RADICAN’S ROH “Supercard of Honor” Blog 4/5 – WOH Champion crowned, Castle defends vs. Scurll, Cody Rhodes vs. Kenny Omega

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


APRIL 7, 2017


(a) Kelly Klein beat Mayu Iwatani via ref stoppage in a Woman of Honor Championship Tournament Semi-Final Round match. The match was sloppy in spots with Klein being unable to execute basic maneuvers. She ended up gettting the win after catching Iwatani in end of the match.

(b) Sumie Sakai beat Tenille Dashwood in a Women of Honor Championship Semi-Final Round match. Sakai countered Dashwood late in the match and won the match with a pinning combination. After the match, they were going to do a ceremony with each women

They set up for a post-match photo op between Klein and Iwatani, who are the finalists in the WOH Championship Tournament. They were supposed to follow the Code of Honor, but Klein shook Sakai’s hand and then nailed her with a forearm.


Fireworks went off above the entrance ramp and then the sparklers were set off to kick off the most impressive looking ROH show to date in front of their biggest crowd. ROH has new turnbuckles and an apron with the Supercard of Honor logo on it.

The show began with a long video package that nicely set the stage for all of the big matches on the card. Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni introduced the show in front of 6,000 fans.

(1) Chukie T (w/Trent) vs. Jonathan Gresham. It’s hard to believe, but Riccaboni said this is their first ever singles match. Gresham went for a big dive earlier and it Gresham went for a dive through the ropes and went right over Taylor, who couldn’t catch him. Thankfully, Gresham appears to alright. Trent hugged Chuckie to help him avoid getting whipped into the ring barrier. Gresham ran right into a backbreaker from Taylor a short time later. Gresham got on track going after Taylor’s knee, but Taylor caught him with an inside crade. Gresham is criminally underrated. This was good, but the finish was flat.

Winner: Chuckie T

Star rating: (**½)

A man with face paint came up to the announcers whispering something. He walked away and the announcers acted like security should have taken care of it. It turns out the man was with Punishment Martinez. Martinez came out of casket with a mask on.

(2) Punishment Martinez vs. RPW World Champion Tomohiro Ishii in a Non-Title match. Ishii beat Zack Sabre Jr. to win the RPW World Championship yesterday. Martinez has nearly a foot height advantage over Ishii. The crowd was fired up for Ishii’s entrance. Martinez didn’t get much of a reaction making his entrance. Martinez hit journey into darkness and nearly landed right on his head. Wow! That’s two close calls on dives so far. The fans fired up for Martinez hitting the move. He followed up with Air Jordan and the fans went nuts again. Martinez got the better of several strike exchanges during the course of the match, which was suprising. Martinez hit south of heaven for the win. WOW!

Winner: Punishment Martinez

Star rating: (***½) – This was good. Ishii never really got on track and this is a surprising result given the history of ROH vs. NJPW matches.

Hangman Page was out next to face Kota Ibushi. Page got a good pop making his entrance. Riccaboni noted this is Ibushi’s first ROH match in nearly a decade. Ibushi came out to a big pop from the fans.

(3) Hangman Page vs. Kota Ibushi. They had a fast paced exchange early and Ibushi finally capped a great sequence with a big kick to Page’s chest. Page got the upper hand and hit some punches from the mount and the fans booed. Riccaboni mentioned that Page had called Ibushi a homewrecker for Bullet Club. Page had the upper hand for several minutes, but Ibushi mounted a comeback and hit a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Ibushi went for the golden triangle, but Page cut him off. Page went for the SSP to the floor, but Ibushi got out of the way. Page landed on his feet. They went back and forth and Page went for a springboard off the barricade, but Ibushi jumped up and caught him with a German! The fans woke up and Ibushi hit the golden triangle to a big pop. WOW! Page caught Ibushi a short time later with his package tombstone variation for a near fall and the fans went nuts. Ibushi blocked a rite of passage a short time later. Page hit a moonsault to the floor as the action went on and the fans exploded. He set up for the bukshot and connected for a near fall.

Ibushi hit the last ride powerbomb for a near fall. He went for the kamigoye, but Page countered out of it. Ibushi hit a snap suplex and then the kamigoye for the win. This was a very good back and forth match.

Winner: Kota Ibushi

Star rating: (***¾)

Daffney was shown at ringside for the WOH Championship Tournament Finals. She gave Cary Silkin a hug.

(4) Kelly Klein vs. Sumie Sakai in the WOH Championship Finals. Sakai jumped Klein before the formal introductions. The bell rang according to Riccaboni and the match was on. Klein fired back and whipped Sakai into the guardrail on the outside. She locked in end of the match on the floor, but the ref made her let it go. Several WOH roster members came down to surround the ring. They pounded the mat and both women exchanged blows from their knees. Sumie was about to get on track, but Klein caught her with a boot that sent her to the mat. Sakai hit a moonsault, but didn’t hit much of it. She went for the cover, but Klein pushed her off. Sakai then hit an awkward looking DDT for the win.

Winner: Sumie Sakai to become the first WOH WOrld Champion

Star rating: (*) – This was really clunky at times and they tried to make it feel important, but Klein being unable to take Sumie’s finish properly was a real damper on this.

Kelly Klein and Sumie hugged as they showed a graphic for the next match according to Riccaboni. The rest of the WOH roster got into the ring and congratulated Sakai.

(5) ROH World SIx Man Tag Team Champions So Cal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky ) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & NIck Jackson) & Flip Gordon in a Ladder match. Shane Taylor came in on commentary. I feel like I see a combination of The Addiction and The Young Bucks on every major ROH show. Both teams went back and forth taking turns climbing the ladder inside the ring and going at it. The speed with which all six men climbed the ladder and had exchanges was insane. Kazarian ended up getting Flip on his shoulders and hit hit a TKO off the ladder to the floor. The fans went nuts for that spot. Daniels was on the ladder and The Young Bucks backdropped Flip into a 450 onto Daniels on a ladder in the corner. WOW! Flip got isolated. He hit a jumping blockbuster on Daniels, but got beat down immediately by Kazarian and Sky. Gordon fired back and wiped out Sky. He then monkey flipped Kazarian into a ladder. He followed up with a big dive on Daniels. WOW! Matt began selling his back. Matt couldn’t do a backflip on the YB signature double dropkick sequence on Sky. He continued to have difficulty hitting the YB signature offense, but he managed to pull through to execute the moves. The Young Bucks locked in the cease and desist on Sky, who was wrapped around the ladder. He tapped out, but Daniels broke it up. Gordon went for a big flip dive off the post to the floor. He barely kept his balance and wiped out So Cal Uncensored. Nick hopped around three ladders and into a springboard to wipe out So Cal Uncensored. WOW!

The Young Bucks were alone in the ring. The red balloons went up and The Kingdom ran down to beat down The Young Bucks. The announcers wondered how they got in the building after being banned. The Kingdom hit rockstar supernova on Flip. The Kingdom congratulated SO Cal Uncensored. Daniels went to climb the ladder, but The Kingdom turned on him. They then beat down the rest of So Cal Uncensored. Taven wiped out Daniels with a big splash over the top to the floor. T.K. O’Ryan began climbing the ladder and the fans booed. The Young Bucks, Sky, and Kazarian then worked together to send T.K. off the ladder to the floor onto the rest of The Kingdom.

All six men went at it on top of two ladders a short time later. They exchanged blows. Flip stood on top of a ladder and grabbed the belt. He then got tripped face first into the top of the ladder. WOW!> Daniels hit a cutter to the mat off the ladder on Matt. Nick then took Kazarian down to the mat with a x-factor. WOW. It looked like Nick was going for Kaz, but he ended up springboarding right over him into a flip dive onto The Kingdom, who were still at ringside. The action has just been non-stop in this match. Gordon set up for a springboard and hit a double blockbuster to the floor! WOW! The Young Bucks and Flip began setting up tables. Nick and Flip put O’Ryan and Marseglia through tables at the same time with a pair of 450’s off the top to the floor. Matt and Daniels went at it up top. Matt whipped Daniels with his back support belt. They continued to go at it up top. Matt sent Daniels down to the mat, but he popped right back up. He pushed the ladder and Matt hit an elbow off the top of a ladder through the table to wipe out a member of The Kingdom. Daniels then grabbed the title off the hook for the win.

After the match, The Kingdom beatdown Daniels and took off with the titles.

Winners: Christopher Daniels & Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian

Star rating: (****¾)


(6) ROH World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes (Mark & Jay Briscoe) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Jay Lethal. Mark went for a crane kick after spitting on Tanahashi, who nailed him with a dragon screw. The Briscoes took control later in the match and began working over Lethal. Lethal fired back and hit a dive through the ropes to wipe out Jay. Tanahashi got the tag, but The Briscoes cut him off and began working him over. Tanahashi hit the sling blade and Lethal got the tag and ran wild on Jay. Lethal got the figure 4 on Jay. Tanahashi went up top for the high fly flow, but Mark cut him off and then wiped out Lethal with a froggy-bow. Lethal hit the Lethal injection on Mark, who kicked out at the very last second and the fans chanted that was three. Lethal got Jay up on his shoulders and Tanahashi went up top, but Jay pushed him into Tanahashi. Lethal then tried for the Lethal injection, but Jay turned it into a German. The Briscoes then hit the doomsday device for the win.

Winners: Mark & Jay Briscoe to retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles

Star rating: (**¾) – The action was solid, but the fans never really got into it. They had some good near falls late, but ultimately this was disappointing.

They were going to go to Kenny King vs. Silas Young in a Last Man Standing match, but Austin Aries came out with all of his belts. Aries said he had made it clear he wanted to add the ROH World TV Title to his collection. He said he had gotten no answer, so he was going to make it again. Aries said whoever the last man standing was, he wants to face them for the title. Aries said he was going to join the commentary booth.

(7) ROH World TV Champion Kenny King vs. Silas Young in a Last Man Standing match. Young tossed King over the top through a table during the early going, but he got up at 8. They battled on the apron later in the match and Young hit misery. Both men collapsed to the outside as the ref began his count. Young was up first and then King staggered to his feet a short time later. They introduced a trash can into the ring. King got the upper hand and hit the royal flush through the trash can. Young didn’t move and then rolled to the floor at 9 and landed on his feet to break the count. The fans have just been mostly dead for this match. King set up a table and said move, so some fans began rapping “Move b—-, get out the way.” King went up top with Young set up on a table, but The Beer City Bruiser came down to the ring. King cut him off and went after him with the trash can on the outside. This gave Young time to recover and attack him from behind. King hit a belly to belly onto a ladder on the outside. He then hit a SSP off the top through the table onto Young. The BCB reached out from under the ring and tied King’s feet up. King couldn’t get up. Young managed to get up at 10 using the guardrail. That was terrible.

Winner: Silas Young to become the new ROH World TV Championship

Star rating: (*¾) – The booking of the ROH World TV Title since Final Battle has been atrocious since Final Battle and this finish was really lame.

The Beer City Bruiser and SIlas Young beat King down after the match, so Aries ran down from commentary and wiped them out with a big dive through the ropes.

The Dawgs (Will Ferrara & Rhett Titus) were supposed to face Cheeseburger & Eli Isom. They jumped them during the introductions until Bully Ray made the save. Bully Ray said they weren’t scheduled, but they were given a match and they chose to go about things the wrong way. Isom was hurt, so Bully told Cheeseburger if he couldn’t find a partner, they’d have to throw the match out. Cheeseburger got on the mic and said he wanted Bully to be his partner. Cheeseburger said the fans needed this. He told Bully he needed one final fight. Bully took off his hat and jacket and the match was on.

(8) Bully Ray & Cheeseburger vs. The Dawgz (Rhett Titus & Will Ferrara). Ray and Cheeseburger ran wild until Ray turned on Cheeseburger after telling him to get the tables. Oh great.

Winner: No contest

Ray got on the mic and yelled at Cheeseburger for putting him on the spot. He said Cheeseburger is what’s wrong with the wrestling business. Bully said guys like Will Ospreay, Flip Gordon, and Ricochet are all the same. He says they’ve destroyed the wrestling industry. Joe Koff came down to the ring. Bully asked if he’s the savior. Bully asked Joe what he was going to do. Bully called Joe an old bastard and told him he couldn’t even get in the ring. Bully said wrestling sucks because Koff started guys like Cheeseburger. Bully told Koff that nobody is going to do anything. Flip Gordon came out to a big pop. Bully said if Gordon got into the ring, he would hit a piledriver. Bully said the commission would shut the show down. Gordon and Koff backed off. He asked them if they know who he is. He said, “I’m Bully Ray. I’m a WWE HOF.” Ray put his WWE HOF ring on and hit a powerbomb on Cheeseburger. Colt said Bully is gross and should get out of the business. This was a terrible segment all around. Why? Just why? It’s WrestleMania weekend and ROH should be presenting cutting edge in-ring action and storytelling. Not crap like this.

Cody Rhodes came out wearing an eye patch with Bernard The Business Bear. Cody was escorted to the ring by police. Brandi accompanied him to the ring. Cody was wearing Gold and black and Brandi wore a gold outfit as well. The eye patch he wore was gold as well.

Kenny Omega was out next to a big pop.

(9) Cody (w/ Bernard the Business Bear & Brandi) vs. Kenny Omega. Omega hit a dive and wiped out Bernard and his head came off. The ref kicked Bernard out of the match. Bernard covered his face and went to the back. Cody got the upper hand and began working over Omega. A fan in the front row was shown wearing the bear head. Cody set up for shattered dreams and stopped before flipping the fans off. Later in the match, Cody worked over Omega as the fans booed him. They ended up on the floor and Cody stared at the fans and flipped them off. The fans got behind Omega. They began exchanging slaps and then blows. Cody got the upper hand and hit his signature punch from his back. They battled near the apron a short time later. Omega went up top and hit a cross-body, but Cody rolled through for a near fall. Kenny finally hit a leaping frankensteiner to get the upper hand. He set up for rise of the terminator and hit it much to the delight of the fans.

Cody fired back and hit a disaster kick and both men were down as the fans fired up. Omega measured Cody in the corner a short time later and hit a V Trigger. He set up for the one-winged angel, but Cody raked his eyes and slipped around him into a figure 4. Kenny tried to escape. He eventually tried to roll out of it, but Cody rolled with him. Omega got free, but Cody immediately hit a dragon screw on his leg around the ropes. Cody set up a Japanese table and tried to go for the cross-Rhodes off the apron through the table, but Omega fought free. He then went for a piledriver, but Omega managed to wriggle free. Omega finally hit the dragon rush on the apron and Cody spilled to the floor. The table ended up on its side and Cody lifted Omega up and dropped him ribs first over the side of the table. Cody took the timekeepers table and told Cary Silkin and Bobby Cruise to beat it. He then tossed Kenny into the ring and the fans booed. Omega took a springboard dropkick. He then hit an Alabama slam for a near fall. Cody hit a dragon rush inside the ring. Omega fired back and hit a V trigger against the ropes.

Brandi got on the ropes and Cody went for the cross-Rhodes. Omega blocked it and hit a big knee lift. Brandi stayed up on the ring. Omega set up for a V trigger, but Cody got out of the way and Omega hit a V trigger that sent her off the apron through the table. Cody hit the cross-Rhodes a short time later and looked so deflated when Omega kicked out at the last second. Flip Gordon came and helped Brandi to the back. Omega and Cody battled up top a short time later. Cody eventually connected with a big superplex and both men were down. Cody was up first and he took off his belt. He whipped Omega with it and went up top, but Omega got out of the way. Omega measured Cody, who was on his knees and hit a couple of big V triggers. He went for another one, but Cody dragged the ref in the way. COdy went for an eye rake, but Omega brusher him away and hit a V trigger. Omega then hit a running V Trigger for a near fall. WOW! Omega hit another V Trigger and went for the one-winged angel, but Rhodes countered it into the vertebreaker for a near fall! The fans chanted fight forever after Omega kicked out. Cody made demonic faces and signaled for the end. Omega kicked out of cross-Rhodes and both men eventually ran into the ref into the corner. They both went for a crossbody at the same time and everyone was down.

The Young Bucks came down to the ring and didn’t show who they were going to attack. They went after Cody and then Omega. They turned towards Cody, but he ducked and they hit Omega! Cody lifted Omega up and hit cross-Rhodes as The Young Bucks yelled for Omega to kick out. WOW! Omega blew The Young Bucks off after the match.

Winner: Cody

Star rating: (****½) – It took awhile to get going, but this match told a really good story and built up to The Young Buck siding with Kenny when the ref was down only for Cody to duck their superkick so that they hit Kenny leading to Cody winning.

Marty Scurll came out with a gold tint to his entrance gear. Dalton Castle was out next to a good ovation from the crowd. ROH World Champion Dalton Castle came out with The Boys and set off an explosion of confetti.

(10) ROH World Champion Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) vs. Marty Scurll. Scurll refused to follow the Code of Honor. Nick Aldis, The NWA World Champion, was shown at ringside. The announcers noted he’s good friends with Scurll. The early part of the match was physical. They action went to the floor and Castle charged at Scurll, but ended up colliding head-first with the ringpost. Scurll tossed Castle back into the ring and began working over his arm. Scurll worked over Castle for along period of time. Castle tried to mount a comeback and he eventually hit an elbow to the head before tossing Scurll across the ring. Castle hit a suplex a short time later and then hit another ametuer style throw a short time later. Castle charged at Scurll a short time later, but he got out of the way and he spilled to the floor. Castle grabbed Scurll and carried him out to the floor. Castle then hit a big German! Castle favored his arm, but he ended up cutting off Scurll up top. He then nailed Scurll with a running knee that sent him to the floor.

Castle went for the bang-a-rang, but Scurll turned it into a rollup for a 2 count. He hit the just kidding superkick and went off the ropes, but Castle nailed him with a jumping knee. Castle hit a series of knees to Scurll’s head in the corner. They battled up top a short time later. Scurll hit a superplex and then hit his superkick from the apron to the floor and the fans fired up. They battled to the entranceway and Scurll backdropped Scurll onto the steps. Scurll went to work on Castle’s arm back inside the ring. Scurll brawled over near Nick Aldis, who handed him something. Dave Lagana could be seen filming in the background. It was a pair of scissors that Scurll used to undo the top turnbuckle. Castle fired back with several forearms and a headbutt. Caste grabbed Scurll through the ropes a short time later into a German with a bridge for a near fall. This has been very good, but the crowd has very little energy. They went at it up top where the turnbuckle was exposed. Scurll hit a low blow to fend Castle off. He took control and hit a superkick to the back of Castle’s head for a near fall. Scurll went under the ring looking for something, but he couldn’t find it. Castle finally recovered and tossed him into the guardrail. Castle hit a slam on the floor and favored his arm. Scurll found a bag under the ring. He put some powder in his hands. Castle kicked his hands into face. Scurll ended up snapping the ref’s fingers apart several times, as he was blinded. Castle hit the bang-a-rang, but the ref couldn’t count because of what Scurll did to his fingers. The ref took a powder and Scurll hit Castle and both of The Boys with the umbrella. Scurll went to town on Castle with the umbrella. Scurll hit a brainbuster and the crowd counted to six. Another ref came down and Castle kicked out at the last second.

They went back and forth and Scrull went for the chicken wing. Scurll had it, but Castle managed to get to his feet and fall backwards on top of Scurll to break free. Scurll popped up and grabbed the chickenwing again and the fans went nuts. Castle went for the apron and SCurll grabbed his finger. He then snapped his fingers apart. Scurll hit several stomps to Castle’s head. Scurll stomped Castle’s head over and over. Castle fired up and Scurll went for the chicken wing, but Castle rolled on top of him for a near fall. SCurll hit two superkicks and bounced off the ropes, but Castle popped up and caught him with the bang-a-rang for the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle

Star rating: (****) – This match was really good, but the show was so long that it was really hard for the crowd to get into it at times. Castle wrestling with an edge has a real appeal to it and his demeanor in the ring is a great contrast to what you would expect given his character. He really has figured out to come across like a tough guy. Delirious continues to find ways to fit ref bumps in his main events.

Overall thoughts: (n/a) – This show was extremely long and parts of it were really bad. That being said, a lot of this show was very good. It’s definitely worth watching the good matches. The last two matches (Cody vs. Omega & Castle vs. Scurll) were both great, but it was hard to enjoy them given how long this show was. It’s hard to fathom why ROH put on a show that went nearly five hours the saturday before WrestleMania. They really need to just run a tight show next year. That was ridiculous.

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  1. I don’t think it was the length of the show that was so much the problem as it was the poor booking choices made in certain areas.The Bigger shows like this should always go longer to a certain extent.

    That being said I think the show could’ve done without the stupid, and un needed Bully ray segment( that was just a huge waste of time)the WOH matches just didn’t deliver, and the Kenny King/Silas Young contest should’ve been placed earlier in the card with a better ending.

  2. I agree. Generally good, but too long event. I saw Cody vs Omega as the best match, loved the storytelling, though it also suffered from being unnecessary long – or they should have made other matches shorter. And it was a rough spot for the last match to be after that.

    Making Sumie champion with her long tenure… I liked the story. But then they should have set up Sumie vs Tenille as the final, having Tenille not even on the main card cooled the interest down a lot. And Tenille’s performance was so good, felt like a missed chance to not have that as the final.

    The continued streaming issue was a pain, that should not happen, and they are part of a broadcast company even.

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