RADICAN UNBOXES – November 2018 “Texas” Pro Wrestling Crate featuring items from Steve Austin, Booker T, Dustin Rhodes, ACH, Eddie Guerrero, and more! (w/coupon code)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


The latest PWTorch.com monthly unboxing video for ProWrestlingCrate.com features an unboxing of their November 2018 crate. The theme this month is “Texas.”

ATTENTION: There is one main subscription option with two t-shirts along with a signed 8×10 from a wrestling legend or indie wrestler. They will also include other items such as an exclusive Micro Brawler and pin, DVDs, art prints, stickers, and more. Depending on the length of your subscription, you can purchase this box for anywhere from 23.95 plus shipping with a year subscription to 29.95 with a monthly subscription.

PWCrate still offers to other options for people that want to subscribe to their service, but are on a budget. The Cheap Heat box is $9.99 that includes an autographed 8×10 from a legend or indie wrestler and two of the collectibles from the regular boxes. Finally, PWCrate still has an option called a Mid Card box for 14.95 plus shipping. This box will get you a shirt designed by Pro Wrestling Tees and a signed 8×10 from an indie or legend wrestler.

It’s tough to come up with a different theme every month, but PWCrate has done a good job of mixing up the content in their subscriptions services. The November crate included some really cool items tied into the “Texas” theme for the month.

I would say the two shirts in the box this month were both hits. I liked the design of the Steve Austin “Bionic Skull” shirt. It’s a slick looking design and it’s not too far over the top, which can be a problem with wrestling shirts. The Terry Funk shirt also features a cool variation of the “Funk University” theme. I liked how the design was made to look  like it had some wear to it.

The rest of the crate featured some cool items. The Booker T pin is a fantastic caricature of Booker T’s expressive face. The Lance Archer KES sticker has a cool skull-based design much like the Austin shirt even though it looks different. My favorite item in the box was the Dustin Rhodes Goldust pen. The fact that it has gold glitter inside of it that floats around if you move the pen around is an awesome feature.

One of the best things about PWCrate each month are the Micro Brawlers. The packaging is old school, but the way these little figures are designed ensures they have a lot of detail. Eddie Guerrero was a great choice for the Micro Brawler this month and his colorful attire looks great.

You get way more than $29.95 of value out of every PWCrate. Your costs are covered right off the bat with the two shirts included in every crate. PWCrate goes out of their way to include some great collectibles, which will make you look forward to your box arriving on your doorstep each month.

And now to the unboxing video!

There are several pro wrestling mystery boxes on the market now. In my opinion PWCrate is still the best. The shirts are fantastic and you get a ton of value for your money. The crates sell out fast each month, so I suggest getting your order in as soon as possible. The actual cutoff date for the next box is January 9, but you don’t want to wait or you risk the box selling out. The theme next month is “Best of the Indies V” and names already announced for the crate are S.C.U., Joey Janela, Rey Fenix, Jay White, Trent & Chuckie T, Tenille Dashwood, and Tessa Blanchard.

ATTENTION: You can purchase a subscription to PWCrate by visiting ProWrestlingCrate.com. Also, You can save 20% off your first purchase at ProWrestlingCrate.com by using the code “PWTORCH.”

Contact Sean at radicansean@pwtorch.com. Follow him on Twitter @sr_torch. 

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