MCMAHON’S GFW IMPACT REPORT 7/20: Sienna vs. Rosemary in Last Knockout Standing, El Patron vs. LAX in a gauntlet match


July 27, 2017
Taped from Orlando, Fla. (Universal Studios)
Aired on Pop TV

Announcers: Josh Mathews & Jeremy Borash with The Pope

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— The Impact signature aired.

— Grado and Joseph Park were shown arriving at the Impact Zone earlier today. Grado said Laurel Van Ness was nuts. Park asked Grado if he was ready to pop the question. Park gave Grado his “proposal gear” and Grado sighed.

— A recap video of last week’s show aired.

— The Impact opening aired.

— In-arena: Jeremy Borash welcomed us to the show, and threw to tonight’s guest ring announcer, Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer.


Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards begin the match. After some early action, Moose hit a standing dropkick on Adonis and tagged in Marufuji, who landed a huge chop on Adonis in the corner. Edwards and Marufuji then traded chops on Adonis and Marufuji landed a sliding kick to Adonis’ head.


Back from the break, Adonis whips Edwards into a shoulder tackle by Drake for a one count. ECIII tagged in and stomped on Edwards’ hands and fingers. Adonis locks Edwards into a camel clutch but Edwards fights out and gets smushed in the heel corner by Adonis, who then tags in Drake. ECIII attacks from the outside. Moose tags in and goes 1-on-1 with ECIII. They jawed at the start before Moose hit a splash in the corner, twice. Moose went for the hesitation dropkick but Drake and Adonis cut him off with an attack. Moose hit a double shoulder block. Marufuji superkicked Adonis and ECIII but Adonis caught him with an Adonis Lock. Drake flapjacked Edwards. Moose hit a pop-up powerbomb and then a pump kick on ECIII, who brought in the Grand Championship. ECIII hit Moose with a low blow and then scored the pin.

WINNER: ECIII, Chris Adonis and Eli Drake in 16:00.

After the match, ECIII walked up the aisle. Josh Mathews said ECIII would do that again and could win the Grand Championship.

McMahon’s Analysis: This was a good opening match, for the most part. For whatever reason, it feels like Eli Drake is slipping through the cracks right now, and he really shouldn’t be. He was put in a prime spot against DeAngelo Williams at Slammiversary, but for the last month he has been on losing tag teams and feuding, somewhat, with the Swolemates, which has been a complete waste of time for GFW and especially someone like Drake, who should be positioned higher. The focus here was on ECIII vs. Moose, and their eventual Grand Championship match. 

— Backstage, MacKenzie Mitchell was going to interview someone, but she was interrupted by someone who said he was a standby wrestler. He was a heavy-set individual with curly hair. Mitchell said there would be a Last Knockouts Standing match later.

— A vignette aired on a new group, OVE, which said it was coming soon.


— Back from the break, Borash recapped the LAX-El Patron segment from last week, where it appeared that El Patron joined LAX but instead ripped off the LAX shirt.

— In-arena: Bobby Lashley came to the ring. Lashley said that there should be a pecking order for title shots. Lashley said it was ridiculous that people could walk in, from day one, and get a title shot. He said that he was going to start instilling some order. Lashley said that he would break someone in half if they tried to get in his way of a title shot.

Bruce Prichard came to the aisle with Tyrus. Matt Sydal walked out, right past Prichard, and headed to the ring. Sydal said that he would not be ignored and they started to brawl. Sydal caught Lashley with a running knee and his music played, as he left the ring. Borash said that Sydal just went after the biggest dog.

McMahon’s Analysis: They’re clearing setting up Sydal vs. Lashley, which is an interesting match. I’ll give GFW credit in that they are getting a lot out of some talent they’ve brought in who aren’t on full-time deals, and Sydal is definitely a big part of that. He came in at first and was a highlight aspect of the X Division and the contrast in styles between him and Lashley could be fun. It does remind me a little bit of Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards, which was a feud that isn’t even a year old, but I think these guys can do something different.


— A video ad aired for the GFW Amped Anthology.

— A video aired on Davey Richards and Ishimori aired where they talked about why they want to win the Super X Cup. Richards said he had aspirations of winning the World Title.

(2) DAVEY RICHARDS vs. TAIJI ISHIMORI — Super X Cup first round

Ishimori came to the ring wearing the GHC Jr. Hvt. Championship. Ishimori and Richards wrestled a fast-pace style to start the match before Richards rolled to the outside. Ishimori put on the brakes to avoid missing a kick through the ropes. Richards brought a chair in the ring, but the referee took it away. Richards tries for two submissions, including an Indian Deathlock, but Ishimori was able to get to the ropes to break the hold. Richards landed a kick to Ishimori’s chest and then choked him in the corner. Ishimori hit a double-delayed stomp for a two count. Richards went for an ankle lock but Ishimori rolled through. Ishimori gets caught out of a springboard for another ankle lock, but Richards turned it into a kick to the face .Richards went to the top rope but missed a stomp. Ishimori hit a double knee for a two count. Ishimori hit the 450 for the win.

WINNER: Ishimori in 9:00.

McMahon’s Analysis: I thought this was one of the better matches of the first round, and on the whole, I like the way this tournament has played out. The matches have been technically sound and this match had a really great blend of athletic moves and also some mat wrestling. Richards and Ishimori both looked like they were the one to beat in the tournament, and Ishimori moved on. 

Drago vs. Xavier and ACH vs. Ishimori will be the semifinals.


— Backstage, Bruce Prichard booked Matt Sydal vs. Lashley for Destination X after the altercation earlier in the night. The winner of that match will receive a title match that they desire.

(3) SIENNA [c] (w/ KM) vs. ROSEMARY — Last Knockout Standing match for the GFW Women’s Title

Rosemary jumped Sienna right from the opening bell. After some brawling, Rosemary went to the outside just two minutes into the match and set up a table in the corner. Sienna fought back in the right with some vicious punches and she dropped Rosemary with a samoan drop. Sienna and Rosemary went to the outside and then faced off in the ring with chairs. They clashed chairs and Rosemary and Sienna continued brawling, only this time on the outside. Rosemary flipped Sienna over the railing. Sienna and Rosemary continued brawling up in the grandstands. Rosemary got up on the fencing and had Sienna locked in a reverse tarantula. Sienna was tapping out, but it didn’t matter. Rosemary finally let go.


Back from the break, the fight was at ringside but back inside the railing. Rosemary rolled Sienna back into the ring as Borash said she had complete control throughout the commercial. Sienna hit a clothesline. Sienna hit an AK47 from the apron to the floor, knocking out Rosemary at ringside. Rosemary got back up at nine. Sienna charged Rosemary, but Rosemary hit her with a chair. Rosemary hit Sienna with the Red Wedding, onto a steel chair. KM came into the ring to pick up Sienna. Rosemary blasted Sienna with a chair. Rosemary grabbed a trash can from under the ring and put it in front of Sienna, who was sitting up in front of the table. Rosemary went to the top rope and spit mist in KM’s face. Sienna threw the trash can at Rosemary, which knocked her off the top rope to the outside of the ring, where she crashed through a table. Sienna rolled out of the ring to get on her feet at nine and won the match.

WINNER: Sienna in 16:00.

After the . match, Sienna collapsed to the floor. Rosemary was shown not moving.

McMahon’s Analysis: Rosemary took some incredibly hard bumps in this match. The AK47 off the ring apron and then the fall from the top rope through the table on the outside were very hard. The walking brawl was fun, including the some things we’ve never seen before, such as the reverse tarantula on the grandstand. As someone who generally gets tired of the same gimmicks we see in these matches (chairs, tables, etc.) this was done well.

— Backstage, we see Park talking to Grado, but we can’t see Grado. Park said that Grado looked great. Park said they were only a few minutes away from a big question for Grado.

— Borash recapped ECIII-Moose from earlier tonight, as part of the six-man tag match.

— Backstage: ECIII was being interviewed by a reporter. ECIII said the move he used at the end of the match was the ECD, the Ethan Carter Driver.

— Borash said that Moose vs. ECIII for the Grand Championship would happen next week.

— Backstage; McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Alberto El Patron. He said that he knew where he was going but LAX is only following a crazy man, Konnan. El Patron what LAX did to his dad and little brother will not go unpunished. El Patron said they would pay, Mexican style.


— Trevor Lee came to the ring. Pope said that Prichard has banned Sonjay Dutt, the real X Division Champion, from the building. Lee called himself the real X Division Champion. Lee said he found the greatest wrestler in Mexico to challenge for his title. Instead, he brought out Octagoncito. Mathews called him the greatest high-flier in history. Pope disputed that. Mathews said people thought Lee was going to bring in Rey Mysterio.


Lee was wrestling with the X Division Title on his waist again. Lee got on his knees for a lockup and then threw Octagoncito into the ropes, laughing. Pope said Lee needs to be careful because Octagoncito is a great athlete. Lee again picked him up and tossed him into the corner. Lee missed a charge when Octagoncito moved. Octagoncito dropped Lee with a spinning headscissor, sending Lee to the outside. Lee then waved off the referee and stayed on the ramp for a count-out.

WINNER: Octagoncito in 2:00 via count-out.

Lee pointed at the belt and said he was still champion. Sonjay Dutt ran down the ramp but he was cut off by security. Prichard was out as well, screaming at Dutt to get away from Trevor Lee.

McMahon’s Analysis: I didn’t like this. When they started the storyline with Lee, I was excited to see them doing something with him, but all it has turned into is a comedy gimmick, for the most part. He’s doing goofy stuff. Trevor Lee isn’t goofy. He’s kick-ass and he needs to be booked that way. I still don’t have any confidence that GFW knows what it has with Lee. 

— LAX was in their clubhouse. El Patron said he has been friends with El Patron for 20 years and he wasted the opportunity to join LAX. Konnan said Homicide was going to start the gauntlet. Konnan said he knows that El Patron has some injuries, and they were going to cripple him. He told Ortiz and Santana to watch Homicide and learn.

— Grad and Joseph Park came to the ring. Grado was wearing a bright orange leisure suit that was very tight. Also, Grado’s skin was a tad orange from a tanning booth. Grado asked Laurel Van Ness to come to the ring. Sienna tried to stop LVN from going to the ring but she gave up. LVN was out in full force, with the wedding dress and wild makeup. Grado said she was beautiful and they have a connection. Grado said LVN was knockout gorgeous. Grado got down on one knee and popped the question. LVN looked shocked. For some reason, Allie ran to the ring and she was celebrating with LVN. Braxton Sutter ran down and grabbed Allie and told her to come backstage, and then he physically removed her. LVN was about to give an answer, but Kongo Kong came to the stage and shook his head, “no.” Grado stood in the ring, ready to fight, as Kong came into the ring. Grado then ran after Kong snarled. Kong picked up LVN and she was fighting to get away. LVN was talking down Kong as Grado went to the back.


(5) ALBERTO EL PATRON vs. HOMICIDE, ORTIZ & SANTANA (w/Konnan & Diamante) — gauntlet match

El Patron got rid of Homicide within seconds and Ortiz immediately ran in for the second part of the match. It was a really quick pin on Homicide, right at the opening bell. Ortiz covered El Patron for a two count after LAX beat him in the corner, including Konnan.


Back from the break, El Patron flipped Ortiz over the ropes and then hit a kick for a two count. El Patron went to the top but Santana knocked him off the turnbuckle. Ortiz set himself up for the double stomp (that’s a terrible finisher) and Santana was eliminated at the 8:00 mark.

Santana came into the ring and landed a huge kick and a cover for a two. On the outside, LAX beat down El Patron. Later, in the ring, El Patron had Konnan on the apron but Diamante tried for a splash off the top. El Patron caught Diamante, and threw her onto Konnan on the outside. El Patron hit a back elbow on Santana and then a tornado DDT into a cross armbreaker. Ortiz hit the ring to attack El Patron, causing the DQ.

WINNER: Alberto El Patron in 10:00.

After the match, the bell rang over and over while LAX beat down El Patron. Ortiz and Diamante held El Patron down while Homicide punched his ribs. Konnan grabbed El Patron’s arm and they tied El Patron’s hands behind his back. They continued to beat down El Patron when his brother, El Hijo de Dos Caras came to the ring, and he was quickly smothered by LAX as well. THe bell continued to ring. Dos Caras hit the ring with a chair. Finally, the VOW ran to the ring and began attacking LAX. Dos Caras was in the ring as well. LAX quickly took control, though. El Patron freed himself and began beating members of LAX with a chair. LAX cleared the ring as El Patron, VOW, Dos Caras and El Hijo Dos Caras celebrated and LAX retreated to the outside.

McMahon’s Analysis: They’re going all-in on El Patron. I didn’t like the finish here. The match was fine, but what was VOW doing? They haven’t been treated as main-event acts, yet here they were in the main event. Also, this is two weeks in a row that El Patron got the better of LAX. They need to continue to get some heat if this feud is going to matter.

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  1. Thank you for a very fair review of the show. I agree with you on Lee, I think they are missing the boat on his former partner as well. Is Homicide injured? He really hasn’t done much of anything since he arrived. I get that due to his age you might want to push the other two members of LAX, but they aren’t getting a whole lot out of Homicide at this point for whatever it is that they are paying him.

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