4/21 STARDOM GLORY STARS afternoon report: First post-draft show headlined by Oedo Tai vs. Hana Kimura’s new faction

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor

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APRIL 21, 2019

Onozaki introduced herself as Leo Onozaki of Queen’s Quest. She said it’s her birthday and wanted to win. Nakano had a doll of herself and wondered what would happen in the fierce battle between lion and panda. No mention of the Lionheart moniker from Onozaki but no Queen’s Quest mask either.


Nakano was in a great mood compared to how the last show ended, all smiles while bodyslamming and covering Onozaki. Onozaki went on a roll-up spree at 4:00 but Nakano came back with a kick to the face and a spinning heel kick.

WINNER: Tam Nakano in 4:56.

-Nakano celebrated with her doll after the match.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Onozaki isn’t great. There’s a lot of light in most of her moves, even compared to fellow rookies like Hanan and Saya Iida. Whatever happened to Producer P? He disappeared back in January after the 8th Anniversary and hasn’t been mentioned since.)

-Hazuki said Kid would see how strong of a champion she is. Kid hoped to pin Hazuki to earn another title shot in the future.


A series of body slams from Hazuki. With Kid in a camel clutch it looked like Hazuki was trying to untie her mask. Kid came back with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Tiger feint kick. Standing moonsault. Kid with a draping DDT onto the apron. Boston crab. Frog-splash to Hazuki’s back from the second rope. Twisting splash from the top rope. Another Boston crab, sunk in deep. Rope break. Pump kick + DDT from Hazuki. A series of pin attempts and reversals ended with Hazuki bridging over Kid, only for Kid to pull Hazuki’s shoulders flat to the mat too. The referee counted three.

DECISION: Double pinfall in 7:26.

(Pageot’s Perspective: The best Kid has looked in months and presumably the finish sets up another rematch between them with the high speed title on the line. If Hayashishita and Iwatani aren’t being stripped of their titles while they’re out injured that takes four championships off the table until they return. That should mean a lot more attention on the red belt, white belt, and high speed title.)

-Kel said she ain’t usin’ no cookbook or copyin’ no cake. She’s making things up as she goes and Miyagi will get a taste of her special sauce.


Miyagi overpowered the Seattleite to start but Kel came back with the size advantage and dominated most of the match. Miyagi caught her with a roll-through in the end, though.

WINNER: Andras Miyagi in 7:50.

(Pageot’s Perspective: An interesting one with the monster Miyagi essentially playing the underdog babyface for most of it. The finish was weak, though, as Kel was flailing on the mat during the pin and it did not seem like both shoulders were flat for three seconds at any point.)

-Watanabe pointed out that this is Iida’s first match since joining Stars. She said Onozaki did a good job in the opening contest so they’d see how this goes. Iida admitted she was still a bit uncomfortable. Kashima assured her they don’t bite.

(4) QUEEN’S QUEST (Wonder Of Stardom/Goddess Of Stardom Champion Momo Watanabe, AZM, & Bea Priestley) vs. STARS (Artist Of Stardom Champion Saki Kashima, Arisa Hoshiki, & Saya Iida)

Iida and AZM started. Iida ended up getting isolated and worked over by the opposing trio. Kashima made the tag and cleaned house before tagging Hoshiki in. Priestley put her down with a side suplex, though. Hoshiki leapt off the top rope into a kick to Watanabe’s head but got trapped in a rear naked choke. Iida and Kashima broke it up. Iida and AZM tagged in again to take us back to where we started. They traded blows but both sets of partners kept getting cheap shots in from the apron. Iida avoided the top rope double-stomp. A backslide got her two and a half. AZM with the armbar and Iida tapped.

WINNERS: Queen’s Quest in 11:42.

-Priestley heelishly kicked Iida out of the ring while she was still recuperating on the mat.

(Pageot’s Perspective: A good match but nothing particularly noteworthy.)

-Kimura posed with Kyona and Konami before shrugging and walking off. Kyona said she has reservations about being in a new unit but she’ll try her best. There’s just one thing she has to check in today’s match. Konami did her usual triangle lancer spiel. Natsuko Tora was wearing an Oedo Tai jacket with her new gang. They were ramped up about their first appearance as a team. Tora said she’d do her half-assed best.

Kyona and Konami entered together, followed by Kimura and Rebel Kel. Kyona wore her red gear while Konami was in her usual white. Kimura wore pink camo pants and her gasmask. Tora carried the Oedo Tai placard. Kyona stared at the ground while Tora was introduced. Kyona and Tora teased starting. Tora shoved her heelishly. Konami encouraged Kyona back to their corner. Tora shoved Sumire into the middle of the ring.

(5) OEDO TAI (World Of Stardom Champion Kagetsu, Natsu Sumire, & Natsuko Tora w/Hazuki) vs. INTERNATIONAL ARMY (Hana Kimura, Jungle Kyona, & Konami)

Konami took down Sumire quickly and tagged in Kyona. She walked right past Sumire to Tora on the apron. Tora stared through her blankly. Kyona unloaded on Sumire only for Tora to pull her to the floor and run her into the ring post. Kimura fought into the stands with Hazuki while Kagetsu choked Konami at ringside. Kagetsu sprayed water in the faces of Kyona and the referee. Tora tagged in and stomped away at Kyona while laughing. She poured a bottle of water on Kyona’s head and bounced the empty water bottle off her. Kyona accepted a series of forearms from Tora and backed her into the ropes. Kyona finally hit Tora with a forearm of her own for the first time at 6:00.

Dueling shoulder tackles. Kyona took her down with her jungle power. Kimura tagged in and worked over Tora. Stereo submissions to Tora and Sumire but Kagetsu broke it up. Vertical suplex to Kagetsu. Oedo Tai triple-teamed Konami. Death valley driver from Kagetsu but Konami avoided the 450. Sumire and Tora dumped to ringside. Facewash + basement clothesline + kick from Kimura’s trio. Sumire tagged in so you knew the match was almost over. Dragon sleeper to Konami. Konami avoided a cradle DDT. Northern lights suplex but Kimura stopped the pin. Cradle DDT but Kimura broke it up again. Everything broke down. Sumire choked Konami with her whip. She and the referee fought over it. Tora charged with the placard, Konami ducked, and Tora took out Kagetsu by accident. Kyona and Kimura disposed of Tora. Konami caught Sumire with an armbar for the tap.

WINNERS: International Army in 14:56.

-Kyona and Tora grabbed each other by the hair at ringside. Kyona smacked her away. Tora jumped her from behind while the rest of Oedo Tai pulled her away. Konami said they won and fuck you, Queen’s Quest. Kyona said she’s the only one who hasn’t let off any steam until today. She told Tora she’s taken the limiter off. From now on get ready for the full-on Jungle Kyona. She asked Kimura what their name is. Are they still the International Army? They have a lot of Japanese members. Kimura asked if they should change it. She called out Rebel Kel, who carried a sign with their new name. They are Tokyo Cyber Squad. “Isn’t it the best? Isn’t it cool?” She told the others to line up. She instructed them to say “Yes sir!” and salute when she yelled their name. Kel was very enthusiastic while Kyona and Konami were embarrassed. Kimura said the fans were laughing but they’re doing it too. She made them stand up. “Everyone is different! Everyone is good! That’s Tokyo Cyber Squad! Yes sir!”

(Pageot’s Perspective: Lots of great stuff here. The Kyona-Tora showdown was well worth the time invested and it’s clear that Tora is full heel now and Kimura’s group are babyfaces. The two of them in a singles match is a big one for somewhere down the line. Kimura’s new stable mates taking a while to warm up to her antics and her approach to things makes a lot of sense, especially for Kyona who is still depressed and blaming herself for the death of JAN. Having Kel play the enthusiastic supporter makes a great counter to the uncertainty of the others and I genuinely can’t wait to see what things are like when the Apaches return from Mexico and when Kyona’s friends Ruaka and Kaori Yoneyama are back.)

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