COLLECTIBLES NEWS: Where to Find Items of Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly

By Michael Moore, PWTorch Collectibles Specialist


The it factor and buzz that once defined NXT have been lacking over the last year or so. Wrestlers like Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor and Samoa Joe have departed for the main roster, and more recent signees just haven’t captured fans’ attention in the same way.

That apparently changed on Saturday night.

Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish have been favorites of ardent pro wrestling fans over the last couple years thanks to standout performances in Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and New Japan Pro Wrestling, among others. Now that all three are in NXT, it’s only a matter of time before their WWE action figures, trading cards, merchandise and other memorabilia hit the market.

But all three men already have some pretty cool collectibles to their names. Here are a few items to consider adding to your collection.

Action Figures

Figures Toy Company included Cole, Fish and O’Reilly in its second series of Ring of Honor action figures. All three figures are decked out in black ring gear with removable T-shirts; Fish and O’Reilly are sporting ReDragon shirts, while Cole has on an “Adam Cole, Bay Bay!” shirt. The figures are $29.99 each and can be purchased from

Chris DePetrillo, chief marketing officer for Figures Toy Company, noted that Cole was already a strong seller, but the company has seen surge in interest since the three men made their NXT debut. Figures Toy Company still has a limited number of those figures in stock.

“Just like any other ROH releases who are no longer with the company, once they sell out, that is it for them,” he said.

Trading Cards

All three men have appeared on various trading cards the past few years. Most recently, Topps included a card commemorating their NXT debut in its online exclusive Topps Now brand. The cards sold out Tuesday, so if you missed one, you’ll have to search sites like eBay and Amazon.

Cole appeared on a card with the Young Bucks as “Mount Rushmore 2.0” in last year’s PWG Battle of Los Angeles trading card set. The front of the card shows Cole and the Bucks standing in a ring, while the back has a biography and a picture of Matt and Nick Jackson kissing Cole on the cheek.

O’Reilly appeared in that same PWG set, and has also appeared on numerous Bushiroad King of Pro Wrestling (Kinpuro) cards from his time in NJPW. Most of his Kinpuro cards can be found for $2.50 to $5 each and are regularly offered for sale on eBay.

One of O’Reilly’s earliest cards was included in the Missouri Wrestling Revival (MWR) trading card set produced by Brian Kelley. O’Reilly was the first card in MWR in series 2 in 2013, and features artwork from Raven Johnson. Kelley still has some of the cards available for $1.50 each; information on how to order the O’Reilly card is available at

Fish, like O’Reilly, was featured in several Bushiroad Kinpuro sets. Most of his cards sell in the same $2.50-$5 range as O’Reilly. currently has Fish’s Bushiroad Best of the Super Juniors XXIII card for $3.


Ring of Honor regularly sells signed 8x10s on the company’s website, The company is still offering autographed photos of all three men. Single autographs are usually $19.99, while dual autographs such as ReDragon are $29.99. The site also is offering a signed picture of Cole as ROH World Champion for $14.99.

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