Report: WWE’s Dr. Amann had romantic relationship with wrestler years ago, disclosed during pre-trial motions, considered ethical violation

By Wade Keller, editor

Former champion reportedly returning to WWE


WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann is back in the news. After a jury ruled against him in his lawsuit against C.M. Punk and Colt Cabana last week, this week a Deadspin article reports Amann is under scrutiny for a sexual relationship with a wrestler years ago. At issue is that wrestler Jillian Hall was in his care at the time of their relationship.

A week before the trial began, Amann filed a number of motions to prevent certain issues being brought up in front of the jury. Some were sealed motions, but one key motion remarkably was not – that Amann had a romantic and sexual relationship with Jillian Hall and anotehr indy wrestler whom he met at a WWE tryout. Amann asked the judge to rule those issues could not be brought up at trial in front of the jury.

Amann admitted to the relationship with Hall during depositions taken during the course of the lawsuit. Hall confirmed to Deadspin she had a relationship with him when they were traveling overseas.

Such conduct is against the code of ethics of doctors.  NYU medical ethics professor Arthur Caplan told Deadspin: “It’s a huge ethics no-no. You cannot have romantic relationships with your patients. There are a number of reasons why: First, it distorts your objectivity in terms of treating them. They can bamboozle you, or you can feel like ‘I wanna please them, so I’ll give them more pain meds,’ or whatever they’re asking for. Second, they have enough problems working with wrestlers because they have what we call dual loyalties.”

WWE issued a statement to Deadspin: “We were not aware of this. We are investigating the matter and will determine if any action is warranted.”

Dr. Amann and his lawyers did not respond to multiple requests for comment by Deadspin.

Read the full article here: Court Records: WWE Doctor Who Sued CM Punk Had Sexual Relationship With Wrestler Patient

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