RADICAN’S 4/27 NWA/ROH Crockett Cup report – full details and analysis of Crockett Cup tournament, Aldis vs. Scurll main event

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


APRIL 27, 2019

Announcers: Jim Cornette, Joe Galli, and Ian Riccaboni

The arena has a great old school look to it. The Crockett Cup and the NWA Tag Team Championship belts are up on the stage opposite the hard camera. There’s big banners of Marty Scurll and Nick Aldis on each side of the video screen. The mat is blue and the NWA logo is yellow. The announcers said the winner of the Crockett Cup would also become the new NWA Tag Team Champions.


The teams were already in the ring and were introduced quickly without graphics. I didn’t get all of the names, but in the match were Will Ferrara & Rhett Titus, Royce Isaacs & Thomas Lattimore, The Boys, Jay Bradley & Josephus, The Dawson Brothers, Kevin Blue & Billy Buck, and one other team.

The teams can’t be eliminated until both partners are tossed to the floor. Josephus and Jay Bradley ended up alone in the ring with The Boys. The Boys pulled the ropes on Josephus and Bradley to eliminate them, but they were dumped to the floor by Tom Lattimore & Royce Isaacs.

Winners: Thomas Lattimore & Royce Isaacs in 8:00 to advance to the Crockett Cup tournament (*)

(Radican’s Analysis: Not much to this one)

Caprice Coleman updated the standings. He was supposed to interview Thomas and Lattimore, but they had declined the interview.

The announcers kicked to a video package featuring Flip Gordon talking about getting injured in this building earlier in the year.

There are 15 minute time limits for the first round matches of The Crockett Cup tournament.


Stuka and Bandido kicked things off. Flip and Maya went at it next. They shook hands before going at it. Bandido held Maya, but he got out of it and Gordon accidentally kicked BAndido. Maya then caught Gordon and Bandido with a pair of back breakers. He then hit another pair of backbreakers on both men and did a strut around the ring and the fans applauded. The pace picked up as Bandido and Stuka went at it. Stuka hit a nice monkey flip on Bandido. He then hit another big monkey flip, but Gordon tagged right into the mach. Gordon ended up taking a double submission form STuka and Guerrero, but Bandido made the save. Guerrero and STuka got a double surfboard, but he got leverage and almost got a double two count thanks to the the help of Flip. Stuka teased a dive onto Gordon, but instead he flipped backwards onto Bandido. Maya sent Gordon to the floor and knocked him out with a flip dive. Gordon and Bandido fired back wand hit some high flying moves to the floor of their own.

The fans fired up with Stuka isolated in the ring at a numbers disadvantage. Bandido hit a big frog splash on Stuka for a two count. Both teams went back and forth and Stuka hit a torpedo splash onto Gordon for a near fall. Bandido got a nice sunset flip combination on Stuka for a near fall. Bandido blocked a destroyer, but Stuka countered it and landed a destroyer. Gordon broke up the pin and nailed Maya with a Pele kick and a springboard spear for a two count. Guerrero hit the Mayan Sacrifice on Gordon, but Bandido broke up the pin. Bandido ended up tossing Stuka to Gordon for a big F5 for the win.

WINNERS: Bandido & Flip Gordon in 13:00 to advance to the second round of the Crockett Cup. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: Great way to open the show. These two teams had a fun and athletic back and forth contest.)

They went to a video package for the Aldis vs. Scurll match.


Lattimore and Isaacs just wrestled. The announcers mentioned that The War Kings had known since January they were going to be in the tournament. Crimson and Dane ran wild during the early going on both of their opponents. Isaacs took a combination of moves from The War Kings, but Lattimore broke up the pin. Isaacs and Lattimore finally got the upper hand and began working over Crimson. Crimson took a sustained beating after it looked like The War Kings were going to win the match in quick fashion. Crimson cut off Lattimore and hit a clothesline. Dane got the got tag and ran wild on Isaacs. Lattimore tried to prevent Dane from finishing off Isaacs, but Dane got them both onto his shoulders and he drove them into the mat. Dane tagged Crimson back into the match. They set up for Ground Zero, but Lattimore tripped Crimson and slammed his knee over the ring post. Isaacs then rolled up Crimson and got a pin with his feet on the ropes.

WINNERS: Royce Isaacs & Tom Lattimore in 8:00 to advance to the second round of the Crockett Cup (**)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was fine for what it was. It established Isaacs and Lattimore as heels that had to cheat to win.)

They went to a video package before The Briscoes vs. Rock ‘N’ Roll Express match.

Jim Cornette did a promo in the ring. The fans were happy to see him. Cornette introduced The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express. Riccaboni talked about the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express match against LAX at Joey Janela’s Spring Break during WrestleMania weekend. Cornette said they had never won The Crockett Cup. He said The Briscoes don’t do feel good moments. Ricky said they don’t back down to Cornette. Cornette once again said The Briscoes don’t play around. Morton says the fans made them five time tag team champions and sent them to the WWE HOF and they never even wrestled there. Ricky said the one thing left on their bucket list before their time was up. He said their age might be against them, but they majored in whooping ass. He then lead the fans in a Rock ‘N’ Roll chant. The Briscoes music played and it cut off Cornette.

Cornette told them they weren’t finished with their interview. He told Cornette to hand him the mic before he whooped his ass. Jay said that it’s 2019 and they are them boys. Jay said they’re the baddest tag team on the planet. Jay said out of respect, he was going to give them two choices. He said they could turn around and walk to the back and forfeit the match or they can try to fight them and he and his brother would retire their old asses right here right now. Morton nailed Jay with a low blow and the match was on.


Morton hit a hurricanrana on Jay and sent him to the floor with a double dropkick to start the match and the fans were hot. Morton then hit a suicide dive while Gibson held the middle rope open for him. Mark sent Morton into the ringpost on the floor a short time later. Jay then sent him into the ringpost again, but he didn’t go down. Morton came up bleeding. Jay targeted his cut inside the ring. Morton’s cut opened up more and Mark worked it over. Riccaboni said The Briscoes had chased The Young Bucks and SCU out of Ring of Honor. The fans chanted Rock ‘N’ Roll as Morton tried to fight back, but Jay nailed him with a big kick to the head. Gibson got the tag, but the ref didn’t see it and the fans booed. Gibson ran into the ring and tossed Morton into their corner before tagging himself into the match. He ran wild on Jay and then wiped out Mark with a clothesline. Morton went up top. Gibson then helped him hit the Rocket Launcher on Mark, but Jay made the save. The Briscoes took control and isolated Morton inside the ring. Jay hit a DVD on Morton. Mark then hit the Froggy-bow on Gibson for the win.

Winners: Mark & Jay Briscoe in 7:00 to advance to the second round of the Crockett Cup. (***)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a lot of fun. They went full speed from start to finish and although Rock ‘N’ Roll Express wasn’t always smooth, they showed they could still pull off a good match at their age once again.)


Nagata and King kicked things off. Nagata got a leg submission, but King got to the ropes. Kojima and PCO tagged in and went at it. Both men traded shoulder tackles, but neither man would go down. Kojima finally took PCO down, but he got right up and took Kojima down with a lariat. He then wiped out Kojima with a dive through ropes. King and PCO tagged in and out to work over Kojima. King slammed PCO onto Kojima, but Nagata broke up the pin. Kojima and King began trading chops. He countered a suplex attempt and hit a DDT and both men were down. Nagata tagged in and took PCO off the apron with a running kick. He then went after King and hit an exploder. King and Nagata traded blows. King finally wiped out Nagata with a big running kick, but Nagata caught him with the White Eyes arm bar. Kojima held back PCO, but PCO escaped and broke up the submission. Nagata continued to go after King’s arm. He went for a Saito, but King blocked it and drove Nagata into the ropes for a two count.

King and PCO hit a double chokeslam on Nagata for a two count. PCO went for a clothesline on Nagata, but he got out of King’s clutches and he nailed King. Nagata tagged in Kojima, who hit the machinegun chops on PCO in the corner. Kojima went to go up top, but PCO popped up and splashed him in the corner. Kojima blocked a chokeslam from PCO and hit a DDT. PCO fired back and hit a Michinoku Driver on Kojima. Instead of going for a pin, he tagged in King. King ran wild on Kojima. King hit a big senton, but Nagata broke up the pin. Kojima hit several forearms and managed to hit a suplex on King, but PCO broke up the pin. Nagata went to the floor with PCO. Kojima set up for a lariat, but King caught him with a lariat. He then hit the fireman’s carry Michinoku Driver for the win.

WINNERS: Brody King & PCO in 12:00 to advance to the second round of the Crockett Cup. (**¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was good at times, but it seemed disjoined down the stretch didn’t really build to a crescendo.)

Caprice Coleman ran down the updated brackets for the Crockett Cup. He plugged the upcoming matches on the card. The announcers mentioned that ROH was guaranteed a finalist in the tournament. Up next is Allysin Kay vs. Santana Garrett for the vacant NWA Women’s Championship.

Madusa came down to the to the ring. She said she’s nobody’s advocate or insurance policy. She said she had the NWA Women’s Championship. She talked about being asked to be part of a historic occasion. She said she wanted to present the title to some amazing women this evening. She said it represents women all the way back to 1930 that worked their asses off trying to pave the way for the women today. She said there would be no title trashing tonight. She said she was bringing out two strong and passionate women.

She said, “Ladies, let’s make history!”

Allysin Kay was out first. Santana Garrett was out next. Madusa posed with the belt alongside Kay and Garrett.


Garrett got a rollup early for a two count. She worked a double arm submission on Kay, but Kay lifted her up and drove her into the mat to escape the hold. Kay went on the attack and hit a big kick to Garrett’s ribs. Satana went for a wheelbarrow, but Kay turned it into a facebuster. They traded blows in the middle of the ring. Both women hit kicks to the head at the same time and they were both down. Kay taunted Santana and dragged her to her feet, but Santana surprised her with a punch. Santana ducked a charge in the corner and hit a boot to Kay’s head as she came through the ropes. Santana hit sole food a short time later. Satana got the Muta Lock a short time later. Kay powered through the bridge and got to her feet to hit a neck breaker and a big boot. She made the cover, but only got a two count. Kay hit a kick to the head a short time later for a two count. Kay went up top. Garrett tried to powerbomb her out of the corner, but Kay blocked it. Garrett went for a headscissor takeover off the top, but Kay blocked it. Garrett went for it again and landed it. Kay fired back and hit a discus lariat for the win.

After the match, Kay grabbed the title away from Madusa and shoved the ref away. Santana offered a handshake, but Kay raised the title up and got in her face.

WINNER: Allysin Kay in 10:00 to become the new NWA Women’s Champion. (**)

(Radican’s Analysis: The crowd never got into this and the action never really went anywhere. It was just an exchange of moves.)

They went to another video package on Nick Aldis.

Caprice Coleman was ringside with The Midnight Express. This was the first time in 30 years Stan Lane, Bobby Eaton, and Dennis Condrey had been together. Each of them had some words for the crowd. Coleman said Condrey had defeated cancer. He thanked his doctors. He asked how it was possible to not have a voice box and vocal chords and he could still talk.


Bandido hit a jumping knee and a deadlift suplex on Isaacs. Both teams got into the ring and went at it. Bandio and Flip hit stereo superkicks. They teased a double dive, but danced instead. Madusa came down to the ring and gave them some advice. Gordon and Bandio then hit a double dive to wipe out both men. Gordon and Bandido continued to control the action. Gordon went up top and hit a 450 on Isaacs. He sold his knee after making the cover. Lattimore went right after Gordon’s leg. Royce tagged in and continued to work over Gordon’s leg. Gordon tried to kick his way out of Lattimore’s clutches. He nearly had the tag, but Isaacs pulled Bandido off the apron. Lattimore then rolled up Gordon for the win.

WINNERS: Royce Isaacs & Tom Lattimore in 8:00 to advance to the finals of the Crockett Cup Tournament. (*½)

(Radican’s Analysis: I wasn’t a fan of Gordon and Bandido dancing instead of trying to win the match. They did a quick story to explain Isaacs and Lattimore winning and advancing to the finals with Gordon selling a leg injury after hitting a 450.)


Jay and King kicked things off. King sent Jay packing and he went to the outside and threw a chair into the ring. PCO and Mark traded chops. PCO chopped Mark into the corner. Mark fired back. Jay made a blind tag and nailed PCO with a big running boot. Mark took King out off the apron and nailed him with a crazy flipping dive to the floor. Jay went at it with PCO back inside the ring. PCO fired back and tagged in King. They whipped Mark into the corner. King hit several chops on PCO before whipping him into Mark in the corner. King then hit a cannonball on Mark. That was pretty crazy. King hit a big chop on Mark and the fans gasped. King and PCO hit a double chokeslam on Mark. The fans chanted for both teams back and forth. Mark tried to mount a comeback and he managed to flip over King and he tagged in Jay. Jay sent King to the floor and Mark hit a blockbuster off the apron. Jay hit a big neck breaker, but King kicked out at two. King caught Jay going for a dive and hit a chokeslam on to the apron. Mark caught him with a dropkick through the ropes. PCO knocked Mark off the apron and nailed him with a cannonball to the floor. PCO went for a senton off the top to the apron, but Mark got out of the way. OUCH!

Jay held King on the floor. Mark then got a running start and hit the Cactus Elbow to the floor. Jay took up the floor mats. He tossed another chair into the ring. King slammed Mark onto the exposed concrete. Jay sent King into the guardrail. Mark sent PCO into the ringpost. Jay held Mark and he kicked PCO in the arm. The fans chanted for both teams. King got a chair. The announcers said this is not a No DQ matchup. King and The Briscoes banged their chairs on the apron on opposite sides of the ring. Both teams then stood face-to-face. Mark grabbed the ref and he turned around in time to see Jay hit King with a chair.

The Briscoes attacked the ref and then went after King and PCO with chairs. Jay hit the ref with the Jay-driller. The fans fired up and chanted one more time. They set up a chair around PCO’s arm and several chairs over it. Mark then hit a senton off the top and PCO sold his arm.

Jay got on the mic and said hell no. He said NWA isn’t going to do the Briscoes like this. He said NWA doesn’t realize who the hell they are. Jay said the hell with the NWA and the hell with this tournament and everyone in the crowd. Jay then snotted on the NWA logo.

WINNERS: Brody King & PCO in 10:00 to advance to advance to the finals of The Crockett Cup. (**)

(Radican’s Analysis: The match was just getting going when the DQ took place. The idea here was to send Villain Enterprises to the finals with a damaged PCO, but it would have been nice to get a clean finish here.)


Mack took control and hit a leg drop. Mack missed a dropkick in the corner and went all the way to the floor. Cornette said it was accidental. Mack looked to be in some real pain on the floor, but Cabana tossed him back into the ring and they went at it. Cabana hit a big forearm for a two count. Mack looked to be out of it as Cabana continued to work him over. Mack fired back and hit a jumping double knee to Cabana’s midsection. Mack hit a big Samoan Drop and a standing moonsault for a two count. Mack hit a big running forearm and a running kick to the side of Cabana’s face. Mack then hit a huge cannonball on Cabana in the corner for the two count. Cabana ducked a clothesline and hit the flip, flip, and fly. Cabana hit a springboard moonsault a short time later for a two count. Mack ducked an elbow and hit a t-bone suplex. They went back and forth. Mack hit a hook kick. He went up top for a frog splash, but Cabana got out of the way. Cabana went up top for a moonsault, but Mack got out of the way. Mack hit a pop up forearm. Cabana fired back out of the corner and got the Superman Press pin for the win.

Cabana shook hands with Mack on the apron after the match. Someone with a hood walked by Mack as he went to the back. He took his hood off and it was James Storm. Storm introduced himself to the crowd. Storm congratulated Cabana. He said the NWA management didn’t someone that drank beer and raises hell like him. Storm said a lot of people like the ones in the crowd wanted him as champion. He said Colt brings smiles to people’s faces and he respects him. Some streamers got thrown into the ring and Cabana got rid of them from around Storm’s feet.

Storm said management doesn’t want him to hold the ten pounds of gold. He said his plan instead is to take that. Storm said the next time he sees him, be ready. He said the last words Cabana would hear would be sorry… Storm then let the fans finish his catch phrase.

WINNER: Colt Cabana in 9:00 to become the new NWA National Champion. (**¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was solid, but it was really scary when Mack spilled to the floor. The action picked up nicely down the stretch leading into Mack’s loss.)

It’s time for the finals of the Crockett Cup. The Crockett Cup and the NWA Tag Team Championship belts were brought down to ringside. The Crockett family was at ringside with Billy Corgan and Joe Koff. They took a picture together with the tag belts and The Crockett Cup.

Nikita Koloff came out. He will present The Crockett Cup to the winners. Coleman introduced Koloff in the ring. He thanked the Crockett family for giving him the opportunity of a lifetime. He talked about his career and Coleman asked what happened to his accent. He said it’s been 35 years and your English has to improve in America. Koloff said it’s great entertaining the fans in Concord. Koloff said since he left the ring 25 years ago, but he’s been sharing the good news of Jesus like Coleman. Koloff said he had another friend to introduce. He then introduced Magnum T.A. Magnum came down to ringside and Koloff got out of the ring with Coleman and gave him a hug. Coleman said it had been around 20 years since they saw each other. Magnum said he and Nikita fought all over the world. He said he got to be part of the first Crockett Cup. He said it was amazing. Magnum talked about getting back onto his feet. He said he didn’t get back into the ring, but he got back into life in a big way. Magnum said there’s no greater fans than wrestling fans. He said he can’t wait to see the conclusion of the tournament.

Madusa came out with Tom Lattimore and Royce Isaacs for the finals of The Crockett Cup. PCO and Brody King were out next selling injuries from their match against The Briscoes.


King and Isaacs kicked things off. King tried to fight off Lattimore and Isaacs, but they overwhelmed him. PCO did not come into the ring to help King. Isaacs tossed King into the guardrail. Lattimore then drove him into the apron. Riccaboni said Madusa is an amazing manager and detailed her history at ringside. King took a sustained beating, but he finally sent Lattimore into the turnbuckles and both men were down. PCO lifted his injured arm over the ropes to get the tag. The tag hurt PCO’s arm and he slowly got into the ring. He yelled for Brody to fix his arm. Lattimore stood in the corner. Brody looked confused. King slammed PCO’s arm over the top rope to fix it. The fans applauded and PCO wiped out Lattimore with a big clothesline. He then took Isaacs out with a big clothesline. The fans fired up and chanted for PCO. He hit the Michinoku Driver on Isaacs. He hit a big slam on Lattimore and held him in place. PCO then hit the moonsault on Lattimore to win.

WINNERS: PCO & Brody King in 7:00 to win The Crockett Cup and The NWA Tag Team Championship. (**)

(Radican’s Analysis: Disappointing that this was such a short match, but they did enough with Brody helping PCO fix his arm to make it an easy and memorable win for Villain Enterprises.)

After the match, Koloff and Magnum congratulated King and PCO.

They went to another video package for the Aldis vs. Scurll main event.

Legendary NWA referee Tommy Young did the pre-match instructions. Brian Hebner is the referee for the match. Tommy Young will be on the outside. Aldis offered a handshake before the match started. Scurll offered a fist bump. They bumped fists and Hebner held the title up to all sides of the ring.


Scurll faked like he tripped and pointed at Kamille. Somehow neither ref caught on toScurll’s trick. Kamille was sent to the back. Aldis protested on the outside and Scurll went after him on the floor. They ended up back inside the ring and Aldis whipped Scurll hard into the corner. Aldis hit a fallaway slam off the second turnbuckle for a two count. He then tossed Scurll to the floor. He tossed Scurll through a table at ringside and the fans gasped. Aldis controlled the action for several minutes back inside the ring. Scurll slapped Aldis, who fired back with a flurry of punches. He then spit at Aldis, who charged at Scurll again. Scurll hit a tornado DDT out of the corner and the announcers pointed out that Scrull had forced Aldis to lose his temper. Scurll hit several chops and strikes in the corner. He then stomped a mudhole into Aldis. He followed up with his signature kick from the apron to the floor. He then wiped out Aldis with a dive through the ropes. Aldis came up busted open somehow. Cornette said it came from a punch to Aldis’s eye. Scurll worked over Aldis’s cut on the outside with punches. Scurll got a small package for a near fall. He then locked in the figure four. Aldis took a couple of two counts putting his shoulders down while in the hold. Aldis finally got his hands on the bottom rope to break the hold.

Scurll hit some big chops. They began trading blows. Aldis caught Scurll and dropped him with a tombstone. Aldis went up top and dropped an elbow for a near fall! Aldis caught Scurll and hit a Michinoku Driver as he came off the ropes. Aldis was slow to cover, but Scurll had to get his hand on the bottom rope to break up the pin. They battled up top and Aldis fought Scurll off. Scurll went back up top and hit a superplex. Aldis fired back and hit a powerbomb. He went for the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf, but Scurll grabbed his fingers. He held on and snapped them apart. That was a really cool counter. Scurll blocked a charge in the corner and called for the Chicken Wing, but Aldis punched him right in the face. Scurll fired back and hit Cross-Rhodes for a near fall. WOW! Aldis dodged a clothesline and Scurll hit the ref. Kamille ran through Tommy Young and set up for a spear, but Aldis stopped her. He told Kamille to get out of the ring. The announcers said it was an honorable move. Aldis watched her leave and Scurll hit a kick to the groin. Scurll then hit Black Plague, but the ref’s count was slow and Aldis kicked out at the last second as the fans counted along!

Aldis blocked a sunset flip and sat down on Scurll for a near fall. Scurll slid around Aldis and got the Chicken Wing. The fans shouted for Aldis to tap. Scurll really cranked on the hold. Aldis tried to fight out of it. He finally rolled backwards to force a pinning combination on Scurll, who had to let go of it. Scurll set up for the Scurll Driver, but Aldis blocked it. Aldis eventually went for the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf. Scurll went for the fingers again, but Scurll got the hold. Aldis couldn’t lock his fingers and the cameras showed it. Scurll struggled, but Aldis dragged Scurll back to the center of the ring and sat down on the hold to force the submission.

After the match, Scurll was covered in Aldis’s blood. Scurll was going to leave, but he got back into the ring. Both men hugged. Aldis then had his hand raised with the title.

WINNER: Nick Aldis in 24:00 to retain the NWA Worlds Championship. (****1/2)

(Radican’s Analysis: Great match with some nice callbacks to the recent big NWA title defenses from Aldis against Cody. They had a killer match that tore the house down. The storytelling was really strong here with Scurll going after Aldis’s fingers to block his cloverleaf finish. The blood really added to the story they were telling. This was really good and a strong way to end the show.)

Scurll got on the mic and asked Aldis not to leave. Scurll said 15 years ago he started his journey to fulfill his dream to become a professional wrestler. Scurll said the first person that he met that lent his hand to him at the age of 15 was Nick Aldis. He said Aldis took him under his wing and guided him. Scurll said Aldis helped him become the man he is today. Scurll said this was a pretty f—in awesome match. The fans chanted that was awesome. He said this shows how far they’ve both come. Scurll said he thought he would be standing here double champion, but it didn’t happen and the better man won. He said Nick is the NWA Worlds Champion. He said nobody in the business deserves it more. Scurll then congratulated Aldis.

Aldis got on the mic and said Scurll is the biggest self made star in the business. He said by the response from the fans in the building, it’s proof that this little project that people laughed at called the NWA rebirth it coming to fruition. Aldis said this is the NWA and we ain’t going anywhere. He thanked the fans for their support and said he hoped to see them again.

Overall thoughts: (7.0) – The show was up and down in terms of match quality and satisfying finishes, but the show had a really cool look and feel thanks to the retro style ring, graphics, and overall presentation of the show. I thought the commentary team did a great job throughout the night of telling the story of The Crockett Cup and the individual matches on the show.

The main event brought this show to a thumbs up. They highlighted the Scurll vs. Aldis match throughout the night with video packages and it had a true big match feeling. They told a really good story of two longtime friends going to war. Scurll and Aldis were fantastic and I thought it was a great touch that Scurll’s finger snapping played into the finish of the match. Scurll does that move all the time, but it actually meant something here, as Aldis had difficulty applying his finish, but he managed to sit back on it and get Scurll to tap out to his version of the Cloverleaf despite not being able to lock his fingers.  

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