NEWS ITEMS: Mauro comments on absence, Undertaker on camera gives a pep talk to college football team, Jerry Lynn update

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Undertaker (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


-Jerry Lynn is working at the WWE Performance Center as a guest trainer. Lynn, a former ROH Champion who did some stellar work in ECW and WCW, started his career working a series of classic indy matches in Minneapolis with Sean “X-Pac” Waltman back when Waltman wrestled as Lightning Kid. He arguably has the best body of in-ring work of any wrestler the last 30 years who didn’t ever have a great run of top money earning years. (SOURCE:

-Mauro Ranallo, who missed the two episodes of Smackdown, finally resurfaced on social media today. He thanked people for supporting him via Twitter. He missed last week’s show because of the East Coast snow storm, and warned ahead of time on Twitter that weather could impact his appearing. This week, though, Smackdown host Tom Phillips said he missed the show because he was sick. Mauro, usually very active on social media, had been silent for over a week. He wrote today, after nearly 11 silent days: “I’m deeply touched by your tweets of support. My doctor wants me to stay off social media for now but I wanted to thank you.” That message indicates he is dealing with a heath issue. He has battled depression since he was a teenager, which may or may not be what caused his absence this week.

-Undertaker spoke at a Texas Longhorns practice yesterday. You can watch it HERE. You can read USA Today’s transcript of his speech HERE. You might notice a bit of a limp as he walks up to the team to speak.

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