When did FloSports ask WWN for VOD/iPPV buys, FloSports withholds WWN payments, status of WWN libarary

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


PWTorch has learned that when WWN and FloSlam entered into a contract in 2016, FloSports never asked WWN to see the official numbers for VOD/IPPV buys. They simply asked for a figure and then presented WWN with a contract after WWN gave them a figure.

It wasn’t until several months ago that FloSlam came to WWN looking for official numbers. In a press release issued by WWN lawyer Sam Heller, WWN contends that the numbers they gave FloSports were accurate all along.

PWTorch has been told by multiple sources that WWN officials were surprised by FloSlam filing a lawsuit against them on Sept. 15, which was the same day FloSlam aired the first of three WWN shows last weekend (Shine, ACW, and Style Battle).

Multiple sources have told PWTorch that WWN’s obligation to FloSports as outlined in their contract was to provide content and ensure the iPPVs air. WWN officials contend that there hasn’t been any technical issues with the content they provided to FloSports since they entered into an agreement. FloSlam’s job was to promote and broadcast the shows as outlined in their contract according to sources.

WWN is currently planning a countersuit against FloSports, but sources have declined to comment exactly what the countersuit would entail. According to PWTorch sources, another point of contention that came up recently between FloSports and WWN was that FloSports stopped paying WWN in July. Sources tell PWTorch that WWN officials were hopeful this issue would be resolved and that they were blindsided by the lawsuit that was filed against them.

One question going forward is what is going to happen to the WWN library that is still up on FloSlam. PWTorch has learned from sources that WWN plans to have their lawyer send a demand letter to FloSports to take the WWN content down.

After pulling the EVOLVE iPPVs off FloSlam yesterday at the last minute, WWN was able to quickly put EVOLVE 92 up for purchase on WWNLive.com with a $5 discount for existing FloSlam subscribers if they sent in proof of their subscription. Flosports also offered to refund subscribers that wanted to cancel their subscriptions, but multiple users reported on their twitter accounts that they were given a hard time by FloSports customer service. FloSports was simply cancelling annual subscriptions and not offering any prorated rebate according to some subscriber. After several attempts at negotiating with FloSports customer service it appears that most annual subscription customers were able to get a partial refund.

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