NEWS ITEMS: Lawler defends JBL, A.J. Lee on Punk-UFC, Kane details decision to run for office, Justin Roberts on Triple H looking out for himself, more

A.J. Lee (photo credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


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•Kane Talks About His Decision To Run For Mayor Of Knox County, Tennessee: CLICK TO READ

•Justin Roberts Talks Triple H Looking Out For Himself, His New Book: CLICK TO READ

•Jerry Lawler defends JBL: CLICK TO READ

•A.J. Lee Talks About If She’ll Ever Return To The Ring, Violent Childhood, CM Punk’s UFC Fight: CLICK TO READ

•X-Pac Talks With Adrian Street About Randy Savage And Fanny Packs: CLICK TO READ

•Raven talks about the end of Goldberg’s streak, his U.S. Title loss to Goldberg: CLICK TO READ

•Eric Bischoff says marketing pro wrestling to kids and adults at same time is too wide a gulf to bridge: CLICK TO READ

•Tony Schiavone Relives The Terror Of Halloween Havoc 1992: CLICK TO READ

•Referee recalls refereeing Shawn Michaels vs.. Undertaker at WrestleMania 25: CLICK TO READ relaunched this month with breaking news from wrestler interviews on podcasts plus in-depth reports on wrestling personality hosted weekly podcasts. Check it out. Volunteer to help!

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