EDITORIAL: One key move by WWE can clear the path for Adam Cole to become a valuable centerpiece player

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PWTorch reader Richard Becerra of San Antonio, Tex. submitted the following Guest Editorial for PWTorch. You can submit a guest editorial for consideration by sending one of similar length (8-14 pithy paragraphs) to pwtorch@pwtorch.com.

I largely agree with Wade Keller’s take that Undisputed Era, and Adam Cole, in particular have a potential ceiling in WWE due to WWE’s and Vince McMahon’s emphasis on size. I am a huge fan of Adam Cole, and it is a concern of mine, too.

I think signing Cole could potentially be a major move for WWE and they could use him as a major cornerstone for NXT for at least the next year, if not longer. How do you do that? By putting him in compelling main event programs that spotlight HIM as well as his opponent.

I am really surprised we’re not getting Drew McIntyre vs. Adam Cole in Houston, just to take the title off of Drew and move him to the main roster, where he’s better suited. Having Adam Cole in place as NXT Champion – and pairing him up with guys of similar size – puts the emphasis on the storyline and the in-ring action, rather than reminding us how much smaller Adam Cole is than Drew McIntyre.

This was an issue for a Shawn Michaels once upon a time, as he became a singles star. But he was brought along over time to the point where pairing him up against a Kevin Nash or Undertaker didn’t make him look “smaller” or “undersized.” He seemed (and felt) like their EQUAL – because he had been built up like that, over a period of time.

I think for hardcore wrestling fans, we don’t just see “small” when we look at Adam Cole. BUT for the WWE fans who are unfamiliar with him, you have to essentially reestablish him as a big time player, to the point that – when you eventually move him to the main roster – he looks and feels every bit the equal of any main roster star.

I think establishing Cole as champion, and moving McIntyre onto the main roster, opens the door for an NXT Title feud with Aleister Black that could carry NXT through the spring. By which point Ricochet will likely be part of NXT and Cole could work with him, or Johnny Gargano, even Kyle O’Reilly again. Imagine if EVOLVE is absorbed by WWE, as has been discussed at times, and Matt Riddle finally comes to NXT. Before long, you’d have 18 months worth of compelling main event feuds and matches with Adam Cole.

By the time you move him to the main roster (for arguments sake, say Spring 2019), he’s firmly established as a major player to a WWE audience after having great matches and great feuds in NXT. This makes it much, much easier to immediately plug him into a top angle on Raw or Smackdown, just as was done with Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, and Samoa Joe.

Cole obviously has to hold up his end of the bargain by working on his physique, adding muscle, and having great matches – but I really can’t see that being his biggest issue. I think he needs to be positioned well in NXT and that has to start now.

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