COLLECTIBLES COLUMN: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Action Figures of Randy Savage

By Michael Moore, PWTorch Collectibles Specialist


Randy Savage was a major part of WWF toy lines from LJN and Hasbro in the 1980s and 1990s, and arguably an even bigger part in WCW toy lines from 1995 to 2000. Then he disappeared for more than a decade.

Jakks Pacific made WWF/WWE action figures from 1996 to 2009, but never once produced a toy of the “Macho Man.” That finally changed in 2011, when Mattel included Savage in its WWE Legends Series 5 set. Since then, Mattel has produced dozens of figures of Savage that span most of his career. A new Mattel WWE Defining Moments action figure of Randy Savage was released just days ago, which captures the “Macho Man” in his WrestleMania III attire and has drawn rave reviews from fans and collectors.

“The overall production of the figure is great,” said Jef Toon, cohost of the Fully Poseable Wrestling Figure Podcast. “The robe is spot on; the packaging with his studded robe design in the back is also terrific. One other thing I really like is the photo they have on the side of the package of ‘Macho’ with the (Intercontinental) belt.”

Toy companies have been making Randy Savage toys for more than 30 years – many of which are great, a few of which are awful and some of which are … well … just weird. Here’s a look at 10 memorable “Macho Man” toys.

The Best

  1. LJN WWF Wrestling Superstars Series 3. There’s nothing particularly flashy about Savage’s first action figure, and it doesn’t come with the sort of detailed accessories that kids and collectors of today love. But it perfectly captures the “Macho Man” during his run as Intercontinental Champion, with pink trunks with white stars, yellow boots, sunglasses and a classic 1980s headband.
  2. Hasbro WWF Series 1. Released in 1990, this figure presents Savage during his WWF World Title run from 1988 to 1989. It’s similar to his LJN figure in that he’s dressed in orange shorts with white stars, yellow boots, sunglasses and an orange bandana. It also features one of the best looking packages in the history of wrestling toys, as the card shows a striking picture of Savage pointing at the camera while his sequined robe sparkles. Loose figures are easy to find for $10-$15, while mint-on-card figures can command upwards of $200.
  3. Toy Biz WCW Power & Beauty Two-Pack (with Elizabeth). Most of Savage’s WCW figures were utterly forgettable, which is the case with most WCW figures. But this two-pack of figures is kind of cool in that it presents the NWO version of the “Macho Man” with his longtime manager Elizabeth, who is decked out in her bad girl NWO gear. It’s an easy set to find for around $35 packaged or $10-$15 loose.
  4. Mattel WWE Legends Series 5. Collectors waited … and waited … and waited for a modern day Randy Savage action figure. Mattel finally rewarded longtime collectors with the company’s first “Macho Man” figure in 2011. In many ways it’s an updated version of his early LJN and Hasbro figures: orange trunks with white stars, yellow kneepads and yellow boots. It’s also got some really cool removable accessories: orange bandana, sunglasses and that classic purple “Macho Man” T-shirt. Mattel has since made many more great Savage figures, but this one is still a favorite of many collectors. Loose complete figures typically sell for $30-$35, while packaged figures sell in the $60-$70 range.
  5. Mattel WWE WrestleMania VII Defining Moments. In 1991, Savage carried Ultimate Warrior to arguably the second best match of his career at WrestleMania VII. In 2011, Mattel commemorated that match with two exceptionally detailed Defining Moments action figures of Warrior and Savage. The Savage figure is dressed in purple and white gear, including a faux leather jacket and cowboy hat. This is many collectors’ absolute favorite figure of the “Macho Man.” This past spring, listeners of the Fully Poseable Wrestling Figure Podcast voted this figure the winner in a field of 64 figures.
  6. Mattel WWE WrestleMania III Defining Moments. This brand new figure has been getting rave reviews ever since Mattel released promotional images last year. The figure captures Savage in his WrestleMania III attire: light pink trunks with white stars, yellow boots, removable headband and sunglasses. In addition, the figure comes with one of the coolest accessories Mattel has ever produced: A sparkly purple robe with faux fur trim, and a big blue star with “Macho Man” on the back. You should be able to find one of these figures at your local retail store for under $30.

The Worst

  1. Hasbro WWF Series 5. Hasbro didn’t miss very often when it came to its WWF toy line, but this stinker was certainly a miss. The figure has Savage in a green cowboy hat and a hideous white and yellow jacket, with hard plastic fringe that looks more like wings. It wasn’t a very good time for Savage, as Vince McMahon was trying to push him out of the ring and into the commentary booth. It’s just a bad figure overall.
  2. OSFTM WCW Tag Team Wrestlers. In 1997, The Original San Francisco Toy Makers (OSFTM) company produced a Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage two-pack to capitalize on the popularity of the New World Order. Unfortunately, the figures were just repaints of older figures. Savage’s bright yellow gear was replaced with black and white, and all of Hogan’s attire was painted black with a simple white NWO logo. What makes this two-pack even worse is that the packaging uses stock photos of babyface Hogan and Savage from 1995. Even the bios on the back are several years old and don’t even mention the NWO.
  3. Toy Biz WCW Bruisers. In 1999, after his run in the NWO was over, Savage returned to WCW with a new look. He was dressed all in black with slicked back hair, and accompanied by Gorgeous George. Toy Fair made quite a hideous figure of this incarnation of the “Macho Man” that looked more like “Hunchback” Randy Savage. Mattel offered up a much better version of this figure earlier this year in the Walmart-exclusive Then Now Forever line.

The Weirdest

  1. Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ninja Superstars Series 1. Did you ever wonder what the Ninja Turtles would look like as pro wrestlers? No? That’s OK, Playmates has the answer anyway. In late 2016, the company released a set of four TMNT/WWE action figures, including Michelangelo as “Macho Man.” He’s dressed in Savage’s usual trunks and boots combo, along with sunglasses, a headband and that purple “Macho Man” shirt. This isn’t Savage’s worst figure; heck, it’s better than the majority of his WCW toys.

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