NEWS ITEMS: Justin Roberts responds to Peter Rosenberg downplaying WWE bullying culture, former WWE wrestlers tell more JBL bulling stories, plus Heyman, X-Pac, Prichard

Justin Roberts - former WWE ring announcer


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•Justin Roberts responds to Peter Rosenberg’s claims, discusses how WWE can change their culture:. Excerpt: ““I don’t know him at all, and it’s embarrassing listening to how he was drinking the Kool-Aid, and defending the company on something he knows nothing about. He really doesn’t. When you’re a guest, and you come from ESPN, someone like him, someone like Sam Roberts, the company really likes those guys. And they work for outside media companies, and the company takes care of them and they treat them well, like ‘hey, do you want to come do this, hey do you want to come do that?’ They let them come in and do what they do, but” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE HIGHLIGHTS

•Shawn Daivari and Ken Anderson Talk JBL, How Wrestlers Stopped His Bullying. Excerpt: “John came [backstage] and just picked me as his target. A bunch of people weren’t watching [his main event match from backstage], and he goes, ‘Shawn Daivari doesn’t need to watch the main event! Shawn Daivari knows everything about everything in wrestling! Shawn doesn’t have to watch the main event! He’s good, he’s got it!’ And I said, ‘No. You’ve been doing the same match 17 nights in a row. I can call every single move you did, I can tell you exactly what happened, I can tell you what heat you did to the crowd to get them involved, I’ve seen it! No, I don’t need to watch it tonight!'” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE HIGHLIGHTS

•X-Pac talks signing autographs while living in his car, why he didn’t reach out to friends: CLICK HERE TO READ

•Kurt Angle reveals who gave him his best matches, who he wants to wrestle on the WWE roster, Roman Reigns: CLICK HERE TO READ

•Velvet Sky Says Whether She’ll Ever Join WWE, Life After Impact: CLICK TO READ HERE

•Paul Heyman Recalls ECW’s First Pay-Per-View 20 Years Later: CLICK TO READ HERE

•Wrestling With The Prichard Show: A New Weekly Companion Piece To Bruce Prichard’s “Something To Wrestle With” (For Episode 39): CLICK HERE TO READ


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