4/18 205 LIVE REPORT: One of the worst episodes yet, headlined by sloppy TJP vs. Aries match, plus Nese vs. Tozawa, Ali vs. Daivari

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributory


APRIL 18, 2017

Announcers: Tom Philips, Corey Graves


Show opens with a highlight from last weeks Raw, where Lord Neville told T.J. Perkins that he needs to revaluate his choices, because ever since 205 premiered T.J. has fallen down the rabbit hole and been overlooked by the WWE Universe. Since then Perkins has gone on a 3 match winning streak defeating Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher. Tonight, A.A. looks to get some revenge.

“Hail the Crown.” (ZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzZz)

Tom Philips and Corey Graves welcome us to Louisville and prepare us for a night of classic cruiserweight action. (Graves blazer is ON POINT.)

First out is Akira Tozawa, which means it’s time for some life lessons!!! Highlights are shown from last week’s 205 where Tozawa cost Brian Kendrick his match against Mustafa Ali by disguising himself as a member of the camera crew.

His opponent is the premier athlete Tony Nese. (I bet $1000 that Nese poses at least 3 times in this match.)


(1) Tony Nese vs. Akira Tozawa

Tie-up. Hammerlock. Nese poses! (That’s one.) The two exchange blows, Tozawa gains the upperhand with a stiff right hook but Nese slides out of the ring. Tozawa chases him back inside, takes him down with a dropkick and his screaming senton.

Tozawa goes for a suicide dive but Nese cuts him off with a vicious shoulder block and takes full control. He wears Tozawa down with some rest holds.

Brian Kendrick comes out and stands at ringside, cheering on Tony Nese like a manager. Nese holds up Tozawa in a delayed suplex and poses whilst doing it! (THAT’S TWO.) He drops Tozawa right off the top rope, and covers him. Two count.

Standing torture rack by Nese. Goes for the delayed suplex again but Tozawa counters and hits a frankensteiner. Suicide dive by Akira right in front of Kendrick. Brian does nothing. Back in the ring Tozawa hits a bicycle running knee and gets a close two count. Nese gains the upper-hand and lays Tozawa on the ropes. Kendrick goes to kick him, but the ref sees and Brian stops!! Nese gets angry and Akira rolls him up in the confusion!

WINNER: Akira Tozawa in 6:16 (I OWE SOMEONE $1000)

Afterwards Kendrick tries to apologize to Tony Nese, but an angered Nese lays Brian out. Akira gets on the mic: “Lesson #3 Brian. You need to have eyes in the back of your head.” (This angle has been going on for so long that I’m actually starting to like it.)

Graves thinks that this disrespect has gone on long enough, but Philips says he’s going to write these helpful Tozawa tips down.

Commercial break for Payback. It’s hyping the big showdown between Roman Reigns and my personal hero Braun Strowman.

Rich Swann is out. His charisma is oozing. (Every week this guy comes out he seems like he’s having more and more fun.) Unfortunately, we are shown last weeks exploding box segment between Swann, Alicia Fox, and Noam Dar.

Swann gets on the microphone and tells Alicia she’s had a week to think things over. Noam Dar immediately comes out and says that last week was the most humiliating day of his life. He calls Swann a stinking little rat for interfering in his relationship. (Much like he did with Cedric, OOOOOOOO KARMA.) This brings out Alicia Fox. (Her theme song is the worst thing I’ve ever heard.) She gets on the mic and tells Dar that she thought he was going to be the future of 205 live, but as she got to know him she realizes that she was wrong. Alicia then admits that she has been using him all along. (Crowd is doing WHAT chants because why not.) She also admits that she HATES when he says her name. “Get out of here, we’re through.” Noam looks crushed. He walks out of the ring broken hearted. This leaves Swann and Alicia in the ring. Alicia thanks him for all the gifts. Swann says they all came from the heart. Alicia leans in for a kiss, Swann puts his hand up. He asks if Alicia remembers Cedric Alexander. (OMG they’re actually doing this.) He says that Cedric was his friend, and she broke his heart. Swann says now the whole entire world knows what type of girl Alicia Fox is. He then leaves.

Graves calls Swann a hypocrite. Alicia snaps at the audience, and entices them to continue the WHAT chant. (I’ll give her credit, at least she was playing the audience correctly in the moment.)

Commercial Break. I won’t tell you what it’s for because my brain needs time to recovery from that pointless storyline.

Mustafa Ali comes out for our next matchup. Graves calls him a highflying specialist and Philips reminds us about Drew Gulak’s attempts to tone Ali down for safety reasons. His opponent his a repackaged Ariya Daivari who is now rocking a rich AF look, with gold chains, satin shirts. Video package shows Daivari arriving in a brand new corvette. (It’s yellow.)

Philips wonders where all the money comes from. Graves says it probably comes from family. “That’s why you stay in touch with family, to exploit them!” (Cold Corey. Cold.)

(2) Mustafa Ali vs. Ariya Daivari

Ali takes Daivari down. Daivair seems disgusted and wipes himself off everytime Ali even touches him. Shoulder block. Headlock. Ali catches Daivari in a cradle pin but only gets a two.

After a few nearfalls each Daivari lands a stiff kick to the gut. Ali responds with a dropkick sending Ariya to the outside. TOPE CON HILO by Ali. (He got some great height.)

Both men move to the apron where Daivari hits a backdrop which hurts Ali badly. He works him over with a few kicks. Ali goes for a tornado ddt but Daivari catches him with a spinebuster! Cover and a two count.

Spinning heel kick by Ali. He starts his comeback with some running clotheslines and a frankensteiner. He catches Daivair flush with a crescent kick and then his trademark rolling neckbreaker. Another pin but only for two.

Both men up on the top turnbuckle. Daivari blocks the move but Ali lands on his feet and hits another dropkick. This sets Daivari up perfectly for the inverted 450. Drew Gulak comes out with a protest sign and a megaphone. This distracts Ali, allowing Daivari to hit his hammerlock-clothesline finisher for the win.

WINNER: Aryia Daivair in 9:21

Ali is upset, and Ariya and he have a staredown that could mean this feud isn’t over.

Dasha is backstage with Drew Gulak asking him what his deal is. Gulak says that the future of 205 live is safety, and that with his dedication and determination, he’ll achieve that goal.

Commercial for NXT hyping the cage match between Eric Young (who is a huge Predators fan GO BLACKHAWKS.) and Tye Dillinger.

MAIN EVENT TIME! T.J. Perkins is out first. His intro really seems out of place now considering he’s a bad guy now, but alas I do still like the visuals. Tom Philips wonders if T.J. realizes that he’s being used, but Graves insists that T.J. also expects something from Neville. (Interesting.)

A.A. comes out. He has his signature fur coat on, but looks focused for this fight.

Ref asks both men to shake. T.J. spits in his hand and offers it. A.A. slaps it away.

(3) Austin Aries vs. T.J. Perkins

Perkins immediately flees the ring. (MIND GAMES MAGGLE.) Aries patiently waits for him to return. Aries takes early control with a deep arm-drag.

Perkins catches Aries in a corkscrew…and he Dabs. Austin transitions and goes for the last chancery but Perkins slides away and again leaves the ring.

Aries takes out Perkins with his bottom rope suicide dive and then a LOUD knife-edge chop. Back in the ring he goes for the 450 but Perkins pushes the ropes sending Aries down hard on the mat.

Perkins wears down Aries with powerslams, stomps, and a one foot pin attempt whilst dabbing. (The crowd just cannot get behind this guy, even as a heel.) Butterfly-lock by Perkins. Standing tumbleweed attempt but Aries moves and begins his comeback. Running forearm, gutbuster, and the pendulum elbow nets Aries a two count. Aries uses the middle rope and lands a neckbreaker. He goes up again for the 450 but Perkins moves. A.A. lands on his feet but he tweaks his knee. Perkins takes advantage and locks on the knee-bar! Aries gets to the ropes.

Back on their feet and both dudes are just laying into each other with elbows, forearms, chops, and fists. A.A. goes for the discus forearm but T.J. catches him in a gutbuster. (The move was botched but that’s what it was suppose to be.) Detonation kick attempt but Aries shifts his weight and lands another stiff shot. He finally lands the 450. Cover but T.J. gets his foot on the ropes. Last Chancery, but because of the damage to his knee he can’t fully lock it on. Perkins slides out of the ring. Aries sends him back in but walks right into the detonation kick! NO! A.A. blocks it and connects with the discus 5-arm for the victory.

WINNER: Austin Aries in 12:19

Neville comes out post-match. He charges the ring and goes right after A.A. The two exchange blows but Aries gets the upper-hand and locks in the Last Chancery. T.J. breaks it up and he and Neville lay a beating on Austin. Perkins hits the detonation kick and Neville locks on the Rings of Saturn.

JG FINAL ANALYSIS: A fantastic closing segment will get overlooked by one of the worst 205’s to date. It seems that the formula for the show is to open with an entertaining match or angle, and then immediately transition into their B or C storylines. Those storylines, unfortunately, are not strong enough to garner audience participation, and by the time the main event comes along the crowd is either over the show or leaving the arena. Even Austin Aries was having an off night as he and T.J. Perkins put together a very sloppy main event that lacked heat, psychology, or stakes of any kind. The aforementioned postmatch segment saw T.J. and his mentor Neville put a vicious beating on A.A. as they inch closer to their Payback rematch for the Cruiserweight Championship. That angle was literally the only thing that the crowd, and myself, were interested in.

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