5/29 WWE Smackdown Report: Mayle’s “alt perspective” report including Dance Off, Joe vs. Bryan vs. Cass, New Day vs. The Bar & Miz

By Dustin Mayle, PWTorch contributor

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MAY 29, 2018

Announcers: Corey Graves, Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton.


-Tom welcomed everyone to the show and plugged a 6-man tag match between New Day and Miz with The Bar. They also plugged the dance-off, as well as Samoa Joe vs. Daniel Bryan in a MITB qualifying match. 

Samoa Joe made his ring entrance. He made his way around the ring and pulled out a ladder from underneath. He dragged it in the ring and set it up, climbing to the top and pulling down one of the MITB briefcases. He grabbed a microphone and said, “It is said in biblical texts that the ladder represents the connection between the earth and the heavens.” He said that there is no salvation and there are no smiling angels in his version, because he will be the only one smiling after he takes the MITB briefcase. He said that he will shake this place to its very core. “Tonight, I prove to your beloved Daniel Bryan that there are things far worse than forced retirement.” He threatened Bryan to tell his wife to tell his daughter that he won’t be the same man when he returns from Money in the Bank. He will be a man drenched in regret and failure. 

Daniel came out and threatened, “you mention my wife or my daughter one more time and I will break your leg.” He said, “we don’t have to wait, we can fight right now!” Bryan entered the ring ready to do battle with Joe, but Big Cass’ music hit.

Cass hobbled out on his crutch, in his suit, saying, “Are we a bunch of children on the playground?” He mocked them some more and then said, “That should be my money in the bank opportunity, not yours Daniel Bryan.” He said that he just spoke to GM Paige and the match between Joe and Bryan will not happen. He said that, instead, Samoa Joe will take on Big Cass for the final spot when he is cleared. He then asked, “When will I be cleared? I already am cleared.” He then proceeded to attack Joe with his crutch and then Daniel Bryan. He cleared the ring, holding the MITB briefcase in the middle of the ring. 

(Mayle’s Analysis: Cass does well with his promos continuously. I can’t say much about the angle yet, as I’m not sure where they’re going yet.)

-Shinsuke Nakamura walked backstage throwing down numbers leading to ten, ripping up the number ten. They plugged his match against Tye Dillinger. (c.)

-They replayed the angle between Bryan, Cass, and Joe, stating it leaves a question mark on the main event.

-Paige walked backstage and encountered Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. They tried to say that they were worthier of a title opportunity than Asuka. Paige said that Mandy can see just why Asuka is worthy by facing her in a match tonight. Paige walked away and was met by Renee Young. She decided that the qualifying match tonight will be Big Cass vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniel Bryan. 

(Mayle’s Analysis: Well, I should’ve figured. That should be fun.)

-Shinsuke Nakamura made his ring entrance. 


Tye quickly forced offense on Nakamura. Nakamura was able to slide out of the ring for a moment to avoid further beating. Tye followed and Nakamura kicked him in the stomach. Tye went back in the ring, but when Nakamura tried to follow him back in, Tye kicked him back out and dove out of the ring onto him. (c.)

Back live, Nakamura held Tye in a headlock, nut Tye broke out of it. When Tye tried to capitalize, Nakamura kicked him in the face. As Tye was down, Nakamura began counting. Tye got back up and Nakamura kicked him back down hard. He began his 10-count again. Tye got back up and Nakamura attacked again, placing him the corner and hitting his corner knee. He began his 10-count yet again. Tye got up at the count of nine. Tye mocked Nakamura’s signature taunt yelling, “Come on!” He picked up momentum on Nakamura. On the apron, Nakamura kicked Tye, climbing to the top rope and hitting a knee. Finally, he hit a Kinsasha for the win. 

WINNER: Shinsuke in 8:00.

Nakamura rallied crazily again and hit Tye with a Kinsasha in the back of the head. He grabbed the microphone and counted to ten. The announcers begged the question, “Will Shinsuke keep A.J. Styles down for the count of ten?”

(Mayle’s Analysis: How fitting.)

-Styles was interviewed backstage. He said that something inside Shinsuke has snapped and he is even more dangerous than he’s ever been. He said Shinsuke picked a match that benefits him, but that’s the story of A.J’s life. He said he’s used to overcoming the odds. “When it’s over, the last man standing will be the phenominal A.J. Styles.”

(Mayle’s Analysis: This angle, somehow, doesn’t feel as important anymore.)

-Rusev, Aiden English, and Lana stood in the locker room carrying on with slight dance moves as the announcers plugged their dance contest next. (c.)

Rusev and English stood on the ramp and introduced Lana with terrible singing and rhymes. She made her ring entrance. 

Naomi made her ring entrance. The Usos followed. 


Lana started dancing first. Then Naomi danced better. The Usos were hyped. Finally, Lana extended her hand and as they shook hands, they began dancing together, then Lana hit Naomi with a neckbreaker and began attacking her. They were pulled apart and the guys started attacking each other. The Usos kicked English and Rusev out of the ring while Naomi subdued Lana.

(Mayle’s Analysis: Well, I’m sure there was some demographic that enjoyed that. It wasn’t mine though.)

-Backstage, New Day freaked out over pancakes. They cut to Miz punching pancakes being thrown by The Bar. (c.)

The New Day made their entrance. 

(2) NEW DAY vs. THE BAR & THE MIZ – 6-man tag

Big E and Cesaro started out the match. E hit a belly to belly and tagged in Woods. Woods subdued Cesaro and tagged in Kofi. Kofi flew off the ropes onto Cesaro. (c.) 


Back live, Kofi fought out of Sheamus’ hold. However, he was quickly slammed into the corner and Sheamus tagged in Cesaro. He and Sheamus made a few rapid tags to keep Kofi down. The Bar and Miz took out Woods and E outside of the ring. Miz was tagged in and went for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Kofi reversed and hit an SOS. He then got the hot tag to Woods. Woods took out the opponents with kicks and high-flying moves. He flew out of the ring onto Cesaro and headed back inside the ring for a DDT on Sheamus for a near fall. He then headed to the top rope, but Sheamus kicked him off. Outside, Kofi hit a clothesline on Miz, but Cesaro took Kofi out. Cesaro came in, but Big E was quickly tagged in and took out he and Sheamus. Miz was soon tagged in and hit E with a DDT for a near fall that was broken up by Woods. Woods was then taken out by The Bar. Kofi flew outside onto The Bar as Big E hit Miz with the Big Ending for the win.

WINNERS: New Day in 10:00.

The announcers asked again which member will be in the MITB match. The stable begged that question in the ring too.

-Renee stood backstage interviewing Anderson and Gallows. She asked how they would take on The Bludgeone Brothers. They said that they definitely have their work cut out, but they will beat them “..like they are…” and then The Bludgeone Brothers came on the television and said that they would be liquefied. 

-The announcers plugged the main event triple threat.

-Asuka was shown backstage applying her paint and mask. (c.)

-Carmella made her ring entrance. The announcers plugged her match against Asuka at MITB. Carmella joined commentary. Mandy Rose made her entrance. She didn’t do that awkward walk this time. Asuka made her entrance, but Sonya Deville attacked her from behind.


They cut to an early break. (c.) 

Back live, Asuka was on heavy offense. She got a near fall by a dropkick from the top rope. Carmella pointed out that she failed math in school. Asuka soon got Mandy in an Asuka Lock for the win.

WINNER: Asuka in 5:00.

Carmella came in the ring and raised her belt in front of Asuka.

(Mayle’s Analysis: Nice quick win to make Asuka look strong going into the ppv. I think she has to win at MITB. That sets up her deserved title reign that she can kick off against, say, Charlotte.)

-Charlotte and Becky Lynch stood backstage watching the television. Charlotte said that she can see Asuka winning the title at MITB, herself winning the briefcase, and them going onto a Wrestlemania rematch. Becky begged to differ because she wants to win MITB. Paige then intervened and noted that she liked their bickering. She then reminded them of their past faction. 

(Mayle’s Analysis: I agree with everything Charlotte said.)

-The announcers hyped the triple threat main event. (c.)

-The announcers hyped a mixed tag match next week between The Usos with Naomi and Rusev and Lana and English. 

-Andrade was backstage and was approached by Sin Cara. Zelina waved him off with her quick words.

(4) SAMOA JOE vs. BIG CASS vs. DANIEL BRYAN – Triple Threat MITB Qualifying match

Bryan and Joe teamed up against Big Cass. Cass rolled out of the ring and then Joe began attacking Bryan. Joe soon dove out of the ring onto Cass. Bryan followed by hitting them both with a crossbody off the top rope. (c.)

Cass soon threw Bryan over the commentary table. He entered the ring after Joe again, but Joe began fighting him off. He went to the top rope, but Bryan hurried in and hit a goat kick to Joe and kicked Cass out of the ring. Bryan hit more goat kicks on Joe, but Cass took Bryan down in the midst of the last one. Cass took up more offense on Bryan. (c.)

Daniel was able to hit the YES kicks on both opponents for a near fall on Cass. Bryan got Joe out of the ring and struggled to lock in a YES lock to Cass. Joe grabbed Bryan’s leg and pulled him out. Bryan then hit a flying knee outside on Joe. Bryan climbed to the top rope and hit Cass with a missile dropkick in the ring. He rallied and kipped up to his feet after it, charging for a big knee on Cass. But Joe picked Bryan off of Cass and got him in his clutch. Bryan fought to tap and soon passed out.

WINNER: Samoa Joe in 25:00.

Cass remained in the ring stalking Bryan and hit him with a big boot. The final shot was of Cass standing with his arm raised over Bryan.

(Mayle’s Analysis: I was honestly hoping that Bryan’s angle with Cass would end so he could be in the MITB ladder match. Obviously, I didn’t think Bryan should be winning the ladder match because, well, you don’t just throw him back into the top like that. Naturally, like any other sport, you start from the bottom. I think Cass was a good bottom, but I’m ready for it to be over with him. That’s fine though, as long as we get a match between Bryan and Miz at Summerslam. However, in the meantime, I still feel like there are better angles for Bryan.)

Final Thought: I didn’t feel there was a whole lot to talk about for this show. It was mediocre and, I think, the worst Smackdown since before Wrestlemania. That isn’t to say it was a terrible show, though I didn’t prefer the dance-off. I would like to see the champion in actual action in front of the crowd, otherwise I fear he may lose some momentum.)

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