RADICAN’S 8/13 LIVE REPORT – full results of live “Bye Bye Beautiful” event in Somerville, Mass.

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


AUG. 13, 2017

(a) Yuta beat Rory Gulak via submsison in a YouTube exclusive match.

(1) Ryan Galeone & Mike Verna (w/Rex Lawless & Dan Barry) vs. EFBYO (Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz. Big Pazuzu chants for EFBYO as they dominated their opponents. Verna hit a flipping sling blade off the top on Ortiz at one point. That was nuts. Lawless ended up hitting Draztik with his crutch when he went up top to finish the match.

After the match, Verna and Galeone put a beating on EFBYO. Chris Dickinson and Jaka ran down to make the save.

(2) J.T. Dunn vs. Martin Stone. Stone dominated the early stages of the match. They built up to a big strike exchange later in the match and both men were down after hitting big forearms at the same time. Dunn hit a big flurry off offense and hit a huge superkick on Stone, who was on his knees, for a 2 count. Dunn caught Stone with a cutter a short time later with a cutter for a near fall. Stone hit a hangman’s neck breaker, but Dunn kicked out at 1. Dunn hit the rolling elbow, but Stone kicked out at 1. WOW! Dunn finally won with a pinning combination, but the fans booed because it looked like Stone’s foot was on the ropes. Both men showed respect to each other when the match was over. The fans then started a huge chant for Stone.

(3) Brandon Watts vs. Zenshi FKA Shynron. Zenshi dominated most of the action, but he missed a 630 attempt off the top and Watts rolled him up for the win. This was fun while it lasted.

(4) Doom Patrol (Jaka & Chris Dickinson) vs. The Chosen Bros (Atlas & WWN CHampion Matt Riddle & Jeff Cobb).  Cobb did his rag doll gut-wrench suplex on Jaka at one point and the fans went nuts. The Chosen Bros continued to dominate the action using their size advantage to ground Jaka. Dickinson got the tag and brutalized Riddle with some chops and strikes in the corner. Riddle and Dickinson had an insane chop exchange and both men tagged each other before Dickinson decked Riddle with a huge kick to the head. They had a crazy exchange with all four men going at it down the stretch. Dickinson hit the Pazuzu bomb on Riddle. They then hit total annihilation on Cobb for the win. This was one hell of a tag match.

All four men did a curtain call after the match. The fans chanted happy birthday to Dickinson, who just turned 30. Today is also Beyond Wrestling owner Drew Cordeiro’s birthday.

Zack Gibson got on the mic before facing John Silver and cut a promo to massive boos. He told the fans they can boo all they want, so the fans kept booing. He said this audience is a parody of the great crowds in the UK. He said the only reason he came to the U.S. was to take back wrestling. He then told Silver how he was going to tap him out.

John Silver vs. Zack Gibson. Silver charged right at Gibson and wiped him out, but Gibson turned the tables when he caught him going for a dive. He trapped Silver’s arm behind his head and slammed him into the apron. Silver mounted a comeback and hit a huge running kick to the chest for a 2 count. They had a big exchange late and Gibson finally hit a code breaker out of the corner for a 2 count. Silver countered Gibson and hit a Batista bomb. He then hit a running kick to the head for the win.

(6) Tracy Williams vs. Travis Banks. Banks got a big pop coming out. T.K. Cooper was supposed to appear on this show, but obviously after he was injured last night, he’s out. Banks hit a series of front and back kicks to send Banks down for a 2 count. Banks hit a big cannonball in the corner after Williams had had the upper hand for a long period of time. Williams fired back with a huge lariat for a 2 count. They went back and forth down the stretch. Banks hit the Ki-crusher, but Williams kicked out at the last second. Williams then hit a springboard enzuguri for the win. This was really good.

(7) Walter (w/Timothy Thatcher) vs. Donavin Dijak. This is Dijak’s final match in Beyond Wrestling. Walter hit the earthquake splash during the early going. Dijak mounted a comeback and hit some big forearms in the corner. Dijak said it was time for feast your eyes, but Walter grabbed a choke. Dijak shook him off and Walter obliterated him with a big boot to the head. They went to a big exchange of strikes and Walter nailed Dijak with a lariat for a 2 count. Dijak escaped a choke and went for a moonsault, but Walter got his knees up and hit a folding powerbomb for a 2 count! Dijak ducked a charge and went for feast your eyes, but he couldn’t get Walter up. Walter tagged Dijak with strikes. Dijak tried to lift Walter up again, but he hit a German. Dijak fired back with a rolling kick and feast your eyes, but Walter no-sold it and hit a lariat and both men were down! WOW! Dijak hit a series of big strikes, but Walter no sold them. Dijak bounced off the ropes, but Walter slid around him into the choke! The ref checked Dijak’s arm and he fired up and hit a SECOND feast your eyes for the win. AMAZING!

Dijak cut a promo after and said it was because of Beyond Wrestling that he is going where he’s going in the future. The fans gave Dijak a great sendoff. Dijak appeared emotional at the end of his speech and kissed the mat. Beyond Wrestling owner Drew Cordeiro presented Dijak with a painting of Dijak before he left the ring.

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