AEW News: Plans for working with other promotions, contract details for talent, BTE crew shows up at Bar Wrestling

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist

AEW fires BJ Whitmer


-PWTorch has learned that AEW is open to working with as many promotions as possible. Right now the only announced partnership is with CIMA’s OWE promotion based out of China. Although PAC showed up with the Open The Dream Gate Championship from Dragon Gate at AEW’s Double or Nothing rally last week, the two companies do not have a working agreement in place, although AEW is open to working with Dragon Gate.

-Cody Rhodes says he doesn’t plan to hire writers to work with wrestlers in AEW. He is going to lean against micromanaging the wrestlers and let their own creativity define their acts. “When you have like-minded super-professionals like Matt and Nick, like Hangman Page, when you have likeminded super-professionals, it’s fun to see how everyone works for that common goal,” Rhodes told SEScoops. Cody said he will keep things in-house for now and let the wrestlers play their own music with some guidance.

“Again, the wrestling I grew up on. We’re talking bullet points, we’re talking an overall knowledge of the business, and hey, let them go out and play.  Take a look back at the wrestling you and I love. For the most part, they’re all grown men and women doing what they were hired to do. They’ve cut their teeth, they’ve paid their dues and now they’re going to go out there and play their music. I would very much like a presentation that mirrors that. We don’t need to micro-manage and we certainly don’t need to script a great deal of the product we’re planning.”

Rhodes went on to say in the interview that no writer would be hired for AEW anytime soon. Rhodes believes that the wrestlers are the writers. “This is probably going to be an unpopular thing to say, but I will say it,” said Rhodes. “There won’t be a writer hired for All Elite Wrestling any time soon. Because wrestlers are the writers. We’re the writers. Like I said with guys going out there and playing their own music, believe me – the day comes that I see ‘this is something we can really benefit from’ – absolutely, but I knew 40 writers in WWE and about 4 of them actually did anything. The reason I remember them and value them, they helped produce pre-tapes, they were team players, so right now that’s one thing we’ve gotten a lot of questions about. We’re keeping it very in-house for now.”

-Multiple sources tell PWTorch that many AEW contracts allow talent to work outside of AEW and take independent dates, but that each contract is different and has different stipulations. As first reported by Dave Meltzer, Chris Jericho’s AEW contract allows him to run his wrestling cruise and wrestle in NJPW. PWTorch has also confirmed with sources that Joey Janela and MJF have contracts that allow them to work independent dates as well. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer has reported that MJF is also expected to be allowed to continue to work in MLW. Tony Khan is the head of creative for AEW and Executive VPs Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks will serve as the creative team.

-S.C.U. wrestled for Bar Wrestling last night in Los Angeles and were joined in surprise appearances by The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, and Adam Page. Bar wrestling is owned by Joey Ryan. The group interfered in S.C.U.’s match against Johnny Yuma & Kevin Martenson & Eric Watts.

The appearance saw Cody, who needs to have knee surgery soon, hit a dive to the floor. Also the Young Bucks hit a bunch of superkicks, Brandi hit her bionic spear, and Hangman Page and Joey Ryan settled their feud from Being the Elite.

Cody teased being there to sign someone to AEW. The crowd chanted for him to sign Joey Ryan, but Nick announced that Ryan is under contract to Lucha Underground until 2028. Rhodes then announced he was hiring everyone in the crowd and signing them to an AEW contract only for Brandi to have him announce that he had to fire all of them right now. He then told the fans not to cheer for 90 days at any other wrestling event.

You can watch Cody’s promo on the show with the cast of Being the Elite and Joey Ryan below:



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