4/17 NXT TV REPORT: Dream vs. Murphy, Dijakovic wins quickly, Baszler vs. Sane headlines, plus Undisputed Era-Gargano exchange

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor


APRIL 17, 2019

NXT starts with a huge announcement, that Kairi Sane will get a title shot against Shayna Baszler, and if she loses can never have another title opportunity again. Since she debuted on Smackdown last night…

Velveteen Dream is out first, to defend the NXT North American Championship against Buddy Murphy.

1. NXT North American Champion VELVETEEN DREAM vs. BUDDY MURPHY – NXT North American Champion Match

Dream starts the match by taunting Murphy a bit. They finally lockup and end up all over the ropes. Dream pushes Murphy in the corner who responds with a headlock to wear Dream down. Dream reverses the hold. The pace picks up a bit. They trade arm sweeps into almost one-counts then both kip up. Dream poses at Murphy. The push each other, then duck each other’s punches. Head scissors sends Dream outside, Murphy thinks a dive, Dream slips into the ring, poses from his knees, Murphy smashes him in the face with a knee for a very close nearfall. Dream is stunned long after the kickout. Murphy slams Dream’s face into the ringpost and he falls to the ramp. Murphy flies over the top rope to land on Dream, rolls him into the ring for top rope double knees and another nearfall. Dream ducks a knee, gets a boot up in the corner, then walks right into a sleeper hold. Dream drops to the mat as Murphy tightens the hold. Dream slams Murphy into the corner to break free.

Murphy posts Dream out of spite, then Dream back elbows out of the corner. Dream goes to the top but gets knocked down, but hits a superkick to reset the match. Dream suddenly is able to get a flurry of offense. Springboard axe handle followed by another off the top to the outside. Dream rolls Murphy into the ring, Murphy jumps under the Purple Rainmaker, Dream lands on his feet, nails a Codebreaker for two. Dream rolls onto Murphy, lifts him up for the Dreamvalley Driver, Murphy escapes and hits a tornado DDT into the ropes. Murphy to the top but Dream has a big right for him. Dream wants a superplex to the ramp it looks like, Murphy fights and they both land on the outside and the ref starts a double count.

They barely beat the count and brawl from their knees. DDT out of the brawl nearly beats Dream. They tangle on the top, Murphy front suplexes Dream off, follows up, Dream lands a Dreamvalley Driver out of nowhere for a nearfall. Murphy takes Dream off the top, powerbomb out of the corner gets another nearfall. Knee takes Dream off the apron and to the outside, he looks like he is completely out. Dream is total deadweight, and Murphy rolls into the ring to break the count at 9, then rolls Dream inside. Dream has a Fameasser through the ropes, Dreamvalley Driver, Purple Rainmaker.

Winner: Velveteen Dream at 14:57. Really good match, though it relied a bit too much on nearfalls. Murphy and Dream are both standout talents, and they put on a nearly-fifteen minute match that never worked out its welcome.

Dominik Dijakovic is billed as in action tonight, but no mention of Keith Lee who we were told he would face this week.

Street Profits vignette. They promise to create opportunities by knocking on William Regal’s door like everyone else. That hasn’t worked in about 6 months I think. They knock on the door, it opens, and Hanson and Rowe step out. Rowe says they already talked to Regal and booked a match for next week (no clue if it is a title match or not). Hanson tells them to be careful what they wish for. They were wear “War Raiders” shirts not “The Viking Experience” thankfully.

Johnny Gargano comes out in street clothes (including a “Johnny Champion” shirt) to address the crowd. He has hugs for the kids along the ramp. I think he is wearing a Lucky Charms bracelet. He says that they have been waiting a very very very very long time. He is proud to be the champion finally. Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish stomp out. No Roderick Strong. Cole says he was really the winner. Cole declares himself to be the uncrowned champion and Gargano is a punk. Gargano asks why Cole is so angry, is there trouble in his boy band? Gargano acknowledges that Cole won the first fall of their match, and then Gargano made Cole submit twice in a row. That isn’t just “definitive”, it is “undisputed”. Cole tells Gargano to shut up, but Gargano says that the fact is, he actually won and is the champion. Gargano invites Cole into the ring so he can prove himself some more. They drop their mics. Gargano removes the belt. Roderick Strong jumps out of nowhere from the side to ambush Gargano. The rest of Undisputed Era come out to abuse Gargano.

Brief package on Kushido.

Video package on the recent call ups, including, bizarrely, EC3 and Lars Sullivan, as well as “NXT Tag Team Champions, The Viking Experience”.


Immediate cyclone kick knocks Frye out.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic at 0:13.

Dijakovic says that he is only in NXT because his family gave him the opportunity by coming to the US. His blood drives him to opportunity. He sees the North American Championship, so Dream needs to feast his eyes.

Cathy Kelley is in the hallway, she somehow knew Undisputed Era was coming through that door. She asks about the post-Takeover tension. Cole says that they don’t let things get out of control. William Regal suddenly appears out of nowhere. He says he just spoke with Gargano and says he is willing to face Undisputed Era. Regal says that Gargano didn’t want to face Cole, he wants to face Strong and the match is booked for next week. Strong gloats, but Cole looks a bit annoyed.

Regal appearing after the incredible troll on the audience earlier outside his office was one of the best pieces of very meta humor I have seen in a while. I thought earlier that they were acknowledging the questions and turning it into a running joke, and I was curious what the payoff could be, and here we have him returning after the swerve.

Aliyah and Vanessa Bourne says they couldn’t compete last week because they had too much fun in New York City and tell Candice LaRae to find herself a partner for next week.

3. NXT Champion SHAYNA BASZLER (w/Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir) vs. KAIRI SANE – NXT Women’s Championship Match – Sane’s last opportunity for the NXT Women’s Championship

Sane outwits Baszler for a moment, Baszler backs Sane into the corner, Sane switches and drops Baszler into the corner, then out of the mat followed by a crossbody. Sane rolls Baszler into the ring, elbow from the top, but doesn’t get a count from it. Baszler lands an elbow then Sane does. Baszler ducks a clothesline and delivers kicks and a knee for two. Baszler steps on Sane’s foot and beats her a bit, then lands a running knee in the corner for two. Standing sleeper from Baszler but Sane escapes and ducks a knee, then hits the Interceptor spear, but Sane can’t followup. Sane sells jaw pain, but lands big palm strikes. Dragon screw takes Baszler down, then a blockbuster. Baszler gets caught in the Anchor, but Baszler crawls to the ropes. Sane fires up, heads to the top turnbuckle, Insane Elbow to Baszler’s back. Sane goes for another but Baszler meets her there and thinks superplex. Sane headbutts her down into a Tree of Woe, Sane nails a double stomp from the top to Baszler, Baszler falls to the outside.

Sane tries a running elbow to the outside, Baszler dodges and hits the barricade. Baszler defies the referee to roll Sane into the ring and work the injured arm. Gutwrench slam, cover for two, but Baszler rolls into a hold attempt on the injured arm. Baszler twist the arm back, Sane gets a foot on the ropes. Sane rolls outside, the referee follows and calls for a trainer. Io Shirai also comes out and checks on Sane. Sane wants to come in. Baszler drags Sane into the ring through the ropes, sets up the Baszler Stomp to the arm, but Shirai runs in and pushes Baszler to protect her friend.

Winner: Shayna Baszler at 8:22. OK match, it was a placeholder to send Sane to the main roster and bring Shirai in. Shirai was outstanding on her end of this and Baszler never fails to be a great bully.

Post-match, Shirai and Baszler go toe-to-toe, Duke and Shafir yank her out of the ring, and hold her and force her to watch as Baszler stomps the arm. Suke and Shafir release Shirai, she is in tears checking on Sane as Baszler leaves. Final shot is a closeup of Shirai’s extremely emotional face.

Good episode. It looks like the “where’s Regal?” mystery can be replaced by “where’s Keith Lee?” We of course hope that whatever is going on with Lee that he is healthy. Post-Takeover NXT looks extremely different.

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