RADICAN’S 5/19 Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory” (Episode 7) report – The Butcher & The Blade vs. Bear Country, Kingston vs. Dickinson

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


MAY 15, 2019

Commentators: Paul Crockett and Richard Holiday.

The show opened with David Starr in the ring. He said he was too busy to be on Uncharted Territory for several weeks. The fans booed. Starr said he had promised to not come back until something was worth his while. He said the despicable actions of Beyond Wrestling brought him back. Starr complained about not being brought to Lethal Lottery. He said he was going to share his plans for Americanrana.

Josh Briggs’s music played and he came down to the ring. Briggs said he doesn’t care about Starr’s politics. He said he was worried about Starr costing him his win streak. He grabbed Starr by the throat and told him they would have a match and he would meet his god. Briggs turned around and Starr slapped him in the face and then ran away. The announcers said Briggs vs. Starr would main event the show.

(1) BEAR COUNTRY (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake) vs. THE BUTCHER & THE BLADE (Andy Williams & Pepper Parks) 

Beefcake and Williams went face to face to kick off the match. The match broke down right away. Everyone was down after Beefcake and Williams hit crossbody attempts at the same time. Beefcake got wiped out, but Bronson ran wild and hit a Rikishi driver on Parks onto Williams! Bronson took a Saito suplex from Parks and no sold it. He hit a big suplex on Parks, but Williams drove him into the mat with a Rock Bottom. Beefcake got The Butcher and The Blade in his arms and suplexed them both over his head. The fans chanted Beefcake over and over. Beefcake missed a moonsault attempt onto Williams and took a suplex from Williams onto Park’s knees for a nearfall, but Bronson broke it up. Beefcake lifted Bronson onto his shoulders and slammed him onto Williams for the win.

WINNERS: Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake in 5:00. (***)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was like a demolition derby from start to finish. I hated to see either team lose, but Bear Country needed the win.)

A video aired highlighting the dissension between the Beaver Boys.


Freddie grounded Reynolds during the early going. Reynolds fired back and went on the attack. Freddie slammed Reynolds and went for a sharpshooter, but Reynolds pushed him off. Reynolds caught Freddie with a knee and he went to the floor. Reynolds hit a combination of strikes and a cravat suplex for a two count. Holliday and Crockett bickered on commentary about Crockett pronouncing suplex improperly. They went back and forth and Freddie floated over Reynolds and hit a reverse DDT. Both men began exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring. Freddie hit some big chops, but Reynolds kicked his leg. Freddie hit Diamond Dust out of the corner and eventually got a two count. Freddie hit a running knee on Reynolds off the ropes and then a Shining Wizard. Freddie followed up with a big dive through the ropes. Freddie went up top again and hit a diving headbutt, but Reynolds kicked out at two.

Freddie no-sold a half and half suplex, but ate a superkick. Reynolds then got an arm trap choke. Freddie struggled to the ropes, but the announcers pointed it wasn’t fully locked in. Freddie rolled out of it and got the sharpshooter on Reynolds. Reynolds rolled over and raked Freddie’s eyes. He rolled Freddie up and got his feet on the ropes, but Freddie was able to kick out. The ref yelled at Reynolds. Freddie got over Reynolds on an exchange in the corner and he went right into the sharpshooter for the win.

WINNER: Jay Freddie in 10:00. (**½)

(Radican’s Analysis: Big win for Freddie, but the match dragged in spots. The final stretch was good.)

A video package aired for Rory Gulak vs. Chuck O’Neil.


O’Neil was going to cut a promo, but Gulak threw his cape at him and went on the attack and the match began. O’Neil stalled on the floor, but got back into the ring and hit a jumping ring. He hit the Michinoku Driver into an arm bar and Gulak tapped.

WINNER: Chuck O’Neil in 00:45

O’Neil got on the mic after and the fans booed. O’Neil said he’d make Beyond legit again. He said he’d get matches on his own if Beyond wouldn’t give him good ones.

(Radican’s Analysis: Short and sweet.)


They had an early feeling out period. Dickinson hit a suplex and took control of the match. Kingston fired back, but Dickinson sent him to the floor with a big series of chops. Dickinson tossed Kingston into the ringpost. Kingston fired back on the floor and hit a chop and a series of headbutts. Kingston wiped out Dickinson with a modified STO back inside the ring. Kingston hit a big chop on Dickinson in the corner followed by a running kick. Kingston dominated the action for several minutes. They exchanged hard chops. Kingston hit a thumb to the eyes much to the delight of Holiday on commentary. Dickinson mounted a comeback and took down Kingston with a big clothesline. He hit the Steiner shoulder tackle off the ropes and a DDT for a two count. Dickinson then hit a DVD, but Kingston kicked out at two.

Both men were slow to get up. They went back and forth and Kingston hit a lariat, but Dickinson got right up. Kingston hit another lariat and Dickinson got up slowly. Kingston hit a third big lariat for a two count. He followed up with a fisherman buster for a near fall. Both men traded strikes. They went head to head and traded headbutts. They went back and forth trading strikes. Kingston went for a backfist, but Dickinson blocked it. Dickinson hit a rolling elbow, an enziguri, and the Pazuzu bomb for the win.

WINNER: Chris Dickinson in 13:00. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a good match with solid hard-hitting action. Dickinson is on a roll beating Briggs and Kingston while preparing for Americanrana.)

Cam Zagami interviewed Juan Francisco de Coronado. He said this would be Santell’s last match in The Discovery Gauntlet.


Note: I missed this match. I’ll fill in the review later.

WINNER: Thomas Santell

Cam Zagami interviewed Santell after the match. He said next week he would take his winning streak all the way to Americanrana. HE said he would take the fans along for the ride. He said Ovaltine and beer for everyone and the fans cheered.


Both women leveraged back and forth trading one counts on the mat. Darling hit several kicks a short time later. Shazza blocked a DDT attempt and hit a northern lights suplex. Darling got a small package a short time later for a nearfall. McKenzie fired back with a neckbreaker for a two count. McKenzie hit several kicks on Solo, who was draped over the middle rope, but she finally blocked a kick and hit a suplex on the apron. McKenzie went to the floor as the fans chanted for Darling. Darling uses the ringpost to hit a bulldog on McKenzie. Darling hit the Bioelectric Blast
(cross-legged suplex) a short time later for a two count. Shazza hit a rana out of the corner that sent Solo into the turnbuckles. She followed up with a running knee for a two count. McKenzie drove Darling into the corner with a shoulder tackle. They battled up top and McKenzie hit a split stunner, but Darling grabbed the bottom rope to break up the pin. McKenzie was hitting some punches and Darling turned the tables and got the Sharp Stinger for the win!

WINNER: Solo Darling in 7:00. (***)

(Radican’s Analysis: Darling keeps getting better and better. This was a fun match and the fans were engaged.)

They went to a video package from Lethal Lottery where John Silver and Alex Reynolds were supposed to team, but Silver had left the building.

They went to a video package from Lethal Lottery where John Silver and Alex Reynolds were supposed to team, but Silver had left the building.


The story overshadowing the match is the dissension between The Beaver Boys. They did some spots out of the Greco Roman Knuckle position. Both men continued to grab hold of each other’s hands as they continued to exchange. They went back and forth with some chain wrestling and Silver eventually just decked Thurston with a big lariat. OUCH! Thurston shoved Silver. He told Silver to bring it. Silver didn’t go down on a shoulder tackle attempt. Silver then hit a shoulder tackle and took Thurston down. Silver hit a cartwheel into a dropkick to take down Thurston. Thurston went for an arm bar. Silver tried to fight it, but Thurston dropped his arm down over his knee. He began working over Silver’s arm with knee strikes. Thurston hit a running DDT into the corner. SIlver ended up hung upside down on the turnbuckles. Thurston came down off the top with a kick to Silver’s arm. He then hit a wrist clutch exploder for a two count.

Thurston continued to target Silver’s arm, but Silver caught him going for as springboard out of the corner. He hit a one arm German, but Thurston fired right back with an Ace Crusher. He followed up with a straightjacket German for a near fall. Thurston showed some frustration. He taunted Silver and Silver got to his feet and fired back. They traded some big shots. Silver hit some big kicks to the chest. Silver fired up and hit several strikes> They continued to go back and forth until Silver hit a huge lariat. Silver lifted Thurston and hit a modified lawn dart. He hit a Tombstone variation, but Thurston kicked out at two! Reynolds came down to ringside with a Beaver Boys shirt on. Silver hit some big kicks to Thurston’s chest. He told Silver to bring it and caught another kick attempt. Thurston hit a head and arm suplex. Silver hit several strikes. Thurston blocked a kick, but ate a kick and a brainbuster a short time later. He kicked out at two. Thurston hit a swinging facebuster. He went for a modified Fujiwara armbar. Silver struggled towards the ropes and Thurston went for the other arm. Silver got Thurston up on his shoulders and hit a blue thunder bomb, but Thurston kicked out and got the arm bar again. Silver got out of it and hit a HUGE kick to Thurston’s head. It was good for the three count.

After the match, Silver shoved Reynolds. Reynolds grabbed the mic and the fans booed. He said he knows they haven’t been on the same page. He said they’re better when they’re together. Reynolds said Silver was his best friend for 13 and a groomsman at his wedding. Reynolds said they should come back next week as The Beaver Boys. Reynolds extended his hand to Silver. Silver put his title down and hugged Reynolds. Reynolds gave Silver his belt back. They left the ring together.

WINNER: John Silver in 11:00. (***¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: Good action. The match was overshadowed a bit by Reynolds coming down to ringside towards the end. Thurston once again looked really good.)

Bear Country vs. The Beaver Boys and Nick Gage were announced for next week. Erick Stevens vs. Chris Dickinson was announced for next week as well.


Briggs wiped out Starr during his lengthy introduction and the bell rang. Briggs hit a backbreaker and a big splash for a two count. Briggs missed a running kick in the corner and Starr hit a chop block. Starr went right after Brigg’s leg. Starr wrapped Brigg’s leg around the rope and cranked on it. Briggs tried to fire back, but Starr went right back and worked over his leg. Starr taunted Briggs and hit a light slap. He hit a big kick to Brigg’s leg. Briggs fired back and decked Starr with a huge forearm. Starr was rocked and Briggs hit another forearm. Starr went to the apron, but Briggs tossed him back into the ring and hit a backbreaker while hurting his leg in the process. Starr blocked a powerbomb attempt, but Briggs fired back. They went to the floor and Briggs hit a running kick. He favored his leg. Starr hit a springboard clothesline that caught Briggs on the apron. Briggs avoided a dive and hit a chokeslam on Starr on the apron for a two count.

They went back and forth and Briggs couldn’t hit his signature offense using his knees. Briggs kept going for the choke bomb, but Starr blocked it. He eventually connected with a big lariat for a two count. Starr hit the Ushigoroshi for another near fall. Starr got a modified cloverleaf, but Briggs got the ropes. Starr jawed with a fan and Briggs kicked him in the face from his back. Starr kept targeting Brigg’s leg to escape trouble. Briggs fired back and hit a diving forearm to the mat. He hit several forearms from the mat. Briggs hit the choke bomb, but he couldn’t make the cover. Briggs yelled at Starr for ruining his win streak. He told Starr that it’s time to die. Briggs went up the stairs near the announce position. He took a chair and went back towards the ring. Briggs lifted the chair and Starr told Briggs to do it. Starr yelled at Briggs and told him to do it. Briggs looked conflicted. He kicked Starr in the head and hit several punches from the mount. Briggs tried to take a turnbuckle pad off in one of the corners. Starr hit a chairshot to Briggs’s hip He then hit a German with a bridge for the win.

WINNER: David Starr in 15:00. (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: Very good main event. Starr is doing tremendous work as a heel and they told a good story with Starr working over Brigg’s leg and using his emotions against him down the stretch to get the win.)

Starr got on the mic after the match. It was hard to hear him over the boos. He said it was a great win for him. Starr said he’s the best independent pro wrestler on the planet. Starr said before he was interrupted earlier in the show, he was going to tell the fans about his plans for Americanrana. He said he won’t be wrestling Josh Briggs because he won’t be healthy. He said it won’t be Dickinson because he took the easy way out facing someone else. He said it could have been Orange Cassidy. Starr said Cassidy beat him, but he had taken a prestigious belt and made it a joke. Starr said he’s the true independent wrestling champion because he’s a real independent pro wrestler. Starr was taunted about not having a belt and he taunted a fan and spoiled SSS 16 again. Starr said he had something personal to day. He said everyone has seen what’s happened between him and Janela. He said everyone has seen the bloodiest rivalry in Beyond Wrestling’s history. He said as much as he hated Janela, he has respect for him. The fans chanted Joey f—ks. Starr said based on him not being with Penelope Ford anymore I’m sure he doesn’t f–k. He said Janela represented what independent wrestling was all about. He said Janela killed himself for no money to get some praise from you idiots. He said Janela ran to the first person that slid a contract in front of him. He said he works on his own terms. He said Janela is a sellout while Starr stands for labor empowerment. Starr said Janela is a sellout and a phony. Starr said Janela is fake and Starr is real. He said that’s why the fans would have to deal with Mr. Americanrana not being at Americanrana. The fans booed and Starr went to the back.

Overall thoughts: (n/a) – I missed the Discovery Gaunlet match, but this was a solid overall show. It started off with a hot tag match between The Blade and The Butcher and Bear Country. The middle of the card was slow in spots compared to other shows with everything being good, but nothing blowing me away.

The show picked up nicely down the stretch. Dickinson vs. Kingston told a good story setting up Dickinson for Americanrana with some wins over big names the last two weeks. Solo Darling vs. Shazza McKenzie was short, but really good. Solo has improved a ton and she’s really over in Beyond Wrestling.

David Starr was the highlight of this show. He’s a really good heel and he played Josh Briggs like a fiddle during their excellent main event encounter. Starr’s post-match promo was great as well. He reminds me a lot of C.M. Punk in terms of his delivery and how he has snappy comebacks at fans. I wasn’t a fan of him spoiling Progress’s SSS16 this year, but other than that, the show ended with a bang with Starr running down Joey Janela and saying he’s not coming to Americanrana. I suspect we’ll get Janela vs. Starr one last time before Janela finishes up on the indies. Thumbs up.

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