dropkick then Ohno kips up. Ohno clobbers Roode with the Cyclone Boot but Roode kicks out at the last moment. Ohno with a senton, but Roode gets knees up, then a backstabber for a nearfall. Kicks out of the corner stun Roode, then a cravat into a blockbuster off the turnbuckle earn Ohno a nearfall. Roode counters a rolling elbow with a spinebuster and a cover. Roode looks like he wants to end it, but Ohno fights out and nails the rolling elbow. Roode is knocked out, but he falls out of the ring. Ohno drags Roode into the ring then lands a senton, cover and Roode barely kicks out. Ohno takes off his elbow pad, but Roode slips out, Ohno gets caught on the top rope, Glorious DDT for the win.

WINNER: Bobby Roode in 17:48. Good showing for Kassius Ohno, getting to hit a variety of his moves, and holding his own against Roode. Roode continues to win cleanly and look strong.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Jose/Strong/Dillinger feud with Sanity continues to not feel like it is leading to anything important, with yet another match next week that is not designed to actually settle things once and for all. Obviously this is heading to Takeover, but the frequent reptition of “been there, done that” of attacks and matches is not helping this feel like it is moving forwards. There was a definite lack of undercard action tonight, but the long, well done main event made up for it.

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