WWE SMACKDOWN PRIMER 12/5: Will Sami Zayn be punished? Roode vs. Corbin, Charlotte vs. Tamina, Rusev & English vs. New Day

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributor

Bobby Roode (art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


DECEMBER 5, 2017
By Joey Galizia (@RamJam89), PWTORCH SPECIALIST


  • Will Sami Zayn be punished by Shane McMahon for his actions last week?
  • Bobby Roode faces U.S. Champion Baron Corbin in a non-title match ahead of their triple-threat at Clash of Champions
  • The SD Women’s Champion Charlotte goes one-on-one with Tamina
  • Rusev Day writes another chapter as he and Aiden English square off against The New Day


It’s somewhat odd that the WWE Championship has not been the center of Smackdown Live for quite some time now. Sure, most of that is due to the former champ Jinder Mahal having limited experience in the main event scene, but it also just seems that Team Blue is interested in telling a different kind of story. Shane McMahon and his growing dispute with Kevin Owens has been a black cloud over Tuesday Nights dating back to Summerslam. Things escalated even further when K.O.’s former biggest rival Sami Zayn decided to turn to the dark side, and has been watching his fellow Canadians back ever since, including last week when he assisted Owens in victory by smashing Randy Orton with a steel chair by the entrance ramp. Prior to the match, Commissioner Shane had barred Zayn from ringside, and promised severe consequences if he were to show up. “Technically, the entrance ramp isn’t ringside” is the most likely response we’ll hear from Sami, but will that stop Shane or the Viper from getting revenge? No matter what, it seems like Sami will have to face the firing squad alone tonight as K.O. deals with some real life issues thanks to a real life asshole.

“R… I… O… T”

Queen Charlotte may be facing Natalya at Clash of Champions but her biggest concern should be the new faces of the women’s division. The Riot Squad, composed of Ruby Riot, LIv Morgan, and Sarah Logan have already sidelined Becky Lynch and Naomi, and have the SD women’s champion square in their sights. Look for them to get involved in this evening’s matchup between Charlotte and the daughter of the Superfly Tamina with her valet Lana. Tamina has thus far been absent from any targeting from Riot and company, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s safe. Also in case you have forgotten, Carmella still holds the briefcase, and a calculated beatdown/cash-in may be in the distant future.


Baron Corbin is still riding a high from his victory at Survivor Series over the A-lister, but now his next challenger for his prestigious United States Championship is in clear sight. The Glorious One, Bobby Roode, didn’t take too kindly to the cheap shot Corbin gave him during the lumberjack main event a couple weeks ago. Roode challenged the Lone Wolf just seven days ago to be a man and defend his title in Lexington, but Baron heelishly declined. However, it wouldn’t be long before the Clash of Champions card was announced, and on it Baron discovered he would be facing not only Roode, but the show-off Dolph Ziggler as well. As for tonight, Roode will get his chance to repay Corbin with some receipts, and hopefully ignite this feud with two weeks until the PPV.


-Luke Harper and Erick Rowan made quick work of the Hype Bros, but will their dominance last throughout the rest of the very competitive tag-team division? The New Day handed Gable and Benjamin their first loss as a team and tonight will clash with the Bulgarian Brute Rusev and his friend the Sultan of Song Aiden English. The Usos continue to hold the straps, and Breezeango continues to be the most exciting thing on a wrestling show without doing an ounce of wrestling. As for the Hype Bros: Their most recent loss was enough to drive Mojo Rawley to a moment of weakness, or perhaps it was a moment of clarity. Post-match he attacked his hype brother Zack Ryder and made it clear that something had to change before he fell into the abyss of Limbo.

-Speaking of Limbo Shinsuke Nakamura is merely just floating by with no clear direction at the moment. One wonders, if Shinsuke and Finn Balor will ever recover from whatever strange creative endeavor they are currently being treated too.

-Oh, and let’s not forget about the Phenomenal One. Last week A.J. survived a handicap stipulation and defeated the Singh brothers much to the dismay of Jinder Mahal. Afterwards, Jinder took out his frustration by attacking Sunil and Samir and possibly ending their partnership after being together for half a year. Jinder does get his chance at redemption when he faces Styles at Clash of Champions in a WWE Title rematch, but until then he’ll be in his “home” country of India battling the Game Triple-H. A.J. in the meantime will be putting on a show for the “Salute the Troops” show.

Two more episodes before we get to Boston. You watching?

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