WWE News: Corino’s role in WWE expands, now working a variety of roles on the main roster

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist

Former champion reportedly returning to WWE


PWTorch sources have confirmed that Steve Corino, who was serving as a producer at NXT as well as booking the live events on the Florida loop, has been moved up to work behind the scenes at Raw and Smackdown. PWTorch learned several weeks ago that Corino’s role had expanded and he recently finished up as a coach at NXT. Corino’s role at the WWE PC will be filled by Johnny Moss according to sources.

Corino recently began booking the Raw and Smackdown live events with Michael Hayes. In addition to his duties booking live events, Corino now fills a variety of roles behind the scenes on the main roster, but PWTorch has learned that he will only produce at NXT TV tapings and Takeover specials for now. One source described Corino as a good utility player that isn’t a star, but can do a number of things well for the team.

Corino is well liked behind the scenes by those that work with him according to PWTorch sources and is seen as a someone that has a great mind for wrestling. His knowlege will now be put to use in a variety or roles across NXT, Smackdown, and Raw.

Radican’s Analysis: Corino was a well-liked coach at NXT and he produced some of the more memorable matches on Takeover over the course of the last year. His ascension to the main roster is a sign that he’s seen as a valuable player behind the scenes for WWE.

Although he listed himself as a WWE producer in his bio on Twitter recently, he is going to be filling numerous roles on the main roster and only helping to produce matches if he needed. Otherwise, he will only produce at NXT TV tapings and Takeover specials. It will be interesting to see what Corino does next, as WWE has given him a lot of different responsibilities across their three main brands. 

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