2/10 STARDOM NEW YEARS STARS results: JAN vs. Queen’s Quest in an eight-woman elimination match, Hana Kimura vs. Starlight Kid

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


FEBRUARY 10, 2019

Ruaka said she wanted to defeat the “Pink Bean Sprout” Saki Kashima because she’s bigger than her.


Kashima hit a series of running kicks on Ruaka in the ropes, causing the referee to call for the bell.

WINNER: Saki Kashima in 3:22.

(Pageot’s Perspective: It appeared that Ruaka may have been legitimately hurt. Kashima seemed caught off guard by the referee ending things when he did and Jungle Kyona and the rest of JAN immediately jumped on the apron to check on Ruaka and help her to the back.)

-Alex Gracia said Bobbi Tyler seems like a cool chick. They both have dyed hair and like techy stuff.


Tyler won with a jumping pump-kick.

WINNER: Bobbi Tyler in 4:39.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Not great. Even my girlfriend, who’s only been watching wrestling for a month, called it “sloppy.”)

-Oedo Tai said they’re facing the little turds again. Kagestu told their manager, Nao Yamaguchi, to do something about it. Hanan and her younger sisters said they’d show them that they’re not pieces of crap. Kagetsu wore a paper panda mask to the ring. (Any correlation to the disappearance of Tam Nakano’s missing Producer P?)

(3) OEDO TAI (World Of Stardom Champion Kagetsu, High Speed Champion Hazuki, & Jamie Hayter w/Nao Yamaguchi) vs. HANAN SHIMAI (Hanan, Hina, & Rina)

Kagetsu and Hayter hung out at ringside, confident that Hazuki could beat the three sisters all by herself. Every time they climbed onto the apron to consider tagging in the youngsters would knock them off to the floor. As Kagetsu distracted the ref Yamaguchi jumped in and stomped away at the kids. Hanan locked in an armbar but Kagetsu and Hayter broke things up. The twins disposed of them with hip-tosses. Hazuki distracted the ref to allow Hayter and Kagetsu to double-team Hanan behind his back. Hanan tapped to a crossface without either of her partners ever (legally) entering the match.)

WINNERS: Oedo Tai in 8:10.

(Pageot’s Perspective: This was pretty fun. The three sisters have become one of our favorite acts in Stardom and we anxiously look forward to see who they’re going to lose to each show. The first time they manage to steal a win over one of the more legitimate teams we will pop hard.)

-Starlight Kid said Hana Kimura ripped her mask off the last time they fought.


Kid dropkicked Kimura around the ring and to the floor but Kimura moved when she looked for a top-rope crossbody. Kimura dragged Kid into the stands and kicked her back down the stairs. She started to undo her mask as Bobbi Tyler showed up to help. Together they tied Kid’s mask to the ring post. The referee started to count her out as the other Stars members tried to free her. Kid tried for a sleeperhold at 9:00 but Kimura powered out twice. Kid hit a top rope crossbody, tiger feint kick, and standing moonsault for a near-fall. Kimura appeared to have the match won at 12:00 but chose to pull Kid up, stopping the pin, so she could hit one more missile dropkick.

WINNER: Hana Kimura in 12:07.

(Pageot’s Perspective: A good one with one of the most babyface of babyfaces in the promotion going up against one of the most ruthless heels. Surprised the mask didn’t play into the finish at all, though, considering the backstory and start of the proceedings here.

-JAN said this was Saya Iida’s first main event. She was nervous but they assured her they’d win and get to close the show again. Queen’s Quest said Stars don’t want to fight them so they’ll beat up JAN instead.

(5) QUEEN’S QUEST (Goddess Of Stardom Champion/Wonder Of Stardom Champion Momo Watanabe, Goddess Of Stardom Champion/Future Of Stardom Champion/SWA World Champion Utami Hayashishita, Konami, & AZM) vs. JAN (Jungle Kyona, Natsuko Tora, Kaori Yoneyama, & Saya Iida) – ELIMINATION MATCH

Elimination occurred via pinfall, submission, or going over the top rope to the floor. Kyona and AZM started. JAN cleared the rest of QQ from the apron and quadruple-teamed AZM. They picked her up and dumped her over the top rope but she landed on the apron and the rest of QQ prevented her from hitting the floor. AZM ended up pinning Iida after a top-rope double stomp.

Saya Iida was eliminated at 5:51.

Kyona and Yoneyama dumped AZM to the apron again but she skinned the cat. Yoneyama tumbled over the top rope and wound up on the apron next to her. Konami ran Kyona into both of them, knocking them off.

AZM and Kaori Yoneyama were eliminated at 6:40.

Konami pulled Kyona over the top rope with an armbar and hung on but Kyona fought her off. Kyona with a clothesline to Konami on the apron and she shoved her off from below.

Konami was eliminated at 8:26.

Kyona and Tora squared off against the tag champs that took the titles from them. Kyona looked for a superplex on Watanabe but Hayashishita grabbed her in powerbomb position instead and dropped her over the top rope onto the apron. Watanabe ended up knocking her off with a running knee.

Jungle Kyona was eliminated at 15:05.

Tora unloaded with chops on Watanabe. Hayashishita with a torture rack slam and Watanabe with running knees but Tora kicked out. Watanabe charged Tora, who ducked. Watanabe tumbled over the top rope to the apron and Tora hit a shoulder block to knock her off.

Momo Watanabe was eliminated at 16:58.

It came down to Tora vs. Hayashishita. Hayashishita wound up on the apron but re-entered to hit a dropkick as Tora came off the ropes. Spinebuster from Tora but Hayashishita avoided a top-rope splash. Delayed German suplex from Hayashishita but Tora kicked out at two and a half. Hayashishita hit a spinning slam for the win.

WINNERS: Queen’s Quest in 19:41.

-Hayashishita reminded us that she and Momo defend the tag titles against Iwatani & Hoshiki on the next show while AZM challenges Hazuki for the high speed title. AZM said she’ll never join JAN because she’s QQ’s commander.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Very good main event with the elimination stipulation adding a lot. As the match started my girlfriend and I discussed that we find Tora and Arisa Hoshiki to be the most forgettable members of the Stardom roster after having watched full-time for a month and a half now. This definitely helped raise Tora in our estimation. The next show ought to be a doozy.)

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