7/4 WWE 205 LIVE REPORT: Titus Worldwide visits 205, Neville vs. Dorado, Swann vs. TJP, Gallagher vs. Nese

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributor


JULY 4, 2017

Announcers: Vic Joseph, Corey Graves

JG here. I’m not Samoan, but I’ll CHOKE YOU OUT.

Show opens with a hyped Titus O’Neil (in fedora) rummaging around backstage on the phone with his favorite client, Akira Tozawa. He runs into Ariya Daivari and compliments his shirt for being so fancy, and then sees Mustafa Ali and says that he could be a Muhammad Ali if he signs with Titus World-Wide. (May now be known as TWW.) Titus hangs up with Akira (who is in Japan) and starts doing his signature AHHH chants.

“Hail the Crown.” This song should be banned in America.

Graves and Joseph welcome us to the show. They run down tonight’s card that includes Jack Gallagher vs. Tony Nese, and T.J. Perkins vs. Rich Swann.

C.E.O. of TWW Titus O’Neil comes down to the ring. (The mat is matching Titus’s shirt, which is blood red.) Joseph reminds us that the cruiserweight title match is now on the pre-show.

Titus gets on the microphone and begins to sell the ever loving sh– out of the bout between Neville and Tozawa. He says that Neville is no match for THE POWA OF TOZAWA.

This brings out the champ. Neville calls Titus a charismatic leader, but that all of his tough talk is fantasy, a cruel facade. Neville has a video clip prepared: “This is what happens when you are a client of TWW.” The clip is from last night’s Raw, and shows Braun Strowman destroying Apollo Crews. Neville says that Titus fed one of his clients to the Monster, and it’s going to happen again. (Crowd starts chanting “You’re Not Strowman”). Neville goes on to say that Titus doesn’t actually care about Akira Tozawa, but the money that he could make from him. Neville finished with Titus by giving him two choices: He could either call the match off on Sunday, or he can sit at the commentary table and watch Neville murder Lince Dorado tonight on 205. That match is next.

Graves and Joseph welcomes Titus to the commentary table as Lince Dorado makes his way to the ring. Corey compares Titus and TWW to the likes of Dana White or Don King.

Match begins.

(1) Neville vs. Lince Dorado

Tie-up. Headlock takedown by Neville. On commentary Titus talks about how he treats all of his clients like family, and his purpose for sticking around tonight is to scout out Neville for his boy Akira. Joseph tries to shift focus back to the match, to which Titus asks, “Sir what’s your name again?” Vic tells him his name, somewhat crushed from the exchange. Titus then wonders why Vic didn’t introduce himself. Corey agrees. (LOL)

Meanwhile Lince and Neville trade waist-lock sequences. Lince flips Neville and opens up with chops. Momentum shifts them to the outside where Lince hits a frankensteiner off the apron. Neville evades a charging Lince who hits the steel steps hard. Neville then drags Lince to the commentary table and slams his head right in front of Titus.

Back in the ring Neville powerbombs Dorado, and then locks in the rings-of-Neville.

WINNER: Neville by submission in 5:00.

Titus says that Neville is going to be a tough challenge, but he will be overcome. Graves sings Neville’s praises, and hopes that Akira Tozawa can hang on Sunday. Titus yells to Neville that this is his last day as champ.

Backstage T.J. Perkins and Swann are talking. Swann wonders why T.J. requested a match with him tonight. T.J. says that he’s trying to transform himself back into the C.W.C. T.J. Perkins, and that it’s just a little friendly competition. Swann smiles and nods, and says that no matter who faces him tonight, T.J.P. or T.J. Perkins, HE CAN’T HANDLE THIS.

Commercial break for Great Balls of Fire’s main event: Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. This has been one of my favorite video promo’s in a while. (Paul Heyman’s voice over dubstep sounds DOPE.)

Back from break and Tony Nese is out flexing his way to the ring. Highlight of Nese’s last match with Jack Gallagher two weeks ago when Tony pretended to be injured and stole a victory. (Considering that they are facing each other again, I’d assume that this will be going on for a while. GREAT.)

Jack Gallagher comes out, and yes, his trusty umbrella is with him. Highlight of last week’s 205 when Brian Kendrick beat down Gallagher with an umbrella of his own.

(2) Jack Gallagher vs. Tony Nese

Tie-up. Nese flexes. Graves says that Tony hasn’t had a hot dog in 8 years, which is why he looks so good.

Test of strength leads into a crucifix pin-attempt by Jack. Nese tries to escape but Jack continues to hold the crucifix in leading to several pin attempts. Jack snags on a headlock which Tony breaks by dropping him on the ropes. He then opens up with mounted strikes, followed up by a vicious running shoulder.

Graves says that this match could have title implications. (Thanks for trying Corey.) Tony does his new stomping spot where he does sit-ups at the same time. Tony then sets up Jack for a Samoan drop but locks into some type of submission from it.

Jack begins working his comeback, landing strikes and then locking in an armbar. Tony escapes and tries to powerbomb Jack but Jack transitions into a sunset-flip pin! Two count! Tony Goes for his signature spring-board moonsault and misses but then “hurts” his leg. (Repeating the spot of their last match.)

The ref pushes Jack back as Tony charges but Jack was ready this time! Headbutt! Running Dropkick! One…two…three.

WINNER: Jack Gallagher at 5:33

After the match British March song plays. On the titantron appears Brian Kendrick, dressed in full Corn Wallace attire. Brian begins giving Jack a history lesson, talking about the battle of Lexington and the surrender of Yorktown. He parallels it with Jack’s failure in the Cruiserweight Classic, and how he will rid 205 live of Jack Gallagher. Segment ends and Jack looks perplexed.

Talking Smack’s guests tonight will be women’s champion Naomi, Mike & Maria, and the Phenomenal A.J. Styles.

Joseph and Graves show us a clip from Raw last night. Cedric Alexander took on Noam Dar, again defeating him with the lumbar check. Cedric begs for this feud to be over.

Noam is being evaluated by a doctor backstage with neck problems. The doctor tells him that if he continues to ice his neck that he’ll be okay. Alicia Fox shows up. Noam says that he’s ready to go for the cruiserweight championship. Alicia asks what he plans on doing about Cedric Alexander. Noam thought that was finished, but Alicia tells him it’ll only be finished if Cedric quits 205 live. (OR YOU DIE BISSHHHHH.) Noam nods, like the sheep that he is.

Commercial break hyping the big title match between Bobby Roode and Roderick Strong for tomorrow’s NXT.

T.J. Perkins is out first for the evening’s main event. (Also in case you didn’t know Great Balls of Fire is sponsored by ROCKET LEAGUE. Hop online so I can show you how it’s done muggles.)

Rich Swann dances his way to the ring. (He’s got his Hugh Hephner smoking jacket on.)

(3) Rich Swann vs. T.J. Perkins

Joseph reminds us that Swann and Perkins have had a friendship lasting over a decade. Graves adds on saying that both men have been in the ring with each other before which means this should be a very interesting matchup.

Action opens with T.J. taking wrist control. Swann counters and takes T.J. down but T.J. uses his quickness to keep the advantage.

Swann evades T.J. and hits a dropkick. T.J. rolls to the outside and Swann dabs. Graves says that Joseph seems like the type of guy who would dab a lot. Joseph admits that he enjoys it. “That’s why we’ll never socialize outside of work Vic.”

Swann charges T.J. in the corner but T.J. back drops him out of the ring! Swann gets back in the ring at the 9 count, and is obviously still hurt from the fall.

In full control, T.J. wears Swann down with a variety of joint-manipulation holds. Swann gets to his feet and tries to start a comeback but T.J. cuts him off with a stiff forearm. Powerslam by Perkins, and then he locks in the Muta-lock right in the center of the ring. Swann resists and gets to the rope to break the hold.

Swann builds some momentum with clotheslines and then hits a flush uppercut on T.J. On the top rope Swann hits a frankensteiner and then a rolling-thunder frog-splash for a two count.

The two trade strikes; Swann catches T.J. in a suplex which he modifies into a Michinoku driver. (Looked great, and sparked this is awesome chants.)

Swann goes for a moonsault but T.J. evades and hits a spring-board crossbody! Swann right to his feet and lands his spinning crescent kick! Both men are down.

Swann goes for a double-underhook suplex but T.J. picks him up for the detonation kick! Swann escapes but walks right into T.J.’s chicken-wing gutbuster. T.J. goes for the knee-bar but Swann escapes. Right hand by Swann. Jumping kick by T.J. Both guys knock each other out with a standing crescent kick! (Crowd is loving it!)

Back to their feet and T.J. opens up with uppercuts. They trade a series of pinning sequences until Swann eventually keeps T.J.’s shoulder pinned to the mat for the win.

WINNER: Rich Swann in 9:14

After the match Swann and T.J. shake hands which gives the crowd a reason to cheer both guys. Swann celebrates as the show goes off the air.

JG FINAL ANALYSIS: Another 205 that was enjoyable and forgettable at the same time. The inconsistency continues, but there was a great deal of good on this episode so let’s focus on that. Swann and T.J. put on a very entertaining main event that the crowd loved, which should be commended considering most of the final bouts on 205 are met with crickets. Titus O’Neil has been such a joy to watch in this fight promoter role, and his presence on 205 gives the show an added character layer that it’s been missing. Neville shines as always, and it will be a treat to watch him and Tozawa tear each other apart on Sunday, even if it is only on the pre-show.

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