NXT TAKEOVER REPORT 6/16: Ongoing coverage of event headlined with Black vs. Sullivan, Gargano vs. Ciampa Live from New Orleans

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor


Mauro Ranallo is out tonight, and they have brought in Vic Joseph to fill his spot for tonight and next weeks episode which should be the dark matches from tonight. Joseph throws to the Spanish Announce desk to introduce themselves. As Adam Cole promised on the pre-show, the tag team match is starting us off. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch come out to challenge. No Pete Dunne to neutralize Adam Cole’s presence at ringside.

1. ONEY LORCAN and DANNY BURCH vs. NXT Tag Team Champions UNDISPUTED ERA (KYLE O’REILLY and RODERICK STRONG w/Adam Cole) – NXT Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match

Strong and Lorcan start on the mat, Strong gloats a bit. Strong is significantly more heeling tonight. Strong gets isolated for a moment, then drags Burch to his corner to tag in O’Reilly. O’Reilly with some palm strike to Lorcan’s face while holding a headlock. O’Reilly wants a leapfrog and Burch grabs his leg. O’Reilly is double teamed, then Strong tries to interfere but gets taken out. It seems like Lorcan and Burch are actually getting booed a bit. O’Reilly crawls on the mat to sucker Lorcan. Lorcan and O’Reilly trade chops and positioning in the corner. Everyone in this match is wearing black trunks, or note. Burch and Strong go at it and Burch delivers offense, missile dropkick, kip up. Now Burch is in trouble. O’Reilly has a kneebar, but Burch tries to pry out. Strong tags in to keep Burch down. Backbreaker into a cover nets Strong two.

O’Reilly’s mat work in this match shows once again that he is possibly the best in-ring talnet in NXT not named Pete Dunne. Burch dodges in the corner and hits a back drop, but Strong tags O’Reilly. O’Reilly takes Lorcan off the apron but Burch recovers enough to hit a stiff headbutt, double tag. Lorcan is rolling with hot tag offense on Strong. Lorcan sends both Strong and O’Reilly out of the ring, then lands a goofy dive over the top to them both. Suplex and a running European uppercut get Lorcan a believable nearfall. Lorcan delivers running back elbows to Strong and O’Reilly, then a blockbuets to both at once, Lorcan and Burch hit their team finisher but O’Reilly breaks up the cover. Lorcan dumps O’Reilly. Burch with the Electric Chair position, Lorcan heads to the top but O’Reilly shoves him off. Strong kicks Burch’s face in, tag to O’Reilly. Knees and kicks, then Burch returns fire but eats a knee to the middle. High angle suplex, kickout, O’Reilly is trying a triangle but Burch blocks. O’Reilly gets an armbar, Burch fights his way to the ropes for a break.

Running knee from Strong, kick from O’Reilly, nearfall. Strong can’t believe Burch is still in this. A tag to O’Reilly, but a heatbutt from Burch cuts off the double tag, O’Reilly gets send outside, tag to Lorcan, double running blockbuster.  Burch sets up the team finisher, Lorcan nails it, Cole pulls O’Reilly out of the ring. The referee boots Cole from ringside. The crowd is chanting “b—s—” at Cole’s departure. Lorcan and Burch want another team finisher, Strong breaks it up, guillotine from O’Reilly to Lorcan, Lorcan suplexes out. O’Reilly gets boots up on a charge, Strong tags in, eats uppercuts, gets a knee in, chop block from Lorcan. Powerbomb into a cover, Strong kicks out, Lorcan transitions into a single crab, O’Reilly kicks Lorcan, Lorcan eats it, maintains the hold, Burch with a crossface on O’Reilly to keep him away, O’Reilly manages to kick Lorcan off of Strong.

The two teams return to their feet. Lorcan and Burch are demanding more, it’s a pier six brawl. Burch is down, Lorcan slaps the lips off O’Reilly but the numbers catch up. Chasing the Dragon defeats Lorcan.

Winners: Undisputed Era in 16:01. Did the bookers confuse Lorcan and Burch with John Cena and Roman Reigns? I cannot remember the last time a team with a total of one team win and maybe two singles wins over multiple years were this protected in a loss. This was an absolutely fantastic match, with the level of violence that you would expect from these four competitors.

Post-match, Burch helps Lorcan to his feet. The audience is on their feet clapping. It looked just like Ciampa and Gargano a year ago at Chicago, but they go to a Money in the Bank ad instead of having one turn on the other.

Lars Sullivan is shown backstage using pieces of the set as barbells to warm up. Kairi Sane is shown in the audience.

The video package on Velveteen Dream and Ricochet.

Dream is out first. He has red and yellow on, a bandana, a ripped shirt, boas, and does the hand to the ear, summoning his inner Hulk Hogan. “Dream mania running wild!” says Nigel McGuinness. Dream rips his shirt off and continues to do Hogan’s mannerisms. Is this a test balloon to see if Hulk Hogan will be well-received if he were to return? Dream gets into the ring announcer’s face and she recoils from the invasion of her space. Dream gets to the top and does all of Hogan’s muscle flexing poses. Dream is laying across on the Spanish announce desk during Ricochet’s entrance. Ricochet has angel’s wings in a cape. Richocet gets a hero’s welcome but it is hard because Dream just made such an impression. Dream slowly enters the ring.


The get close, then look back and forth at each other then the crowd. Dream’s clearly the crowd favorite. Lockup and Dream gets Ricochet in the corner, then does more Hogan posing after the break. Lockup, takedown, mat wrestling.  Dream throws the bandana in Ricochet’s face to get a momentary edge. Dream escapes a hold and moves to one of his own, Ricochet turns it around and muscles Dream into a cover for one. Richochet drags Dream down to the mat with a headlock. The announcers keep repeating that John Cena has called Dream the future of WWE. They move to a faster pace. Dream hits a head scissors takedown but Ricochet lands on his feet. Dream dodges a cartwheel, then slips under another and shakes his head at Ricochet as if to chide him. They jaw, then trade slaps, schoolboy from Ricochet for one. Ricochet backflips into a headscissors and follows with a dropkick. Ricochet wants a springboard move but Dream hits the ropes and Ricochet lands on the ropes throat first.

Dream rolls Ricochet in the ring then goes on high-impact offense in the corner. The referee pries Dream off Ricochet, then Dream argues with him, “don’t touch me, I’m the Velveteen Dream”. Does anyone have better command of their character than Dream? Slingshot senton (a Ricochet signature move) from Dream then Dream creeps on the mat. Neckbreaker gets Dream two. Dream makes fun of Ricochet and hits an elbow drop. Back elbow takes Dream down, Ricochet wants to run the ropes but Dream shoves his through the ropes, then lands a step-up dive over the top ropes. The announcers point out that this is another one of Ricochet’s moves that Dream has used.

Ricochet finally fights out and puts Dream on defense. Dream ducks an enziguri. Ricochet gets feet up in the corner then hits a dropkick, but Ricochet looks woozy. Dream outside, suicide dive from Ricochet. Then a corkscrew flipdive, Ricochet rolls Dream into the ring and hits offense in the corner. 619 through the corner, springboard European uppercut across the ring gets two. Ricochet takes a kick, makes a comeback, standing Shooting Star Press gets him two. Ricochet with a fireman’s carry, Dream slips out, begs off for a moment, dumps Ricochet outside. Ricochet climbs to the top, Dream shakes the ropes to drop Ricochet, then hits a punch. Dream to the top and wants an avalanche Death Valley Driver, Ricochet fights out. Dream wants to meet Ricochet at the top, Ricochet jumps down, but then tussle and Dream sticks an avalanche Death Valley Driver. Slow cover, Ricochet kicks out at two-and-a-half.

Dream to the top, then drops to the apron when Ricochet wants to meet him there, Ricochet to the top, Dream grabs him and hits a suplex from the apron to the outside. Ricochet is down hard and making some bad noises. The ref checks on him, then runs in the ring to start a double count. Dream in at 9, Ricochet in at 9.9. They are both slow to get to their feet and Ricochet is looking shaky. They crawl to each other, help each other up. Ricochet with a right, Dream ducks and hits a Death Valley Driver out of nowhere for a very close nearfall. They are slow to their feet, they trade shots and each one staggers the other badly. Dream suddenly tries a DDT, Ricochet hits a suplex, wants another but his back is hurt. Superkick from Dream, bicycle kick from Ricochet, rapid offense, DDT from Dream, cover, Ricochet barely kicks out at the very very very last moment.

The entire crowd is on their feet clapping and cheering for Dream. Only Dream could get cheered against Ricochet. Dream slaps Ricochet while then are lying down, then talks himself up. Dream tells Ricochet he belongs in a bingo hall and calls himself a wrestling god. Ricochet with a Death Valley Driver, Ricochet to the top as Percy Watson tells Dream his talked to much. Ricochet does Dream’s Purple Rainmaker pose, hits the Purple Rainmaker, and it’s a super close nearfall. Ricochet drags Dream to the position for the 630 senton, but Dream rolls to the middle of the ring. Ricochet thinks, plans, Dream gets knees up a cross-court shooting star press. Dream covers and it is another very close nearfall. Ricochet crawls to a corner. Dream attempts a coast-to-coast Purple Rainmaker, Ricochet dodges, goes to the top, 630 senton to Dream back.

Winner: Ricochet in 22:12. What a match. I cannot oversell the quality of this match. This was violent, brutal, athletic, a lesson in psychology, and demonstrated every possible style of wrestling. Velveteen Dream has a streak of top-level Takeover performances to match Sami Zayn now. He owned this match from the moment his music hit to the moment he took the final cover. Do not think that Ricochet didn’t do work here – he did, and then some and was just amazing – but there is something about Dream that turns every Takeover match he has into something magical, special, and memorable.

Tommaso Ciampa is shown backstage sitting on some boxes looking mean and contemplative.

Video package on Shayna Baszler winning the NXT Women’s Championship, bullying the NXT Women’s Division, then being challenged by Nikki Cross.

3. NIKKI CROSS vs. NXT Women’s Champion NIKKI CROSS – NXT Women’s Championship Match

Baszler edges towards Cross but Cross is just standing there. Cross invites offense. Baszler puts Cross down and Cross laughs. Cross suddenly crawls towards Baszler and Baszler backs to the ropes. Cross turns her back, then laughs at Baszler. Cross suddenly jumps on Baszler with a sleeper, Baszler gets out, Kirafuda Clutch, Cross gets to the ropes. Cross gets tot he outside, trips Baszler on the apron and traps Baszler in the apron. Sleep int he outside, Baszler drops back and dumps Cross on the metal ramp to break out. Baszler rolls Cross into the ring, grabs an arm and kick Cross’s face, cover for two. Baszler mounts and drops fists into Cross’s gob. Baszler tries choking Cross by holding her mouth and nose, then does it again. Baszler with another hold but Cross fights out, Baszler puts a knee into Cross’s face, then a running knee to Cross’ face but she is smiling. A third knee to the face, Cross slaps herself, then catches a fourth knee strike and hits big punches, Kirafuda Clutch, Cross suplexes out. Cross hits a Thesz Press and punches, clothesline, then stomps on Baszler in the corner. Cross to the top turnbuckle, crossbody for two. Reverse DDT on the apron gets Cross a nearfall. Baszler with the Kirafuda Clutch again, gets to the corner, swinging neckbreaker off the ropes drops Baszler, covers, Baszler gets a foot on the ropes. They roll on the ring, Kirafuda clutch mid-ring, body scissors, Cross is rolling around. Cross is desperate to break free. Cross passes out in the hold and the ref calls the match.

Winner: Shayna Baszler in 9:30. Pretty good match, and the right outcome, but Cross didn’t let Baszler hit her signature moves that make her seem so brutal and dominant. Cross looked great for standing so strong against Baszler. But this wasn’t a great match like I had hoped for.

EC3 shown in the front row. Then Keith Lee.

Video package on Lars Sullivan challenging for the NXT Championship.

Sullivan finally gets booed, during the formal introductions.

4. NXT Champion ALEISTER BLACK vs. LARS SULLIVAN – NXT Championship Match

They stare at each other across the ring out of the bell, then pace a bit. They get face-to-face, Sullivan lectures Black and Black just stares a hole in him. Sullivan tries an attack, Black has faster strikes. Rapid exchange. Sullivan catches Black Mass. They go outside and brawl. Sullivan showing agility. Double knees from the apron takes Sullivan down, in the ring strikes stun Black. Leaping knee gets Black one, then he goes strikes to a wristlock on the mat. Sullivan gets to his feet and shoves Black off. Black hits a big boot, Sullivan shrugs it off. Sullivan lifts Black off the apron, wants the Freak Accident, Black slips out. Clotheslines and Black is out of the ring. Sullivan follows but gets put into the ringpost.

Black hits a moonsault to the outside, Sullivan catches him with one arm and slams him on the apron then throws Black into the barricade. Black is selling his lower back and Sullivan runs him over in the corner for a two count. Another two count for Sullivan. Someone in the audience is chanting for EC3 for no good rason. Sullivan with a side chinlock on the mat. Black tries to punch out but takes a knee to the middle. Sullivan wants a Freak Accident, Black slips down, tries to take Sullivan down, Sullivan picks Black up and nails a powerslam for a two count. Black fights from the mat and Sullivan laughs it off. Black with more punches, Sullivan grabs his hair, Black escapes, hits the ropes, Sullivan catches him and has another powerslam for two. Sullivan to the top, running boot stops his progress, Black thinks superplex, but has to punch and elbow Sullivan into submission. Sullivan drops to the apron, trips Black up, clotheslines him off the turnbuckle. Leaping headbutt from the top, Black gets a knee up and Sullivan’s jaw is wrecked. Sullivan recovers first, they trade strikes, Black with a series of them, and out fights Sullivan. Black kips up and he is back in the game. Rapid strikes to Sullivan, Lionsault for two.

Black thinks Black Mass, but Sullivan grabs the foot and flips Black then dives at Black’s injured leg. Black with kicks but sells the knee. Sullivan wraps Blacks’ knee around his own neck mid-ring. Black turns it around sits down for a two count. Sullivan wants Freak Accident, Black reverses to a DDT and they are both down. Sullivan rolls to the apron and they both get to their feet. Black approaches, they trade shots and Black is down. Sullivan takes Black to the apron, Black hits pump kicks, Sullivan with powerslam on the apron, then goes to the top, diving headbutt, but Black kicks out at the last moment.

Sullivan tries another dive at the knee, Black jumps over, Black tries Black Mass but it’s a bit wild, barely catches Sullivan, and Sullivan kicks out. The ref is putting gloves on, not sure why. Sullivan catches Black Mass, clothesline, thinks Freak Accident, Black escapes, Black Mass. Sullivan to his knees, Black with a second Black Mass for the win. Sullivan is gushing blood from his face, looks like something in his mouth.

Winner: Aleister Black in 14:11. Not a great match at all. It was a good match. It was fine for Black to take so much offense against the dominant Sullivan, and Sullivan was well protected, but his offense lacked variety. Sullivan needs more long matches before he is ready for prime time.

Video package on the Gargano – Ciampa feud. This match is going to have a full hour.

Gargano is shown backstage watching out, in a leather vest looking grim. Candice LaRae runs out, catches up to him, and hands him a crutch, exhorting Gargano to win. On his entrance, Gargano leaves the leather outfit on, perhaps it is armor? Ciampa comes out with a crutch of his own, it’s painted camaflage to match his pants. Ciampa’s shirt seems to portray him as Thanos.


Ciampa charges the ring, the ref calls for the bell and they are going at it. Ciampa outside, Gargano with a cannonball from the apron. Gargano throws Ciampa onto the annoucner desk and Ciampa’s boot clips McGuinness hard. They brawl to the crowd. Ciampa rallies. A fan as a “Use This Sign Johnny” sign, Ciampa takes it and tries to rip it but can’t, Johnny takes it and beats Ciampa with it. Turns out there is a stop sign inside of it. Gargano beats Ciampa with the stop sign over and over again. E-C-DUB chants. Ciampa has the stop sign, but Gargano is on a table, crossbody, Gargano is hurt after landing on the concrete with his arm. Gargano lands punches to the prone Ciampa then rolls Ciampa over the barricade. Ciampa goes into the ring, Gargano gets a trash can from under the ring. Then the lid. And a chair.

Gargano swings with the trash can lid, Ciampa ducks and retaliates with a suplex. Gargano gains his feet and hits strikes after strike. Ciampa with a suplex, no release, then another, no release, then a third, no release, Gargano blocks the fourth, goes behind, release suplex of his own, Ciampa rolls outself, Gargano with a suicide dive. Gargano throws Ciampa into the ring steps, but Ciampa hits a knee lift to the face when Gargano is rooting around under the ring for another weapon. Ciampa throws Gargano into the apron, then drags the ring steps around to the side of the ring. Members of the audience tell Ciampa that he sucks. Ciampa throws a garbage can into the ring but it rolls out, he gets a trash can lid and a chair. Chair to Gargano’s stomach, then he wraps the chair around Gargano’s neck. Ciampa with punches, then drives Gargano into the ring steps so the chair’s feet hits the steps and the chair bottom slams into Gargano’s jaw and throat. That was very painful to watch.

Ciampa slams a garbage can onto Gargano’s back, then sets Gargano’s head on the ring steps and throws the garbage can into Gargano’s head. Even the heelish McGuinness is objecting. The referree is putting on gloves. Ciampa removes his shirt and tries to wrap it around Gargano’s face to choke him. Ciampa kicks Gargano in the corner, then catapults Gargano into the bottom turnbuckle. Gargano is grabbing his nose and the ref checks on him. Ciampa looks under the ring, gets leg shackles. Ciampa gets one shackle around Gargano’s arm,  but not locked onGargano fights Ciampa off, spear through the ropes. Gargano takes his belt off and whips Ciampa’s back with it one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven times. Gargano wraps it around his fist and punches Ciampa’s face, then tosses the belt.

Gargano puts the trash can on Ciampa’s head then superkicks it. Gargano sets the can in the corner through the ropes. Gargano thinks lawn dart, Ciampa escapes, Project Ciampa, knee strike, first cover of the match gets two. Ciampa runs with a can lid and puts it in front of Gargano’s face and hits a knee at once. McGuinness acknowledges that this is tough to watch. Ciampa tries picking Gargano up on the apron, Gargano hits a series of elbows to Ciampa’s head, Ciampa flips him around for a side slam of sorts onto the steps, cover is good for two.

Gargano is out in the ring, so Ciampa goes outside. Ciampa finds… loping shears? Then cuts the rops that hold the mat to the ring on one side. Ciampa pulls the mat off the ring, exposing the wood underneath. Chair to Gargano’s back. Ciampa gives the wave and continues ripping padding off the ring. Ciampa puts Gargano on the top turnbuckle in the corner where the wood is showing, then bites Gargano’s ear and laughs at the ref. Ciampa to the top too. Ciampa wants a backpack slam mayber, Gargano sldies down, wants a powerbomb, Ciampa blocks, Gargano superkicks Ciampa’s head through his legs, they are both down on the mat. They trade punches from their knees, then get to their feet to continue.

Gargano grabs a can lid, knee from Ciampa stops him. Ciampa with a crutch, Gargano hits him with the can lid, cover for a close nearfall. Camera zooms in on the welts on Ciampa’s back. Gargano wants a slingshot move to the outside, Ciampa slams his face with a can lid. Gargano is recovering next to the steps, Ciampa charges and tries a knee strike, Gargano dodges and Ciampa rolls into the ring selling his knee. Gargano rolls into the ring and punches the knee, then slams the knee over and over again with a chair, using it as a jackhammer. Gargano wants an ankle lock, Ciampa kicks Gargano out and Gargano hits the trash can in the corner, Ciampa puts Gargano in the Gargano Escape. Gargano is fading. Gargano grabs for a crutch, Ciampa turns around and tries to chock Gargano with the crutch. Ciampa bludgeons Gargano’s head with fists and finally gets the knee brace loose a bit. Ciampa with a knee to the face.

Ciampa hobbles to the corner, a crutch in hand. Ciampa slams Gargano with the crutch to the neck, Gargano barely kicks out. Gargano is bleeding from the nose. Ciampa throws Gargano outside. The announcers ask when Gargano will quit, or if the referee will need to stop the match. The audience calls for tables. Why ask for tables when the face is the one who would be the victim? Ciampa drags Gargano up the ramp and lectures Gargano as if he is the wronged party. Ciampa tells Gargano to say goodbye to Chicago, Candice, and his career, and slams Gargano into the boars at the top, of the ramp, then hits a knee to Gargano’s face. Ciampa screams it isn’t enough to the ref, that none of us know. Ciampa is dragging Gargano to the seats at the edge of the entrance area, then sets Gargano on top of boxes. Ciampa reaches down and grabs Gargano’s jaw, then takes Gargano’s wedding ring off, spits on it, then throws it. Gargano recovers, package driver off the boxes through a table and Gargano is howling in pain, dried blood all over his face. The ref calls for help (but no “X” that I can see).

Trainers pour out of the back wearing gloves to put Ciampa in a neck brace. They replay the landing. They have Ciampa in a neck brace, and Gargano is on top of the boxes watching. Gargano has an evil look like Ciampa did at Chicago last year. They put Ciampa in a backboard. Ciampa has blood all over his arm. The officials seem to be making sure to keep themselves between Gargano and Ciampa. Ciampa is put on the stretcher. Gargano is looking at his ring finger. McGuinness wonder if Gargano thinks he went to far. Gargano fires up as they wheel Ciampa out, then stomps after them. Gargano throws a trainer into the ref and pulls Ciampa to the ring on the stretcher as Ciampa begs for no more. Gargano unstraps Ciampa, punches him over and over, rolls Ciampa into the ring. Watson condemns Gargano. Gargano takes the neckbrace off Ciampa, locks in the Gargano Escape, Ciampa is tapping but there is no ref to call for the bell. Some of the men in suits try to stop Gargano but they can’t. Gargano shackles Ciampa’s arm behind his back and hits a series of superkicks to Ciampa, then chocks Ciampa. More officials come out to pull Gargano away. Gargano breaks free, and beats the suits up. Gargano back to the ring, Ciampa is out of the shackles somehow, DDTs Gargano onto the expose wood, covers, and wins.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa in 35:24. Wow did that ending take the crowd out of it. Gargano went far beyond what would be acceptable for a babyface trying to end a feud once and for all, looking like as much of a heel as Ciampa is, and then managed to lose the match too. The announcers at the end of the match reiterated over and over that Ciampa tapped out more than once, giving the feeling that we are heading for a continuation of the feud. The match itself was insane.

Post-match, Ciampa is shaking, selling nerve or neck damage, and walks to the stretcher. Ciampa leans on the stretcher to walk himself out of the ring. The officials in the ring check on Gargano who isn’t moving, they are holding his neck. LaRae checks on Gargano and Ciampa waves from the ramp. “F— you Ciampa” from the crowd as the screens goes to black.

Final Reax: It is very unusual that the two weakest matches on a Takeover are the NXT Championship match and the NXT Women’s Championship match, but here we are. To make it worse, they met the expectations that we had on the PWT Talks NXT Podcast. The rest of the card did meet and exceed expectations as well, which was a very good thing. Very difficult to pick a “match of the night” here, but I think that the Gargano – Ciampa match needs to get the nod here. Dream – Ricochet was off the charts though, and Undisputed Era – Lorcan/Burch was crazy good. Outstanding Takeover despite the rather OK championship matches.

2 Comments on NXT TAKEOVER REPORT 6/16: Ongoing coverage of event headlined with Black vs. Sullivan, Gargano vs. Ciampa Live from New Orleans

  1. Where was Bobby Fish? Thought maybe he would come out at the end of the match. Or maybe they said somewhere along the line that he would not be there and I missed it. Oh well. Really good match considering that Lorcan and Burch just don’t scream title match.
    I agree with Justin…Dream is something special. If they don’t screw it up somewhere down the road, he will be a major star in this business. Great match great finish. Liked the fact that it was clean after Dream made an error in judgement. Doesn’t hurt him at all.
    Something missing in the women’s title match, just not really sure what. Shayna just did not come off as Miss UFC here, and on the other side of the ring, you can only do the crazy nut job thing so much. This one just didn’t do much for me. Did like the smile bit at the end as Nikki was going night night. That was a nice touch.
    Again have to agree with Justin… don’t think Lars was ready for this. It wasn’t horrible, but in a World title match, “It wasn’t horrible” is not exactly what one would call “high praise”. Problem though is that if it wasn’t Lars, who else could it be? Seriously? Gargano and Ciampa were both otherwise occupied. Almas has left the building so no rematch there. Cole didn’t have a date, but apparently we’re saving that for another day. EC3? Thankfully no. So the way I see it… Keith Lee, say hello to Aleister Black!
    And then there’s those two “friends”. These guys are nuts! I thought the finish was great. The actual DDT finish. The five plus minutes leading up to it, overkill. I completely agree with Justin, way beyond what a babyface would do. Unless of course you’re Eddie Edwards. But that’s another story entirely. Since they are now tied at one a piece, I guess we can look forward to the rubber match. Who knows maybe they will do something on top of a speeding train or a platform floating in the middle of a lake. But seriously, you’ve done unsanctioned and street fight and we’re still talking WWE here, so no rope barbed wire or anything in that family is not happening, so where do you go from here. Whatever they do I’m thinking at this point these two can’t really go wrong.

  2. The best wrestling show I’ve ever seen produced by WWE. Can’t give it any higher praise than that. It had plenty of what I’ve been missing from modern day sports entertainment, and that is violence.
    All that said, it is clear that NXT has moved beyond being a developmental entity. It is its own product, and should be marketed as such. When one considers how so many performers who thrive in NXT fail when called up to WWE, it is clear to me that there needs to be a true developmental entity opened that produces a show and trains performers in sports entertainment such as that which we have on RAW and Smackdown Live. NXT is not sports entertainment. It is professional wrestling, and that is a great thing that should be allowed to thrive on its own, at least until sports entertainment can be phased out once Vince cedes full control to Triple H.

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