Roman Reigns talks about being inspired by fans in Good Morning America interview, doesn’t offer any details on treatment or his future

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Roman Reigns comments on Brock Lesnar
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On ABC’s “Good Morning America” this morning, Robin Roberts interviewed Roman Reigns about his cancer going into remission. Robin’s first comment to Roman was, “I love how you threw in y’all.” He smiled and said, “That’s the South in me. You wouldn’t know it, but I was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida. Just a Southern boy.”

He said the announcement on Raw was amazing and something he thought of over and over. He said the fans were gentle and sent so much love. He said he doesn’t usually get nervous, but he was nervous last night. “It just really, the perfectionist in me, the OCD came out,” he said. He said he felt the love and prayers and blessings from the whole world.

Reigns said they are a PG product at WWE and the families drive the business and they strive to be role models. “Sometimes children are the most resilient warriors out there,” he said. “We do so many different charitable causes, I’ve been able to see kids who are in the big fight at pediatric hospitals.” He talked about those kids inspiring him. He said he can’t wait to get back to Dallas to visit the kids again who made a video for him.

Robins asked about how his family has supported him since he was first diagnosed when he was 21. He said sometimes families suffer the most whereas the person who is sick is centered on their own health day after day and continue to progress. He said his mother has been the biggest worry wart. “Mom, I love, you but you have to chill out,” he said with a smile. He said last time he was on an island by himself, but this time he felt he was surrounded by guardian angles. He said he felt terror and fears, but it was quickly alleviated by his fans who rallied behind him.

Robins asked how he will spread the word about pediatric cancer. He said he has a huge platform within WWE and on shows like “Good Morning America,” and every time he steps into the ring, it’s a symbol of hope and inspiration. He said they will create funds and foundations. “We’re not just going to talk about,” he said. “We want to make people aware, but we also want to roll our sleeves and get our hands dirty.”

Robins read a Tweet from Dwayne Johnson and then asked what it will feel to be in a movie with The Rock. He said he’s not a fan of watching his own work on the screen, but he said being able to be around The Rock is always great because he’s such a great person.

There were no questions about his treatment the last four months or details on his future – professionally or personally health-wise – other than an assumption that he will be wrestling again.

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