Question of the Week – Undertaker’s WrestleMania Opponent This Year should be?… Drew McIntyre, Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, Retire Instead (Batch #3)

Undertaker (photo credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


If Undertaker wrestles on WrestleMania 35 this year, would you like to see him wrestle?

Would you prefer to see him against another veteran or legend, another monster, a smaller young wrestler, or a main roster heavyweight?

Let us know your top pick and explain why you think it’d be either good for business or good for the Undertaker opponent or good for fans (or all of the above!). You can also list a few back-up candidates and also who you absolutely don’t want to see him wrestle! And if you DO NOT want him to wrestle again, explain why.

Below are the first batch of reader picks… After reading them, send your pick to reader Conor Leaden writes…

This is a tough one. I don’t particularly want to see the Undertaker wrestling any kind of marquee match again given his diminished physical condition and because the only role I can see for him is to put someone else over in convincing fashion. Even this does not seem like a particularly worthwhile endeavour as most of the shine from beating the Undertaker at WrestleMania has already gone to Brock Lesnar and to a lesser extent Roman Reigns.

If I had to see him wrestle someone it would be Drew McIntyre. McIntyre’s character has identified himself as a locker room leader, a mantle the Undertaker has carried in reality for years. A program could easily be built around this with Drew McIntyre also referencing how he put Kurt Angle out of his misery and he intends to do the same to the Undertaker.

I would focus the build heavily on how physically dominant McIntyre is and a fear for the Undertaker’s physical well-being. It’s time to acknowledge his morality. Even some segments with Angle, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H trying to talk him out of facing McIntyre but Undertaker’s pride getting in the way. You could also have McIntyre beat and destroy Kane in the build as a sign of things to come for the Undertaker. This would be fascinating storytelling and a completely new angle for the Undertaker but one which may be mirroring reality a bit too closely for the Undertaker’s liking.

The match itself would need to be keep short with McIntyre dominating but Undertaker hitting a few signature spots before McIntyre finishes him off with a Claymore and then a Tombstone of his own. This finish and booking is contingent on this being the Undertaker’s final appearance. If produced correctly, I feel this could give McIntyre the platform to establish himself as the lead heel act on Raw in the post WrestleMania season and potentially years to come.

PWTorch reader Casey Boomhower writes…

Braun Strowman.

PWTorch reader Ward Bouhamdan writes…

I want him to face Brock Lesnar, and defeat him before he retires.


PWTorch reader Christopher Getzan writes…

No one.

WWE continues to rely far too much on talent which should’ve aged out of the ring long ago, taking valuable screen time away from younger wrestlers who would be better served being built up for the future. ‘Taker also does nothing for his legacy (nor anyone else’s) wrestling in the state his body is in.

PWTorch reader Phillip Fisher writes…

I remember the year the Undertaker started. And I remember watching him succeed in many matches. He was a good guy or bad guy or whatever you wanted to call him. But I look at him today and he still looks quite physically fit. Even though he is a bit older, he can still do things in the ring that most young guys in the ring cannot do. It’s not the athletic abilities that make you a great wrestler it’s the persona that you show where you step in that ring. And the respect that you get from not just the crowd but the opponent.

I’ve seen a lot of retired wrestlers wrestle matches after they’ve retired so I don’t think the Undertaker’s going away anytime soon, but I do think that he would be a great manager for some abilities and thought train along the lines of the Undertaker. I don’t know if Taker would be interested in doing that, but he should be asked. As far as Kane is concerned he has his abilities of being a mayor of his town. I think he has a couple more years under his belt to go. Just because a person gets to a certain age does not mean that they don’t have the ability to win their matches. I would like to see Undertaker pull off another surprising victory in WrestleMania 35. Before he decides that it’s time to retire. That would be a crowning glory for his great career.

PWTorch reader Bob Taylor writes…

I really think that the Undertaker should retire now while fan’s memories of him as a dark hero retire with him. Mark Calloway has always been a great entertainer over the years and that’s the way he should go out. 1 more loss would only ruin that.

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4 Comments on Question of the Week – Undertaker’s WrestleMania Opponent This Year should be?… Drew McIntyre, Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, Retire Instead (Batch #3)

  1. The Undertaker should continue to wrestle as long as he wants to and not because somebody says he shouldn’t. With that said he should face the icon Sting and if not Sting it should be the phenomenal AJ Styles or Fin Balor at WM35.

  2. I think the Undertaker should either face Sting, Goldberg, Drew McIntyre, or Rey Mysterio.
    But no matter who he faces, it had to be a win, or the streak will mean nothing. I wish Undertaker would be on more often, like making a modern day Ministry of Darkness with Finn Balor, McIntyre, and Aleister Black. Or have Kane work a feud with him again, but this time the fans have to choose, loving a Babyface Kane, or a new heel Undertaker. But no matter what, it had to be a W!

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