New Day say Hogan hasn’t shown genuine effort to change since racist, hateful comments, okay with HOF reinstatement

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

New Day (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)

The following is a transcript of a statement issued by The New Day from WWE via Kofi Kingston’s Twitter account regarding the WWE reinstatement of Hulk Hogan after what WWE described as a three year suspension. Bolded comments are our emphasis, not New Day’s.

To the WWE Universe and whoever else it may concern:

This will be the only statement we will make regarding [Hulk] Hogan’s reinstatement into WWE’s Hall of Fame. We do not wish to spend the energy debating the point, because between our kids, our external ventures, and this job, our energy is spread thin enough already, lol.

We are only writing this simply to provide an answer to the many who have bombarded us with questions on where we stand on the issue.

We preface this statement by emphasizing that this is our own opinion and may not necessarily reflect the opinion of anyone else affected.

How do we feel? Indifferent. We are not happy, or sad, angry or resentful. Who WWE puts into the HOF is totally and completely up to the company and from a career standpoint, there is no argument on whether or not Hogan should have his place. We have no problem with his re-induction in the slightest degree. It is impossible to even begin to mention the history and evolution of the business without mentioning his name and accolades.

On a personal level, when someone makes racist and hateful comments about any race or group of people, especially to the degree that Hogan made about our people, we find it difficult to simply forget, regardless of how long ago it was, or the situation in which those comments were made. But we also do not respond with more feelings of hate. Instead, we just do not associate with the people who convey or have conveyed this negative and hurtful mindset. This instance will be no different. Perhaps if we see him make a genuine effort change, then maybe our opinion will change with him. Time will tell.

Through the course of our lives, people have used racist comments towards us and it doesn’t feel good. But if we stopped moving forward every time we were met with prejudicial hatred, then we would have never achieved our current accomplishments.

We know we are worth it, we know our kids are worth it, and most importantly, we know that people that look like us are worth it and always have been. There isn’t a person on this planet who will ever be able to say anything to make us think otherwise because we believe in ourselves as a people and don’t need anyone’s approval on that, regardless of who they are.

Having said that, his reinstatement won’t change anything for us. It will have zero effect on our ability to perform or the level of effort we will put into doing what we love to do, and that is: To deliver an entertaining product each week for our fanbase.


The New Day [Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Big E]

“Never trade your authenticity for approval.”

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10 Comments on New Day say Hogan hasn’t shown genuine effort to change since racist, hateful comments, okay with HOF reinstatement

  1. Because no one but Terry Bollea has ever made a mistake.


    How many of us — black, white, Asian, Indian, or any race — would be pure as the driven snow if our conversations were being recorded and we weren’t aware of it?

    So glad we have The New Day here to clarify how everyone should feel, not to mention theirs is the most irritating gimmick in McMahonland in 25 years. The New Day on TV = channel-changing time, about 85 percent of the time.

    • The New Day doesn’t tell you how you “should feel” but how THEY feel. I imagine you have never been told by a group a people that you belong to another country, that your life is worthless, that you are simply not on the level of a human beings. Unfortunately that is what black people have to deal with in this world very often.

      Now I don’t care how you feel about them or if you think their Gimmick sucks, which is completely irrelevant in this discussion. Very relevant is your first sentence which let’s me believe that you are trying to shift blame from your thoughts to those that they are directed to. I think there is something inherently wrong with that. If you have racist thoughts – no matter if you express them or not – you are part of the problem.

      Regarding Hogan: Only apologizing for getting caught shows me that he is not sincere.

      • “Regarding Hogan: Only apologizing for getting caught shows me that he is not sincere.”

        You might very well be right.

    • Except for the fact they are over, a ratings draw, and top merchandise seller. Not to mention they CLEARLY stated this was their opinion. Never amazes me how people are so quick to defend racist behavior and then try to put the wronged party down. Shameful.

  2. Not defending racist behavior whatsoever; when did I say that?

    Heaven forbid that no one ever gets another chance in life. But I’m glad we have judges like you to tell us who should, and who shouldn’t.

    Hogan rightfully has been paying for his statement for a few years now. Back to the New Day: give us proof that they are a “ratings draw.” Yeah, because “Smackdown” kills it when they’re on. They are a comedy act. Doesn’t matter what color they are; they’re a comedy act. They also have a right to their opinion, and they stated it here.

  3. Just the fact that you are so fixated on New Day being a comedy act while brushing off the real issue of Hogan’s racism shows why this a problem that will never get any better. At least Christian gets it.

    • So, since I’m apparently morally bankrupt, why don’t you tell us what we should “do” with Hogan?

      I guess he should never, ever work again, and we should put bamboo shoots under his fingernails?

      I did say their gimmick is bad, and in my opinion, it is. I’ve been watching wrestling since 1985, and I wasn’t 7 years old then, either. I look at things from (gasp!) A WRESTLING FAN’S PERSPECTIVE! Oh, NO!

      What Hogan said was absolutely, completely, totally reprehensible. I’m one of many people, though, who realize that EVERYBODY makes mistakes, not just someone who sits in judgment of people that I already didn’t like — I’m not saying you, Sir Anthony, but a LOT of the “internet wrestling community” has righteous indignation over Hogan, and it’s fueled because they already didn’t like him. It makes it easy for them to hate him more. Do you get what I’m saying?

      • Like The New Day I am indifferent. Admittedly I was a Hogan mark growing up and to this day I get totally pumped whenever I hear “Real American”. I learned long ago to separate the performers from the real person so while I may not be a fan of Terry Bollea I still respect Hulk Hogan and if he’s part of entertaining angles I will enjoy them. Hogan may not have made wrestling what it is today but he certainly paved the way and made it possible…..What I was talking about earlier is that it seemed like you were attacking New Day for daring to air their opinion while glossing over the main issue. I’m glad you were able to remain somewhat civil and offer bullet points to further explain your position. Too many people tend to just resort to insults and name calling when confronted with opinions different from theirs. While we may have started going in that direction it was refreshing to see that ultimately we were on the same page.

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