11/6 WWE Smackdown Results: Parks’s coverage of Shane McMahon explaining World Cup situation, Survivor Series teams taking shape, Becky responds to Rousey

By Greg Parks, PWTorch Columnist

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NOVEMBER 6, 2018

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves

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– WWE Open.

– Tom Phillips opened the show from Manchester, welcoming viewers to Smackdown. Ring announcer Greg Hamilton introduced Smackdown GM Paige, who made her entrance. Paige said it was great to be home, then enthusiastically introduced the brand’s Commissioner, Shane McMahon. Fans booed that announcement. The World Cup was at ringside, presumably for Shane to claim. Shane shook hands with fans at ringside. As he did so, they showed a video package of the finals of the World Cup from Crown Jewel.

Pagie asked for a photographer to take pics of Shane with the Cup. Fans chanted “C.M. Punk.” Shane struck down the idea that he’s the best in the world. He said the trophy doesn’t belong to him, but to everyone on Smackdown Live. Shane said he acted on instinct when Miz was hurt. He didn’t want Raw to prove to be the superior brand with the win. He turned his attention to Survivor Series. He and Paige ran down the card thus far: Brock Lesnar vs. A.J. Styles, Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, AOP vs. The Bar, and Women’s and Men’s Traditional Survivor Series matches.

Shane again talked about the need for Smackdown to have bragging rights over Raw. He introduced Smackdown’s Survivor Series team captain, Daniel Bryan. Bryan thanked the fans and then thanked Shane for acknowledging he’s NOT the best in the world. As Bryan continued talking, The Miz’s music interrupted and he limped out onto the stage. Miz said he does in fact believe Shane is the best in the world. He cut the promo on the way to the ring, continuing to butter Shane up.

He did say two-thirds of the trophy is his. He asked Shane how they’d share the trophy. Miz said he has proven he’s the best and that he deserves to be Smackdown team captain. Shane so granted it. But Bryan is also a captain; they’d be co-captains. No one liked that. Bryan’s music played to end the segment.

– Tonight: Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas.

– Also: The New Day face The Usos for the right to be captains of the Tag Team Survivor Series Match.

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– Backstage, Shane confronted Miz and Bryan. He said he wants people to be uncomfortable, and he wants Bryan and Miz to bring out the best in each other. He told the two of them that by the end of the night, they need to pick their three other members. Miz said he had one pick all ready: Shane McMahon. Shane turned down the idea, but Bryan begrudgingly agreed with Miz. Bryan said no one has more on the line at Survivor Series than Shane, and he showed at Crown Jewel how much he cares about the brand. Shane then accepted. Miz allowed Bryan to have the next pick.

(1) The New Day vs. The Usos – Winning team will captain the Smackdown Tag Team Survivor Series Elimination Match

This was the Big E. and Kofi version of New Day. Kofi picked up the early advantage and Xavier Woods’s trombone playing distracted one of the Usos long enough for Big E. to get a shot in on the outside as they went to break about 1:30 into the match.

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They showed the match in split screen during the break. The Usos gained the advantage, working on cutting off the ring and keeping Kofi isolated. They were back at 4:55 of the match. Big E. finally made the tag, as did Jimmy Uso, but Big E. tossed him around with belly-to-belly suplexes. Jimmy delivered a shot to the jaw of Big E., which stunned him. Uranage by Big E. for two. Blind tag was made to Jey, as both Usos kicked E. in the head. Big E. with the Big Ending, but the pin was broken up by Jimmy. It will be five tag teams per side at Survivor Series. Big E. missed a spear, going through the ropes, but he slammed Jimmy into the barricade. Jimmy avoided a second one, sending E. into the timkeeper’s area. Kofi did a trust fall onto the Usos outside the ring. Kofi tried for a cover back in the ring, but only got two.

SOS by Kofi for two. Big E was still down outside the ring. Another two-count, this time on a cross-body off the top from Kofi. They took another break, at 9:55 of the match.

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Back at 13:27 of the bout. E finally came out of nowhere and hit the spear through the ropes, flattening Jey. Both Kofi and Jimmy were feeling the effects of the match thus far. Kofi tried a superplex off the top, but Jimmy headbutted Kofi down. Kofi went right back up and tried a hurricanrana, but Jimmy turned it into a powerbomb. Splash off the top hit for the three.

WINNERS: The Usos, in 16:09. Really good match that felt like it truly could’ve gone either way. Giving this match time in a strange way gives added importance to the Tag Team Survivor Series Elimination Match.

Both teams stayed in the ring after the match. The Usos offered New Day a spot in the Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match. The two teams shook on it, to the delight of the crowd. Graves called it a show of respect from The Usos.

– Miz was on the phone backstage, talking about the upcoming release of The Marine 6. He asked the person on the other line what talk show he’d be on to promote it. It sounded like he was getting shut down. In fact, they wanted Becky Lynch. Miz hung up on the person as Bryan walked up to him. Bryan chose Rey Mysterio for the Smackdown Survivor Series team. Miz doubted the pick, saying Rey has done nothing since returning to WWE. Bryan noted Mysterio has beaten Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Miz since coming back. Miz said if Rey impressed him tonight against Almas then Rey can be on the team. Bryan brought up a solution for how to pick the last person for their team: They each make a pick, and their picks face off in the ring with the winner becoming the last member of the team. Miz agreed. They were weirded out at the amount of times they were agreeing.

– Becky Lynch was backstage wearing her “I Am The Man” t-shirt. She’ll be out to address Ronda Rousey, next.

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– Media City in Manchester was shown.

– The announcers were shown on-camera talking about Rousey vs. Lynch at Survivor Series. They showed Rousey’s response to Lynch last night on Raw.

– Becky Lynch came out to the live crowd. She got a positive response, but it didn’t sound overwhelming – almost sounded like her music was turned up. “Becky” chants greeted the champ before she even spoke. Lynch addressed Rousey, looking into the camera. Lynch scoffed at the idea Rousey is the last person she should provoke. She said Rousey holds a title, but she’s not a champion. She said Rousey hasn’t even been tested yet. Lynch said winning comes so easily for Rousey, her body will be let down by her weak mind when she faces Lynch. Lynch said she’s been tested day in and day out and she’s still the most relentless person Rousey has ever met. She said Rousey mocked her last night. She said she wasn’t hand-picked like Rousey, but here she stands. More “Becky” chants.

Becky said she wasn’t meant to main event or the talk of the industry, “but here I am.” She said she’s not coming for Rousey’s respect, but her arm. “I don’t care if you’re the baddest bitch on the planet, because I’m going to make you mine.” Becky said she’s all fired up right now and wants to fight. She asked if anyone in the back wanted to step up and get their arm mangled in Manchester. Sanity’s music played and they walked out. Eric Young pointed to the entrance where Nikki Cross ran out. Cross sprinted to the ring and bounced off the ropes. Lynch asked Cross who she thinks she is to step to the champ. Cross took the mic and said, “I’ll play with you, Becky.” She didn’t tell Becky she knew a secret, though. Lynch said the champ doesn’t play, the champ fights. Looks like a match, next.

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(2) Becky Lynch vs. Nikki Cross

The bell rang about a minute before the top of the second hour. Nikki fought out of a quick cover and refused to stay down when Becky kept knocking her around. Headscissors take-over by Cross. Cross was shoved out of the ring by Lynch.


Cross tripped up Lynch while she was on the apron, trapping Lynch in the ring skirt. Lynch got the advantage by pulling Cross’s leg, sending her back-first into the apron. She then tossed Cross into the barricade a few times. In the ring, Cross rolled up Lynch for two, but a heel kick put Cross back down. Bexploder suplex. The crowd began the match chanting for Nikki, but at this point, they were chanting for Becky. Cross battled out of the corner and built some momentum. Bulldog by Cross. She went to the top rope and hit a cross-body for two. Inverted DDT, also for two. In desperation, Lynch sent Cross throat-first across the bottom rope. She then applied the Disarm-Her for the tap-out win.

WINNER: Lynch, at 5:37. This had the feel of when Pete Dunne appeared on Raw in the UK some time ago – as in, not a permanent thing for Cross. I didn’t think this was Cross’s best showing, but a nice surprise for those who didn’t read spoilers.

– Miz was taking a selfie backstage when Bryan came up and told him his pick for the last spot on their Survivor Series team – Jeff Hardy. Miz talked him up, but then revealed his choice: Samoa Joe, who walked onto the scene. “May the best man…win,” he said. Bryan seemed dejected at that reveal.

– Tonight, it’s Hardy vs. Joe to determine who joins Team Smackdown.

– Rey Mysterio made his entrance for his match against Andrade Almas. It’s next.

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– Shinsuke Nakamura cut a selfie promo on Seth Rollins. He talked about the best friends that have abandoned Rollins of late. He said he can make Rollins forget all of his other problems, via a knee to the face.

(3) Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

Almas just doesn’t have the same vibe without Zelina Vega by his side. Mysterio attempted to increase the pace early on, while Almas was content to slow it down. Back elbow by Almas knocked Rey off his feet. That’s such a cool move. Running knee to the jaw in the corner by Almas, but a pin only garnered him a one-count. Almas missed anothe rknee attempt and fell to the outside. Almas caught a seated senton attempt and slammed Rey into the barricade. They went to break at 2:07 of the match.

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The match was shown in split-screen during break. Almas worked over the left arm of Mysterio during that time. Back at 4:06 with Almas missing a double-knees in the corner. Mysterio began his trademark comeback. A boot to the side of the face of Almas allowed Rey to pick up a two-count. The crowd chanted “619” as Rey scaled the turnbuckle. Almas met him there and tried suplex him off. Almas moonsaulted out of a sunset flip attempt, hit the double-knees, and got a near-fall. “This is awesome” chants. Almas went to the top, but Rey got his knees up on a moonsault. Almas dodged a 619 and put Rey on his shoulders. Rey flipped Almas over the top and went with him, but Almas impressively retained control of Rey on his shoulders. Rey took back over outside the ring. Rey headscissored Almas into position, the connected on the 619 and dropped the dime for the win.

WINNER: Mysterio, in 8:21. A fun match with some unique moves. This must’ve been a real thrill for Almas, but the moment wasn’t too big for him.

After the match, Randy Orton ran in and hit an RKO, truly outta nowhere, on Mysterio. The co-captains were shown watching on a monitor backstage. Bryan accused Miz of sending Orton out there to sabotage his pick. Miz said he and Orton aren’t exactly talking. He jokingly asked what happened and asked if Rey lost. Bryan got irate, thinking Miz didn’t even watch the match, but Miz said he just likes riling Bryan up. He said Rey is on the team. They talked about the possibility of Joe being on the team despite what he did to Bryan last week.

– Tonight, Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe.

– Up next, Paige reveals the Smackdown Women’s Survivor Series team.

– On-camera, Tom Phillips talked about WWE’s partnership with Girl Up. They showed a video package on that partnership.

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– They showed what appeared to be Christmas lights lit up around Manchester.

– The announcers plugged Travel Packages currently available for Wrestlemania.

– A.J. Styles was shown backstage, WWE Title over his shoulder. He said life as a WWE Champion is unpredictable. He talked about his title reign starting in Manchester. Styles said his reward is to face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series for the second year in a row. Styles said Lesnar is unlike anyone he has ever faced in the ring. He talked about all he threw at Lesnar last year, and how it wasn’t enough. Styles said he will beat Lesnar at Survivor Series – and that’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler. Bold.

– Paige was in the ring to reveal the Smackdown Women’s Survivor Series team. The first talent was Carmella. She came out with a mic, and with R-Truth. The two rapped to the ring. Naomi was revealed to be the next participant. Sonya Deville was out as the third entrant. Fourth was Asuka. And finally, Charlotte Flair. Except Charlotte didn’t come out when her music played. Instead, Charlotte’s music was cut and Mandy Rose’s played. Mandy said she wasn’t the blond Paige ordered, but “surprise!” Paige said Mandy isn’t going to be on the team. Mandy said she’s just curious why Paige chose Sonya over her. Mandy said she’s really happy for Sonya, but she’s the one who eliminated Sonya in the Evolution Battle Royal. Mandy put down each of Paige’s selections. Naomi had enough and took a shot at Mandy. The two had to be separated by the other wrestlers in the ring. Eventually Sonya and Mandy stood across from each other. Mandy backed out of the ring. Mandy had some good material there and did well with it.

– Next, it’s Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe for an opportunity to be a part of the Smackdown Men’s Elimination Match.

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PWTorch editor Wade Keller along with Greg Parks and Rich Fann provide analysis of Smackdown with Survivor Series developments, Miz and Daniel Bryan sort of get along, Becky Lynch responds to Ronda Rousey, and much more. There is also an extended report from our on-site correspondent in Manchester with one of the great moments in WKPWP history happens mid-conversation, and then the Mailbag and closing comments.

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(4) Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe – Winner added to the Smackdown Men’s Survivor Series Team

Bryan and Miz were on commentary for this match. Joe ran right into Jeff to start the match. “That’s your choice?” Joe yelled at Bryan at ringside. Whisper in the Wind by Jeff hit for two. Joe bailed to ringside, where Jeff kicked him through the ropes. Bryan chastised Miz on commentary for talking about himself when two men are in the ring battling for a spot at Survivor Series. Joe got the advantage just before they went to break, at 1:30 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 5:49 of the match with Joe pummeling Hardy with rights in the corner. Jeff began to fight back, but it didn’t last. Joe applied a neck vise to wear down Hardy. Outside the ring, Jeff ran the barricade and hit a clothesline. Back in, Jeff was able to stay on offense. Twist of Fate by Jeff, which followed a jawbreaker. To the top went Jeff, but he came down on the knees of Joe. Coquina Clutch applied, and Jeff tapped.

WINNER: Joe, via submission, in 9:27.

Replays of the finish were shown. Joe got in Bryan’s face outside the ring, celebrating. Bryan went after Joe and the two went into the ring. Yes Lock by Bryan in the ring, but Miz pried Bryan off of Joe. Bryan then attacked Miz. Shane McMahon came from behind to stop him and without knowing who it was, Bryan took Shane down. Bryan then marched to the back to close the show.

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